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TheHeartOfPerfectionThe Heart of Perfection: How the Saints Taught Me to Trade My Dream of Perfect for God’s

Colleen Carroll Campbell

2019    245 pages    R445.00 HC

Campbell’s book shows that the solution to perfectionism is not to squelch our hard-wired desires for excellence but to allow God to purify and redirect them, by swapping ...

TheWordThe Word: A Meditation on the Prologue to Saint John's Gospel

Adrienne Von Speyr

2019    159 pages    R269.50

The author wrote a four-volume series of meditations on Saint John’s Gospel, and this volume presents her reflections on the Prologue (1:1–18). Her insights embrace the whole Christian revelation as well as its  ...

TheActivatedDiscipleThe Activated Disciple: Taking Your Faith to the Next Level

Jeff Cavins

2018    144 pages     R265.00

Teaches you how to imitate God, so you can become an instrument for him to transform the world. This book learns to walk in the ways of the Lord. It is about opening yourself to God and inviting him to dwell within ...


GraceAndtruthGrace and Truth: Twenty Steps to Embracing Virtue and Saving Civilization

Fr. George William Rutler

2019   160 pages     R365.00

Fr. Rutler here highlights twenty Catholic teachings that are essential to living an authentic Christian life, showing how the Church’s perennial wisdom can remedy the gravest ...


A CatholicIntroductuionToTheBibleA Catholic Introduction to the Bible: The Old Testament

John Bergsma, Brant Pitre

2018   1060 pages    R869.50

Who wrote these forty-six books? When were they written? What are we to make of their laws, stories, histories, and prophecies? Should the Old Testament be read by itself or in light of the New Testament? ...

JesusInJohnsGospelJesus in John's Gospel: Structure and Issues in Johannine Christology

William Loader

2018     542 pages     R806.50

Following an introductory examination of Rudolf Bultmann's influence on Johannine studies, Loader turns to the central interpretive issues and debates surrounding Johannine ...

ChristianMinistryInTeDivineChristian Ministry in the Divine Milieu: Catholicisty, Evolution and the Reign of God

Donald C. Maldari, SJ

2019    196 pages    R445.00

The purpose of ministry, writes Fr. Maldari, is to channel the energy of the Holy Spirit through the diverse gifts in the community. Recognizing that the whole universe is sacred—a divine milieu—all ministries are ...

ChurchAsDynamicsLifeSystemChurch as Dynamic Life-System: Shared Ministries and Common Responsibilities

Joseph A. Bracken, SJ

2019    161 pages    R439.50

With the goal of sustaining the relevance and the permanence of the church, Bracken proposes an open-ended systems approach to ecclesiology. He synthesizes the ...

AmorisLaetitiaNewMomentumAmoris Laetitia New Momentum: New Momentum for Moral Formation & Pastoral Practice

Editors: James F. Keenan, SJ & Grant Gallicho

2019    96 pages    R345.00

Essays by bishops and theologians that not only introduce readers to the theological depth found in Amoris ...

Featured Titles

RethinkingMaryInThe NTRethinking Mary in the New Testament: What the Bible Tells Us about the Mother of the Messiah

Edward Sri

2018    320 pages    R295.00

Shows that the Bible reveals more about Mary than is commonly appreciated. For when the Mother of Jesus does appear in Scripture, ...


POpeFrancisTheFamilyAndDivorcePope Francis the Family and Divorce: In Defence of Truth and Divorce

Stephen Walford – Preface by Pope Francis

2018    210 pages    R355.00

Stephen Walford writes,“Chapter Eight will surely be remembered years from now as one of the most controversial things a Pope has ...

ParentingWithTheBeatitudesParenting with the Beatitudes: Eight Holy Habits for Daily Living

Jeannie and Ben Ewing

2019    162 pages    R245.00

Offers spiritual insights for parents about how to strengthen their own virtue formation while also educating their children in moral development.

MyQueenMyMotherjpgMy Queen, My Mother: A Marian Pilgrimage across America

Marge Steinhage Fenelon

2019    160 pages    R259.50

The author brings you along on a pilgrimage to nine Marian shrines across the United States. Each day of this spiritual journey helps you encounter God and a deeper relationship with the ...


SavingTheFamilySaving the Family: The Transformative Power of Sharing Meals with People You Love

Leo Patalinghug

2019    138 pages    R359.50

Shows you how to transform your family mealtimes into joyful occasions that even teenagers will love. From hundreds of happy families worldwide, television chef Rev. Leo Patalinghug has ...

MarysLifeInTheHolySpiritMary’s Life in the Holy Spirit: A Model for Us

Andi Oney

2019     120 pages    R295.00

Though conceived without sin, Mary was human and had the same concerns, cares, joys, and sorrows that each of us have. In this look at Mary and the Holy Spirit, Andi Oney demonstrates that while Mary’s relationship with the Holy Spirit i...


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