John Hemer, 17/07/2017

Much is made of the fact that Jesus made no great missionary journeys himself. Some even take this as an indication that Christ had no great missionary intentions. Was Paul taking the Gospel where Jesus had never intended it should go?

Anne Flanagan, FSP, 03/07/2017

Paul wrote “letters,” but at the same time, they weren’t only letters...
“Paul, Silvanus and Timothy to the church of the Thessalonians in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ—grace and peace be with you!” (1 Thes. 1:1).

John Hemer, 26/06/2017

Had Paul claimed that Jesus is Messiah because of his life and teaching, many could accept that. Had he even claimed that despite his ignominious death, Jesus was still messiah, a Jewish martyr, this too would be understandable within Jewish frames of reference. But Paul claims Jesus as messiah precisely because of the cross...

Armanda Santos, FSP, 12/06/2017

Paul's letters make up roughly half of the New Testament. Where did that prodigious output come from? What was Paul's letter-writing process?

 John Hemer, 22/05/2017

Perhaps the most misunderstood word in the Bible, and one Paul seems to rely on in the letter to the Romans, is "wrath", as in "the wrath of God". Is God angry, mean, resentful or vindictive--or does "wrath" mean something very different, even if still challenging?

John Hemer, 17/04/2017

If formerly Catholics seemed over-concerned with what happens after death, we find that now they often have little concern and only the vaguest ideas. And then, as now, people question how the resurrection of the dead could be possible. Paul speaks to all of this.

Bernardita Dianzon, FSP, 03/04/2017

We are so used to making the sign of the cross that often we go through it without consciously reflecting on its meaning. But when symbols are stripped of their meaning, they become mere trappings that have no power to affect our lives.

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