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WhyCatholicsLeaveWhy Catholics Leave, What They Miss, and How They Might Return

Stephen Bullivant, Catherine Knowles, Hannah Vaughan-Spruce and Bernadette Durcan

2019     R365.00

A project undertaken in the UK in which Catholics who no longer regularly practice their faith ...

DoesGodLikeBeingGodDoes God Like Being God? And Other Tricky Questions about God: A Guide for Teachers, Catechists, and Parents

John Honner

2019    96 pages    R275.00

Begins with four foundational chapters: “Can theology be made simple?”, “Why is the Bible ...

EnteringTheTeenZoneEntering the Teen Zone

William L. Coleman

2017    174 pages    R35.00

If you're worried about your looks or your grades or what your parents are going to do next, this book can help. You see, you're not alone. God's there with you. And the upbeat messages in this book will remind you of that every day! The author ...

WeAreLordsWe Are the Lord's: A Catholic Guide to Difficult End-of-Life Questions

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, S.T.D.

2019    96 pages    R285.00

A quick-reference guide to difficult end-of-life questions, framed by divine wisdom and Church teaching. Its easy-to-read chapters and question-and-answer format can ...

AnIntroductionToCanonLawAn Introduction to Canon Law - 3rd Edition - Revised and Updated

James A. Coriden

2019    248 pages    R635.00

The third edition of An Introduction to Canon Law retains the comprehensiveness of the previous two editions while updating the reader on the field, especially new ...


StGiannaSt Gianna: Her Life of Joy and Heroic Sacrifice

Pelucchi Giuliana

2019     288 pages     R359.50

St. Gianna Beretta Molla was a devoted paediatrician, wife, and mother. Giuliana Pelucchi has revised and expanded her detailed biography of this amazing woman with new, insights. The book includes ...

SeekingChristThroughFriendshipSeeking Christ Through Friendship

Jan Alkire

2019    160 pages    R345.00

Shows readers how to include God in their friendship, how to find and share their personal life with one another; how to maintain confidentiality and appropriate boundaries. It offers guidelines to ...

NineteenthCentury.SpiritualityOfOurTimeNineteenth-Century Spirituality for Our Time - Kindle Edition

Isaac Thomas Hecker

2019    64 pages    R299.50

Isaac Hecker (1819–1888) was a spiritual seeker from his early days. In 1845 he converted to Catholicism, then joined the Redemptorists before founding the Paulist Fathers with ...

HowNotToReadTheBibleHow Not to Read the Bible: An Authentic Catholic Approach to Scripture for Today

Scott Lewis, SJ

2019    160 pages    R355.00

Biblical scholar Scott Lewis wants to help Christians approach the Bible with a (renewed) confidence to explore for themselves the richness of what scripture might tell them. ...



HymnsWeAlwaysLovedHymns We've Always Loved Vol. 2

2014    3 CDs    R555.00

Think of your favourite hymn and chances are you’ll find it in this 3 CD set.

1. Abide with me
2, All things bright and beautiful

TheGreatestLoveThe Greatest Love

Susie Hare

1 CD    20 tracks   R195.00

A collection of 20 worship songs, showcasing the wonderful talent of this popular songwriter and pianist.

1. Come, rest in the love of Jesus|

SongsOfJoySongs of Joy

1 CD    16 tracks    R195.00

Music by Sean Bowman, Nick Fawcett, Michael Forster, Susie Hare, Martin E. Leckebusch, Kevin Mayhew and Geoffrey Nobes.

1. Give me a heart that will honour you

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