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WhatDoesGodWantsWhat Does God Want? A Practical Guide to Making Decisions

Fr. Michael Scanlan

2018    160 pages     R295.00

Fr. Michael Scanlan lays out for you the five critical questions you must answer as you wrestle with important decisions.

SafelyThroughTheStormSafely Through the Storm: 120 Reflections on Hope

Debra Herbeck

2018    81 pages    R275.00

If you're facing hard times, if all seems lost, this book will give you the courage to press on to a better tomorrow. These reflections from saints and writers who suffered, who were tempted to despair, who were...

CluelessInGalileeClueless in Galilee: A Fresh Take on the Gospels 

Mac Barron

2018    112 pages    R265.00

Do you want to be in on the jokes and the hidden treasures in many of the passages you thought you knew by heart? Do you want to see how, despite the inevitable weaknesses of our human nature, God has ..

TheReasonForTheSeasonsThe Reason for the Seasons: Why Christians Celebrate What and When They Do

Fr James Schall

2018    304 pages    R345.00

We can’t be joyful without knowing why we should be joyful. That’s why James Schall presents these chapters on the most important and joyful feasts of the Church’s liturgical year. You’ll come to ...

StillAngryAtTheFeastStill Hungry at the Feast: Eucharistic Justice in the Midst of Affliction

Samuel Torvend

2019    160 pages     R385.00

The author invites readers to expand their experience and understanding of the Mass, the Holy Eucharist, as more than a personal encounter with the risen Christ. Drawing on recent Jesus research, ...

TheActivatedDiscipleThe Activated Disciple: Taking Your Faith to the Next Level

Jeff Cavins

2018   144 pages    R265.00

Teaches you how to imitate God, so you can become an instrument for him to transform the world. If you yearn for a life that moves beyond believing and practicing, if you yearn to become an "activated" disciple, then this book is for you. The foundation of ...

ThePriestlyBlessingThe Priestly Blessing: Rediscovering the Gift

Stephen J. Rossetti

2018    192 pages    R279.50

The author forges a renewed theology of priestly blessing, encouraging his brother priests to embrace the habit of blessing people, objects, and events. He shows how the blessing is integral to the identity of priests and crucial...


EightWaysToBuildParishCommunity8 Ways to Build Parish Community: A Practical Guide for Ministers and Parish Leaders

Leisa Anslinger

With people pulled in so many directions today, helping people feel connected to each other, to the parish, and to God is a major challenge for parish leaders. How do we build a stronger  community, in which more nd more people are ...

BrokenAndBlessedBroken and Blessed: An Invitation to My Generation

Fr. Josh Johnson

2018    174 pages    R265.00

Fr. Johnson tackles the realities facing the Church in the 21st century. With charity and courage he speaks to his own generation of Catholic Millennials, who often feel their needs and concerns are not being addressed by the Church;...

Featured Titles

ApostlesOfTheCultureOfLifeApostles of the Culture of Life

Dr Donald T. DeMarco

2018    296 pages    R320.00

Presents short profiles of individuals who worked heroically, consistently, and effectively in defence of life. Grouped according to various fields of endeavour—medicine, philosophy, theology, sports, entertainment, and politics and ...

OverwhelmingPursuitOverwhelming Pursuit: Stop Chasing Your Life and Live 

Mark Joseph

2018    144 pages    R279.50

“Success lets me and everybody else knows that I’m important — that I’m worth loving. Success is how I prove my worth in this world.” That’s what Mark Joseph thought. He was driven to achieve, and he did. ...

SideBySideSide by Side: A Catholic Mother-Daughter Journal

Lori and Ava Ubowski

2018   192 pages    R265.00

Is a unique journal that allows the two of you to communicate in a new and exciting way. Beautifully designed and rich in spiritual content, each page contains thought-provoking prompts that help ..


GivePeaceToMySoulGive Peace to My Soul

Lafrance, Jean 

2018    144 pages    R197.50

Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity was a devoted Carmelite sister who had a special relationship with the Holy Trinity. Her patience and enthusiasm for prayer helped her to lead a life that was holy, although brief. While outlining her spiritual characteristics, this book also teaches readers ...

ManVirtuesMan Virtues: What the Hell Am I Doing with My Life? 

Robert P. Lockwood

2018     144 pages    R295.00

What does it take to find true happiness? Virtues. Not goodie-goodie niceness, but real virtues. As in: The four cardinal virtues: the way you look at and act in the world. The three theological virtues: your personal connection to the living God. ...

HisAngelsAtYourSideHis Angels at Your Side

Fr. John Horgan

2018    288 pages    R355.00

The author unveils the role of the angels in our lives - and what you must do to gain their help. You will learn how to imitate the angels in prayer and how they offer you the enlightenment and encouragement God wants to give you. By praying with the angels, you will be ...

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