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SaintsOnSundaySaints on Sunday: Voices from Our Past Enlivening Our Worship

Gail Ramshaw

2018    200 pages    R359.50

The author, listening to twenty-four sainted voices, proposes how our past might enliven our future. Characterized by rigorous scholarship, her essays suggest ways to enrich the ...

ScripturalBackgroundsForTheSundayLectionaryScripture Backgrounds for the Sunday Lectionary, Year C: A Resource for Homilists

Mary A. Ehle; Peg Ekerdt; Marielle Frigge, osb; Jean Marie Hiesberger; Biagio Mazza; Mary M. Mcglone, csj; Abbot Gregory J. Polan, osb; Denise Simeone; George Smiga; Paul Turner

2018    208 pages    R329.50

Provides commentary on the ...

TheLiturgyLiturgy: The Source and Summit of Our Christian Life

Laughlin Corinna

2018     80 pages      R145.00

This resource explores what it means to call liturgy “source and summit.” It will help the Catholic faithful to understand the meaning of the liturgy and its importance to our life of faith, experience Christ’s four-fold presence in the various ...

CompanionToTheSundayGospelsBCompanion to the Sunday Gospels

Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB

2018    120 pages     R85.00

Guides the reader through each of the Sunday gospels during Year C, from Advent December 2018 to the end of the liturgical year in November 2019. Each gospel passage is accompanied by a  ...

AddictionAndPastoralCareAddiction and Pastoral Care

Sonia E. Waters

2019    232 pages    R485.00

Sonia Waters weaves together personal stories, research, and theological reflection to offer helpful tools for ministers, counsellors, chaplains, and anyone else called to care pastorally for those struggling with addiction.


CatholicBioethicsAndSocialJusticeCatholic Bioethics and Social Justice:  The Praxis of US Health Care in a Globalized World

Editors: M. Therese Lysaught and Michael McCarthy

2019    458 pages     R745.00

Brings the lens of CST to bear on Catholic health care, illuminating a new spectrum of ethical issues ...

WhatIsTheMissionOfTheChurchWhat Is the Mission of the Church?: A Guide for Catholics
Revised and Expanded Edition

Roger P. Schroeder

2018    192 pages    R375.00

In this essential guide to the “who, what, where, and why” of mission and its meaning for the local and universal Church, r Schroeder offers an inspiring overview of mission. In clear language, he distils the essentials ...

ArguingReligion Arguing Religion: A Bishop Speaks at Facebook and Google

Robert Barron

2018    122 pages     R355.00

Every day, millions of people fight about religion. Whether with friends, family, or on social media, we expend lots of energy, and lots of strong feelings. But very few know how to have a good religious argument—a rational, respectful, ...

ParentingForwardParenting Forward: How to Raise Children with Justice, Mercy, and Kindness

Cindy Wang Brandt

2019    176 pages     R345.00

Brandt equips Christian parents to model a way of following Jesus that has an outward focus, putting priority on loving others, avoiding judgment, and helping those in need. She shows how parents ...

Best Sellers

AbbaIsNorDaddyAbba Isn't Daddy and Other Biblical Surprises: What Catholics Really Need to Know about Scripture Study

William L. Burton, O.F.M.

2019    192 pages     R295.00

Burton introduces you to basic principles of scripture study and aids in your exploration of questions about the life of Jesus. In part 1, Burton examines the history of the Bible,...

FromGoodNewsToGospelsFrom Good News to Gospels: What Did the First Christians Say about Jesus?

David Wenham

2018    144 pages     R315.00

Wenham delves into the gospels, the book of Acts, and the writings of Paul to uncover evidence of a strong oral tradition in the early church. This book will inform, and challenge readers, inspiring ...

GospelWitnessGospel Witness: Evangelism in Word and Deed

David M. Gustafson

2019    304 pages     R569.50

In light of our increasingly post-Christian Western contexts, the author offers a mission-oriented ecclesiology that moves from missional theory to practices of missional engagement. Introducing “God’s human drama” as a way to...




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