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PsalmConversationPsalms Conversations: Listening in as They Talk with One another

James O. Chatham

2018    144 pages    R355.00

The author presents a study to explore the interactions that psalms have with one another. The book invites us to listen in on several psalm conversations, to realise how contemporary they are, and to join them. Chatham encourages us to immerse ourselves ...

BoundlessCompassionBoundless Compassion: Creating a Way of Life

Joyce Rupp

2018   224 pages    R345.00 

Is the culmination of Rupp's research and work as cordirector of the Servite Centre of Compassionate Presence. Through this six-week personal transformation process for developing and deepening compassion, Rupp encourages, and inspires you ...

JesusApproachesJesus Approaches: What Contemporary Women Can Learn about Healing, Freedom & Joy from Women of the New Testament

Elizabeth M. Kelly

2018    180 pages    R245.00

The author shares stories of NT women whose encounters with Jesus freed them to flourish in life. The stories are supplemented with accounts from her own life, and from the lives of  ...


YourMoneyOrYourLifeYour Money or Your Life: 20 Sessions on Faith, Finances and the Choices We Make

Jim Philipps

2018    106 pages    R265.00

These meditations, all based on scriptural passages pertaining to wealth and stewardship, invite the reader to think deeply and prayerfully about the connections between God and wealth, and how the money choices we make can lead us toward or away from ...

AbidingInPrayerAbiding in Prayer: Inspiration and Professional Growth

Contributors: Daniel Luby, Mary Cummins Wlodarski, Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski, Adrián Herrera, David Amico, Fr. Gerald Chinchar, and William H. Johnston

2018    64 pages    R115.00

Prayer is our lifeline, our connection to God. It’s probably the most important practice we teach our students, and we’re careful to stress how important ...

LetUsGoForthLet Us Go Forth!: 20 Teen Prayer Services for Liturgical School & Family Occasions

Shannon Cerneka and Orin Johnson

2018    80 pages    R335.00

Geared to junior high and high school students, this book follows the liturgical year with beautifully crafted prayers that will resonate with young people and help give them a deep experience of the faith we share. ...

NakedAndUnashamedNaked and Unashamed: A Guide to the Necessary Work of Christian Marriage

Dr. Jerry Root, Claudia Root, and Jeremy Rios

2018     224 pages    R330.00

Describes the necessary work to maintain marriage, as well holistic character-which the nakedness asked of each individual. The author offer help through practical and spiritual advice on these topics and more.

HaveHappyFamilyHave a Happy Family by Friday: How to Improve Communication, Respect & Team Work in 5 Days

Dr Kevin Leman

2018    312 pages    R95.00

Every member of a family is important, deserves to be treated with love and respect, and needs to know that when they make mistakes they will still be loved. And when every member of the family is pulling for each other and on the same team, ...

ThinkingLikeJesusThinking like Jesus: The Psychology of a Faithful Disciple

Dr Ray Guarendi

2018    149 pages    R289.50

Too often we are late in realizing that we mishandled a situation, causing both resentment and frustration. But what if you could approach every situation with the mind of Christ? Dr Ray Guarendi offers dozens of short reflections that combine spiritual advice with  modern psychology. ...

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Lasting HappinessLasting Happiness: In search of deeper meaning and fulfilment

Andrew Parnham

2018    224 pages    R169.00

Invites us to explore to consider our universal longings, the extraordinary way in which our brains engage with the world and ourselves, how healthy relationships develop and can be restored, and how meaning and fulfilment may be attained.

GratefulnessGratefulness: The Habit of a Grace-filled Life

Susan Muto

2018    224 pages    R289.50

In a consumer-driven world where we’re told we need and deserve more, Susan Muto, reminds us that gratefulness is a gift from God. In this book, she reveals that grateful living is not another new fad but has been the way of saints and ,,,

SayingYesSaying Yes!: Responding to God’s Invitation to Transform and Energize Our Lives

Kristen Armstrong & Sally Robb

2018    128 pages    R255.00

The authors use their own life experiences to show how saying yes to God in our lives can lead to spiritual transformation, even when we face stress, and tragedy. This book is for every woman who wants to feel  ...

AnImmovableFeastAn Immovable Feast: How I Gave Up Spirituality for a Life of Religious Abundance

Tyler Blanski

2018    288 pages    R345.00

A story of one man's religious path that begins with a fundamentalist Baptist childhood to adolescence in emergent church spirituality. He moves on through hipster years as a house painter and musician, then marries and enters a seminary in Wisconsin. ...

TheGraceIsEnoughThe Grace of Enough: Pursuing Less and Living More in a Throwaway Culture

Haley Stewart

2018    192 pages    R285.00

The author shares essential elements of Christian living that her family discovered during the extraordinary year on the farm and that they continue to practice today. You, too, will be inspired to: live simply, offer hospitality, revive food culture and ...

SaintOfTheDaySaint of the Day: Lives, Lessons and Feasts

Leonard Foley, Patrick McCloskey

2018     344 pages    R339.50

This best-seller has been revised and updated to include those recently canonised, beatified or recognized as persons of heroic virtue. The new entries include Marguerite Bourgeoys, Jacinta and Francisco Marto, Damien of Molokai, Pio of Piatrelcina, Eugene de Mazenod, Edith Stein, ... 

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