Anne Flanagan, FSP, 22/02/2016

Early Christians would be mystified by the reputation St Paul has in some contemporary circles as a bit of a misogynist. Modern readers may chafe at passages in Paul's letters that seem to threaten hard-won benefits for women in society, but early Christian sources agree in presenting Paul and his teaching as welcome to women.

Brother Aloysius Milella, SSP, 19/01/2016

In searching for the best guide for conveying Christ’s full mystery toward the salvation of contemporary humanity, Blessed James Alberione discovered St. Paul. He made himself one of the most ardent disciples and imitators of the Apostle in modern times.

Anne Flanagan, FSP, 11/01/2016

St. Paul is one of the best-known personalities of the ancient world—the historian's dream come true. Not only do we have some of his own letters, we also have an account of his life’s work in the Acts of the Apostles (attributed to St. Luke). Paul is referred to in other ancient writings within 50 years of his death, and by that point his own letters had been copied and distributed so far and wide that he would have been amazed.

Bernardita Dianzon, FSP, 14/12/2015

Did Paul believe Jesus to be God? The question may sound absurd, but it needs to be answered if we are to understand how a staunch Jew like Paul, without turning his back on his Jewish belief in the one true God of Israel, is able to declare that “Jesus Christ is Lord!” (Phil 2:11). What force does this declaration have for him?

Bernardita Dianzon, FSP, 16/11/2015

God’s action of reconciling the world to himself through the death and resurrection of his Son Jesus Christ is the source of ethical motivation for Paul. With this act, God freely bestows on us our true identity. We are no longer slaves of sin but children of God. It is from this sonship and daughterhood that our behavior must flow. God’s grace empowers us to act according to this new identity.

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