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CalledByNameCalled by Name: 365 Daily Devotions for Catholic Women

Editors: Kelly M. Wahlquist, Alyssa Bormes, Allison Gingras

2021   384 pages   R399.50

With meditations on scripture and insights from Catholic authors, this is the perfect daily companion for women who want to connect with the heart of Jesus and live every day ...

DorothyDayThomasMertonAndTheGreatestCommandamentDorothy Day, Thomas Merton and the Greatest Commandment: Radical Love in Times of Crisis

Julie Leininger Pycior

2020   264 pages   R555.00

Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton, who gave radical witness to love of God and neighbour in the tumultuous 1960s, together come ...

EarthOurOriginalMonastryEarth, Our Original Monastery: Cultivating Wonder and Gratitude through Intimacy with Nature

Christine Valters Paintner

2020   160 pages   R290.50

Abbess for Abbey of the Arts, shares how living contemplatively with an appreciation for the natural world can make you more ...

TheGraceOfBeautyThe Grace of Beauty: Its Mystery, Power, and Delight in Daily Life

Melannie Svoboda, SND

.2020   128 pages   R285.50

Explores the mystery, power, and grace of the beauty our souls seek, the kind of beauty that evokes a whispered Wow!  Thank you, God! Our experience of beauty, says ...

ThusSaysTheLordThus Says the Lord: The Prophets in the Liturgy

Richard J. Clifford SJ

2021    128 pages    R195.00

Professor Clifford takes us into the ancient near east to explain the calling of the prophet. He introduces us to those who prefigured the prophets, such as Abraham and Moses. He moves on to the ...

11WaysToBoostYourLayMinistry11 Ways to Boost Your Lay Ministry: Tips, Tools and Prayers to Share

Lucy Arimond

2021   32 pages   R99.00

Covers everything from working effectively with the pastor to sharing the workload with volunteers to learning to balance professional boundaries with time away from ...

LeadershipForTheGreaterGoodLeadership for the Greater Good: A Textbook for Leaders

2021   208 pages   R460.00

Dan R. Ebener, Borna Jalsenjak

Argues that leadership can emerge from anywhere, in any context or any organization. The use of coercive, command and control methods fail to engage others in a leadership process. But those in authority can choose ...

CatechistsAwakeCatechists Awake!: 10-Minute Reflections, Prayers and Takeaways for a Great Faith-Sharing Experience

Danesco Lee

2021   32 pages  R110.00

Danesco walks you through twenty Scripture passages with reflections and prompts written specifically for catechists. She then offers practical ways to apply ...

AllThingsNewAll Things New: Breaking the Cycle and Raising a Joyful Family

Erin McCole

2021   208 pages   R380.00

Erin McCole Cupp draws on her own and others experiences to discuss how to develop a joyful family life when our own experience of being parented was damaging. Erin wrote this book ...


TheMysticismOfThePresentMomentThe Mysticism of the Present Moment: Embodied Spirituality

José Tolentino Mendonça

2021    176 pages    R460.00

Offers a spirituality of the present moment that involves the senses and the body in the expression of faith. The book shows how our body, through the senses, opens us to the presence of God in the moment. ...

BeheadingHydraBeheading Hydra: A Radical Plan for Christians in an Atheistic Age

Fr. Dwight Longenecker

2021   240 pages    R525.00

Shows how atheism manifests itself today through sixteen “isms” that cloak the actions of the antichrist, who seethes with pure hatred of God and His truth. The book lays ...


StumblingIntoGraceStumbling Into Grace: How We Meet God in Tiny Works of Mercy

Mary Pezzulo

2021    160 pages     R295.00

Mary Pezzulo intended to learn all about God through graduate studies in philosophy and Christian ethics, but serious illness ruined those plans and landed her young family in desperate straits. Despite chronic ...

GodsGreatStoryAndYouGod's Great Story and You

William A. Barry SJ

2021  112 pages  R249.50

Father Barry presents a Biblically based guide for readers to understand and use God’s gifts to bring about heaven, peace, and unity on earth.




I AmWithYou1I Am with You: Lessons of Hope and Courage in Times of Crisis

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan

2021    112 pages    R215.00

Offers a powerful message on God’s grace and the healing power of Jesus to get us through tough and turbulent times. Drawn from sermons and writings offered during the early days of the 2020 ...

TheIgnatianGuideToForgiveness The Ignatian Guide to Forgiveness: Ten Steps to Healing

Marina Berzins McCoy

2020   144 pages    R235.00

Marina McCoy delves into the principles of Ignatian spirituality and uses gentle honesty to lay out 10 steps toward forgiveness. Each chapter offers stories, real-life ...

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