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AnInvitationToLoveAn Invitation to Love: A Personal Retreat on the Great Commandment

William A. Barry, SJ

2018    288 pages    R210.00

Provides a sequence of prayer sessions on the commandment of the Christian faith: to love God and love our neighbour. All other aspects of a healthy life grow from our practices...

EternityInTheMidstOfTimeEternity in the Midst of Time

Fr. Wilfrid Stinissen

2019    215 pages    R269.50  ...

Father Stinnisen dares us to see time with new eyes. The insight that eternity is written in the depths of our hearts helps us to live in time in a way that leads us deeper into God's joy. We are like children in a land ...


TheFollowingOfChristThe Following of Jesus: A Reply to the Imitation of Christ

Leonardo Boff

2019    121 pages    R339.50

Leonardo Boff sets out to complement The Imitation of Christ with a message that speaks to our own time.  While situating the way of Jesus in the wider story of the cosmos, he connects Jesus’s ...


TheGoodSenceOfJesusjpgThe Good Sense of Jesus: A Commentary on the Beatitudes

Fr. Ivan Pertine

2018    253 pages    R289.50

It is said that living the Gospel is difficult. In reality, it is the easiest thing. It is difficult to live without God, groping aimlessly, alone. It is easier to listen to him, belong to a Christian community, walk with ...

SignsAndSymbolsOfTheLiturgySigns and Symbols of the Liturgy: An Experience of Ritual and Catechesis

Michael Ruzicki; Victoria M. Tufano; D. Todd Williamson; Terry Navarro

2018     64 pages    R695.00

Catholic liturgy is a rich language composed of music, spoken word, silence, symbols, signs, postures, ...

UnderstandingTheSacramentsOfInitiationUnderstanding the Sacraments of Initiation: A Rite-Based Approach

Randy Stice

2016   256 pages   R395.00

Will emphasize the liturgy as an encounter between God and his children in Christ and the Holy Spirit: The two important points that are stressed in this book: (1) ...


NavigatingTowardsAdulthoodNavigating toward adulthood: A Theology of Ministry with Adolescents

Theresa A. O’Keefe

2018    172 pages    R515.00

The author divides her work into four parts. In Part I, she establishes the project of adolescence—the growth from childhood to adulthood—is to find one’s place in the world and...


BereavementMinistryAndFuneralPlanningBereavement Ministry and Funeral Planning

Jill Maria Murdy

2018    128 pages    R295.00

Created for pastoral ministers, deacons, pastors and parish leaders, this booklet is a resource to pastorally accompany Catholic funeral planning - either in advance or after the death of a loved one. It is also a...

HolyThirstHoly Thirst: Essentials of Carmelite Spirituality

Editors at Paraclete Press

2019    288 pages    R339.00

Presents all the essential themes of Carmelite spirituality, as exemplified in Carmelite classics such as The Way of Perfection of St. Teresa of Avila, The Ascent of Mount Carmel of St. John of the Cross, The Story of a ...

Bible diaries & Calendars 2020

2020BibleDiaryRedBIBLE DIARY 2020 

Hard Bound, Multi Colour Print, Art Paper

Pages : 472

R 110.00





2020BibleDiaryBlueBIBLE DIARY 2020 

Hard Bound, Multi Colour Print, Art Paper

Pages : 472

R 110.00



2020BibleDiaryGreenBIBLE DIARY  2020

Hard Bound, Multi Colour Print, Art Paper

Pages : 472

R 110.00

Available also in violet




GospelPowerGospel Power 2020

Bernardita Dianzon, FSP

512 Pages   R125.00

• Scripture references for daily Mass
• Response to the Psalm
• Three Scripture readings for Sunday mass
• Short reflection on the  Gospel
• A prayer to Jesus


TheLiturgicalCalendarThe Liturgical Calendar
for SA

 R 25.00



CalendarChristIsAliveLiturgical Calendar

Christ is alive

R 25.00



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