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TheGospelForThePersonWhoHasEverythingThe Gospel for the Person Who Has Everything

Will Willimon and Lillian Daniel

2020   128 pages   R395.00

Bishop William Willimon brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to life for the person who has everything – happy, fulfilled human beings, who do not feel the same level of need expressed by the downcast, the ...

FreedomAndTrinityFreedom and Trinity

Nicola Fogliacco

2020    104 pages    R265.00 

Approaching the Trinity from the point of view of human freedom is basically a matter of relevance. If one imagines that the Trinity resides somewhere up there, high above the clouds, it will be seen as something remote and inscrutable ...


TheMeaningOfMayMagdaleneThe Meaning of Mary Magdalene: Discovering the Woman at the Heart of Christianity

Cynthia Bourgeault

2010   256 pages   R430.00

In the Bible, you will find only a handful of verses that speak of her. How did she become such a compelling saint in the face of ...


BaptismalEcclesiologyBaptismal Ecclesiology and the Order of Christian Funerals

Stephen S. Wilbricht csc

2019    268 pages    R425.00

As the author points out the centrality of baptismal identity to the funeral liturgy, he makes apparent that the union established at Baptism continues until all reach ...


TheLiturgyAndCatholicSocialTeachingLiturgy and Catholic Social Teaching: Participation in Worship and the World

Bernard Evans, Thomas Massaro, Timothy O'Malley

2020   192 pages   R325.00

Catholic social teaching guides us in how we are to live the Gospel in today’s world. Liturgy forms us in these teachings and sends us out ...


The Priesthood of Christ1The Priesthood of Christ in the Letter to the Hebrews

Magnante Antonio

2020   144 pages   R255.00

A study guide with the aim of helping all the candidates for the priesthood to deepen their understanding of the role and position of the ordained priest. It will lead the students of Theology and other readers into ...

RenewingChristByTheSpiritRenewing the Church by the Spirit: Theological Education after Pentecost

Amos Yong

2020   163 pages    R465.00

Makes the case for elevating pneumatology in Christian life, allowing the Spirit to reinvigorate church and mission. Yong shows how this approach would attend ...

UnfoldingThe MysteryOfChristUnfolding the Mystery of Christ: Sunday by Sunday Formation of Catechumens

Eliot Kapitan

2020   168 pages   R355.00

Seekers have to trust in barely-rooted faith. Seekers also need to have trust in parish ministers, who will to guide them on the way. Parish ministers need to have trust ...

PrayerfullyWaitingPrayerfully Waiting: A Catholic Grandmother's Prayer Journal 

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle

2020   28 pages   R375.00

A grandmother’s prayers are of significant importance through every age and stage of a grandchild’s development! These prayers are blessings that can powerfully nurture and help shape a ...

Featured Titles

WorkLovePlayWork Play Love: How the Mass Changed the Life of the First Christians

Mike Aquilina

2020   224 pages   R275.00

In this fictional conversation, Peter Kreeft gives voices to C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Billy Graham as they discuss one of the most contentious questions in the history ...

HowSciencePointsToGodHow Science Points to God

Dr. Gerard Verschuuren

2020    208 pages    R 349.50

We are told that science and religion are wholly incompatible and that those of us who profess faith in God are unwilling to bend our wills to the truth. In this book, scientist Dr. Gerard Verschuuren flips this assertion around how it is not the ...

SilentAngelSilent Angel: A Novella

Antonia Arslan

2020   136 pages    R265.00

"This tale opens up with a scene of carnage and devastation, from the ruins of a monstary to lifeless bodies the doings of an army of young Turks. Silent Angel follows the story of five survivors: three women, a child, and a Greek monk. They ...

SexAndTheSpiritualLifeSex and the Spiritual Life: Reclaiming Integrity, Wholeness, and Intimacy

Editor: Patricia Cooney Hathaway

2020    224 pages    R329.50

Sex and the Spiritual Life will help you understand that you can experience fulfillment through sexual integrity—a way of life that affirms the presence of God and the sacred ...

TheSupremeVocationOfWomenThe Supreme Vocation of Women: According to St. John Paul II

Melissa Maleski

2020   160 pages    R345.00

St. John Paul II propelled the Church into a new era of fruitful contemplation about the dignity and value of women. But his final contribution to that topic may be ...

EssentialChristianPrayersEssential Easter Prayers

Editors at Paraclete Press

04/01/ 2021   96 pages  R265.00

A companion book for anyone celebrating the season of Easter, with prayers and practices from a variety of denominations and traditions. Sections include It’s Friday, But Sunday’s Coming; Easter Vigil Prayers; ...


Best Sellers

WheatAndTaresWheat and Tares: Restoring the Moral Vision of a Scandalized Church

Fr. Mitch Pacwa

2020    256 pages     R445.00

Fr. Pacwa brings consolation to all those who have been abused, wounded, or scandalized by the wickedness of priests and bishops. He takes you on a reassuring ...


TheCryOfTheDeerThe Cry of the Deer

David Adam

2020   178 pages    R75.00

Offers a series of meditations based on the certainties of the Christian faith, as acclaimed in the hymn of St Patrick known as The Deer’s Cry. To facilitate meditation of the message, the author provides at the end of each chapter, practical ...


PrayerTheBreathOfNewLifePrayer: The Breath of New Life  

Pope Francis

Prayer: The Breath of New Life   4043  BS

Pope Francis

2020   144.pages   R345.00

What is prayer and why is it so important? Pope Francis teaches that prayer is the "heartbeat of the ...




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