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CommonSenseCatholicismCommon Sense Catholicism: How to Resolve Our Cultural Crisis

Bill Donohue

2019    291 pages    R299.50

Analyses how the three key elements of a democratic society—freedom, equality, and fraternity—have been misconstrued by intellectuals and policy makers who do not respect ...

FindingA LovingGodInTheMidstOfGriefFinding a Loving God in the Midst of Grief

Susan M. Erschen

2019    168 pages    R299.50

Draws from both personal testimonies and religious texts to give inspiration to the reader. The book also contains practical advice on how to overcome the emotional or practical aspects of grief, and ....


TheCatholicGentlemanThe Catholic Gentleman: Living Authentic Manhood Today

Sam Guzman

2019   177 pages    R280.00

A guide to virtuous manhood. It turns to the timeless wisdom of the Catholic Church to answer the important questions men are currently asking. In short, easy- to-read chapters, the author offers insights on a variety ...

SabbathSabbath: The Hidden Heartbeat of our lives

2019    192 pages    R188.00

In this beautiful meditation on the theme of Sabbath, Nicola Slee helps us to discover this treasure within ourselves, guided by poetry (her own and that of Wendell Berry), journal extracts and space for you, the reader, to record your own  ...


PilgrimPilgrim: You Find the Path by Walking

Jeanne Murray Walker

2019    96 pages     R299.50

The author invites the reader to join her on a journey told in 58 colloquial sonnets, beginning in the streets of New York and ending in the holiness of silence and praise. Stops on the journey include reflections on..


DogmaAndPreachingDogma and Preaching: Applying Christian Doctrine to Daily Life

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

2018     550 pages    R505.00

An unabridged edition of Dogma and Preaching, a work that appeared in a much-reduced form in English, in 1985.  The new book contains twice as much material as first English ...

WeWillFeastWe Will Feast: Rethinking Dinner, Worship, and the Community of God

Kendall Vanderslice

2019    176 pages    R373.50

The gospel story is filled with meals. It opens in a garden and ends in a feast. Records of the early church suggest that believers met for worship primarily through  ... 

WrestlingWithRestWrestling with Rest: Inviting Youth to Discover the Gift of Sabbath

Nathan T. Stucky

2019    224 pages    R475.00

Nathan Stucky shows that rest challenges youth whose identities are rooted in productivity, efficiency, achievement, and accomplishment. For them, the notion of Sabbath...

SalvationSalvation: What Every Catholic Should Know

Michael Patrick Barber

2019    208 pages    R280.00

What does “salvation” mean? In this robust and accessible book, Scripture scholar and theologian Michael Patrick Barber provides a thorough, deeply Catholic, and deeply biblical, answer. He deftly tackles this ...

Featured Titles

MotherOfGodSimilarFireMother of God, Similar to Fire

William Hart McNichols and Mirabai Starr

2018   128 pages    R399.50

The image of Mary continues to hold tremendous appeal. Not only the mother of Jesus, but the quintessential Mother, the feminine face of the divine, fierce protector ...

MyGodYourGodOurGodMy God, Your God, Our God

Franz Hübner

2019    208 pages    R289.50

A poetic book for peace and tolerance. Three friends, David, Ibrahim, and Johanna, keep debating the same question: whose God may be the right one? In order to find an answer, Ibrahim sets out and ....

A LivingGospelA Living Gospel: Reading God’s Story in Holy Lives

Robert Ellsberg

2019    199 pages     R345.00

Ellsberg has reflected on the lives of saints, prophets, and spiritual masters, drawing particular attention to models of holiness that speak to the needs of our time. The message of such figures, as he shows in ...

GettingMoreOurOfMarriageGetting More Out of Marriage

Mark Hart

2019    40 pages    R145.00

Marriage is one of God's most beautiful gifts and is intended to bless us, fulfil us, and give us a path to sanctity. Understanding what true love entails and how grace works to overcome our wounded human ...

YouCatForChildrenYoucat for Kids

2018   240 pages  R335.00

The catechism for children and parents After many years, there is finally a book of the Church, in which everything is what children and parents (or teachers and educators) must know to be a Christian believer. Easy language; Numerous child friendly illustrations; Background information for adults on each ...

PrayingForPriestsPraying for Priests: An Urgent Call for the Salvation of Souls

Kathleen Beckman

2018    192 pages     R310.00

Beckman addresses the current abuse crisis facing the Church. She offers Church-approved ways in which you can contribute to the welfare of the Church. Priests, seminarians, consecrated religious ...

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