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SeriouslyGodSeriously, God?: Making Sense of Life Not Making Sense

Michael White, Tom Corcoran

2021    192 pages    R325.00 

The authors explore the denial, doubt, and betrayal we experience when we face hardship, pain, and grief, and they encourage us to lean into our feelings and to take each circumstance as a chance to ...

ReturnToTheRootsReturn to the Root: Reflections on the Inner Life

Joyce Rupp

2021    256 pages    R365.00

Offers reflections—grown out of the seasons, the Church’s liturgical life, and the small moments that adorn our days—that escort us through the year. With each reflection, we shift beyond the immediate moment ...

TheDiaryOfJesusChristThe Diary of Jesus Christ

Bill Cain

2021    224 pages    R385.00

While obviously not really the diary of Jesus Christ, here is a first-person account of the life of Jesus by Bill Cain. The diary places us inside Jesus's consciousness, where the spirit of discovery, surprise, learning, doubt, failure and growth is in ...

FacingApolalypseFacing Apocalypse: Climate, Democracy, and Other Last Chances

Catherine Keller

2021    240 pages    R495.00

Drawing on John's prophetic Apocalypse, theologian Catherine Keller unveils a "dream reading" of our current global crisis—particularly the threat of climate change and ...

TheLawOfLoveThe Law of Love: Modern Language for Ancient Wisdom

Richard Leonard SJ

2021    184 pages    R315.00

Meditations on the sources of formation in Christian approach to law, its application to contemporary living, and how our approach to the law should set us free, not bind us up. A positive contribution to the ...

Catholic Social TeachingsCatholic Social Teaching and Common Good in Africa

Editors: Marco Moerschbacher & Elias Opongo SJ

2021   183 pages    R145.00

In 2017 the Research Group for International Church Affairs of the German Bishop's Conference took the initiative to gather practitioners and experts of Catholic Social ...

BelongingToGodsFamilyBelonging to God's Family: Nurturing Your Child's Faith Life

Kara O'Malley

2020    48 pages    R97.50

Kara O Malley is a parent of children pre-school age and offers her own wisdom in helping to raise faith-filled children. This resource enables parishes to provide parents with basic formation on the sacrament ...

EarlyChildhoodEarly Childhood Religious Education A to Z

Dr. Joseph D. White

2020    32 pages    R220.00

Dr. White shows us that we need to look no further than the alphabet for keys to teaching small children about the Catholic Faith. He brings together:  practical tips - Games, Organization, Relational ...

OneLessGodThanYouOne Less God Than You: How to Answer the Slogans, Clichès, and Fallacies that Atheists Use to Challenge Your Faith

John DeRosa

2020    176 pages    R285.00

Breaks down twenty of the most common atheist challenges, exposes their logical weaknesses, and shows you how to craft effective answers. ...


ABBA FatherAbba Father, 1000 Divine Praises

Fr Michael Raj, SSP

2022    144 pages    R47.50

Will help the reader to pray, praise and worship God our loving Father and experience his presence. And so, let us through Jesus, “continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise-the fruit of lips that openly profess his ...

TheArtOfSpiritualDirectionThe Art of Spiritual Direction: A Guide to Ignatian Practice

Jos Moons SJ

2021     176 pages    R410.00

A book on spiritual accompaniment resembling a toolbox with a user’s manual, by Fr. Jos Moons. Using concrete examples and case studies, he introduces tools to assist new and experienced spiritual ...


DivineRansomInLoveDivine Ransom in Love: Reflections on 40 Sufferings of Jesus

Fr Paul Chungath

2022    152 pages    R75.00

Will help the readers to ease their painful moments of life, to be more cheerful and to experience inner peace. This book has helped me much in pondering on the ...

PrayerBiblicalWisdomForSeekingGodPrayer, Biblical Wisdom for Seeking God

Michelle Francl-Donnay

2021   48 pages    R145.00

In prayer not only do we call out to God, but God endlessly calls out to us, enfolding us in mercy, drawing us close in love. Yet prayer can be daunting. We may not be sure where to begin or how to continue. ...

TheGodWhoGaveYouBirthThe God Who Gave You Birth: A Spirituality of Kenosis

Cyprian Consiglio OSB Cam

2021   112 pages   R385.00

The author shows us what it means to be church, to be a follower of Jesus, and to be like God: to imitate the self-emptying of God and Christ. We are called to show the world God as Jesus reveals God to be: ...

TheSevenPrayersOfJesusThe Seven Prayers of Jesus

Laszlo Gallusz

2020    163 pages    R70.00

This volume focuses on the praying of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. The Seven Prayers of Jesus investigates his prayers in their literary and socio-historical context, and points to their theological significance and ...

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