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PracticalHolinessPractical Holiness: Pope Francis as Spiritual Companion

Albert Haase OFM

2019     160 pages     R295.00

With anecdotes about people and stories about saints, this exploration of Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation, this book reminds you that there is no cookie-cutter approach to holiness ...

SoulSeeingSoul Seeing: Light, Love, Forgiveness

Michael Leach and Friends

2018    280 pages    R289.50

Drawn from the spirituality column "Soul Seeing," these 56 first-person accounts reveal the kindness in familiar faces, the divine in unexpected places, the sweetness in the sad, and the power in ...

TheCompassionConnectionThe Compassion Connection: Recovering Our Original Oneness

Catherine T. Nerney

The author, a Sister of St. Joseph, guides the reader on a narrative journey through and toward compassion for our fellow human beings, emphasizing our connectedness rather than our perceived differences. ...


RaymondBrownAndCatholicBiblicalRenewalRaymond E. Brown and the Catholic Biblical Renewal

Donald Senior, CP

2018    332 pages    R525.00

Biblical scholar Donald Senior has written an analytical and critical biography of one of greatest biblical scholars of the 20th century that locates him within the the Catholic biblical renewal. Exploring the life  ...

GodWithUsGod with Us: The Story of Jesus as Told by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

Roger Quy, Ricardo Grzona

2018     238 pages     R189.59

The most representative passages to reconstruct the story of Jesus chronologically have been selected to provide a biblically based biography— from the ...

JesusAccordingToTheNewTestamentJesus according to the New Testament

James D. G. Dunn

2019    232 pages     R365.00

James Dunn has published his research on Christian origins in numerous commentaries, books, and essays. In this book Dunn focuses his fifty-plus years of scholarship on elucidating the ...

TheTenGreenCommandmentsThe Ten Green Commandments of Laudato Sí

Joshtrom Kureethadam

2019    240 pages    R445.00

Fr. Joshtrom provides a passionate, commentary on its key ideas and themes. Faithfully attentive to the outline of the six chapters of the encyclical, Fr. Joshtrom has

VirtueAndTheologcalEthicsVirtue and Theological Ethics: Toward a Renewed Ethical Method

Todd A. Salzman, Michael G. Lawler

2018    248 pages    R475.00

Salzman and Lawler draw upon foundational insights from virtue and theological ethics to propose a Catholic ethical methodological schema for the ...

PastoralLeadershipPastoral Leadership: Best Practices for Church Leaders

Dan R. Ebener

2018    120 pages     R425.00

The premise of this book is that the Church needs leadership. In most places, the Church is over-managed and under-led. To turn this around, we need clergy to: 1. Provide more leadership and less management themselves.  ...

Featured Titles

SmileOfJoySmile of Joy: Mary of Nazareth

Thomas G. Casey, SJ

2018    104 pages    R197.50

Here is an entry into Mary’s inner life, based on what is said about her in the New Testament, showing how this compassionate woman can provide an example for us in our Christian lives.  A number of the Mysteries of the Rosary are  ...

FromFireByWaterFrom Fire, by Water: My Journey to the Catholic Faith

Sohrab Ahmari

2019    240 pages    R375.00

Ahmari was a teenager living under the Iranian ayatollahs when he decided that there is no God. Nearly two decades later, he would be received into the Roman Catholic Church. He recounts ...


A CryIsHeardA Cry Is Heard: My Path to Peace

Jean Vanier

2018     144 pages    R185.00

Vanier's account of his life revolves around 'encountering difference and working constantly to build bridges not walls: this is the path of peace.' Indeed, says Vanier, 'A path to unity, fellowship and peace is possible.'  ...

ForgivenessMakesYouFreeForgiveness Makes You Free: A Dramatic Story of Healing and Reconciliation from the Heart of Rwanda

Fr. Ubald Rugirangoga and Heidi Hess Saxton

2019    192pages     R295.00

During the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, Fr. Ubald tells the dramatic story of how he survived while losing more than...

HelpingTeensWithStressHelping Teens with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression: A Field Guide for Catholic Parents, Pastors, and Youth Leaders

Roy Petitfils

2019    160 pages    R285.00

Using personal life lessons and expertise gleaned from more than twenty-five years in youth ministry and private practice as a licensed counsellor, Petitfils teaches ...

RethinkingMaryInThe NTRethinking Mary in the New Testament: What the Bible Tells Us about the Mother of the Messiah

Edward Sri

2018    320 pages    R295.00

Shows that the Bible reveals more about Mary than is commonly appreciated. For when the Mother of Jesus does appear in Scripture, it's often in passages of great importance, steeped in the Jewish Scriptures, ..


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