CHANT: Music For The Soul

Title:      CHANT: Music For The Soul
MusicID:      144
Artist:      The Cistercian Monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz (Artist), Chant (Composer), Cistercian Monks (Conductor)
ASIN:      *************
Number of Discs:      1
Track Listings:      29
Language:      English
Price:      360,00 R
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

Chant: Music for the Soul, is the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief - the perfect antidote to our fast-moving modern world. Chant has proven to heal, calm and also give strength; its power is timeless and universal. Previous albums of chant have sold in the tens of millions.
“Wherever we join in singing God, exalting and worshipping God, a little of heaven becomes present on earth.” Pope Benedict XVI.

1. Antiphon In Paradisum and Psalm
2. Response Subvenite
3. Response Libera me
4. Stift Heiligenkreuz Bells Listen
5. Introitus Requiem æternam Listen
6. Kyrie Listen
7. Graduale Requiem æternam Listen
8. Tractus Absolve
9. Offertorium Domine Jesu Christe Listen
10. Sanctus Listen
11. Acclamato Post Elevationem Listen
12. Agnus Dei Listen
13. Communio Lux æterna Listen
14. Deus in adiutorium Listen
15. Hymn Te lucis ante terminum Listen
16. Psalm 4 Listen
17. Psalm 90 (91) Listen
18. Psalm 133 Listen
19. Lectio brevis
20. Responsorium breve Listen
21. Canticum Simeonis Nunc dimittis Listen
22. Kyrie
23. Oratio conclusiva Listen
24. Salve Regina Listen
25. Benedictio
26. Stift Heiligenkreuz bells
27. Hymn Veni Creator Spiritus
28. Introitus in Dominica Pentecostes
29. Communio in Dominica Pentecostes

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