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The Catholic Gentleman: Living Authentic Manhood Today

Sam Guzman

A guide to virtuous manhood. It turns to the timeless wisdom of the Catholic Church to answer the important questions men are currently asking. In short, easy- to-read chapters, the author offers insights on a variety of topics, including:
How to know you are an authentic man; Why our bodies matter; The value of tradition
The purpose of courtesy
What real holiness is and how to achieve it; How to deal with failure in the spiritual life

2019   177 pages    R280.00



SabbathSabbath: The Hidden Heartbeat of our lives

Nicola Slee

In this beautiful meditation on the theme of Sabbath, Nicola Slee helps us to discover this treasure within ourselves, guided by poetry (her own and that of Wendell Berry), journal extracts and space for you, the reader, to record your own thoughts and reflections along the way.

2019    192 pages    R188.00

PilgrimPilgrim: You Find the Path by Walking

Jeanne Murray Walker

The author invites the reader to join her on a journey told in 58 colloquial sonnets, beginning in the streets of New York and ending in the holiness of silence and praise. Stops on the journey include reflections on death and grief, but also praise for a migrating butterfly, a knock on the door, the astonishing ocean.  This book is designed to be used as a devotional and read slowly; to be both a book of poetry and a spiritual companion.    

2019    96 pages     R299.50


EightWaysOfLovingGodEight Ways of Loving God: As Revealed by God

Jeanette Flood

There is growing awareness that different people have different "love languages". What about God? Does He have a love language?
Jeanette Flood answers this question by looking at the life and teachings of Jesus. With a conversational style, she describes eight love languages with spiritual analogies and lessons from her own life. This work reveals that being a Christian means being in a relationship of love with Love Himself. Drawing on Scripture, Church teachings, and insights of the saints, it inspires readers to follow Saint Paul's advice to the Ephesians to "learn what is pleasing to the Lord" (Eph 5:10).

2019    375 pages    R310.00


TouchedByTheSpiritTouched by God’s Spirit: How Merton, Van Gogh, Vanier and Rembrandt influenced Henri Nouwen’s heart of compassion

Fr Luke Penkett

‘Luke’s wise analysis of the gifts of Henri’s mentors, combined with Henri’s journey of integration, become a “Way” towards becoming more truly human.’ Sue Mosteller

2019    140 pages    R270.00




A TimeToDieA Time to Die: Monks on the Threshold of Eternal Life

Nicolas Diat  

How to die? How to respond to our fear of death? To answer these and other questions, Diat travelled to eight European monasteries including Solesmes Abbey and the Grande Chartreuse. Through interviews with monks, he learned that their death experiences are varied and unique, with elements of peace, pain, humility, sorrow, and joy.

These monks have the same fears, torments, and sorrows as everyone else, Diat discovered. What is exemplary about them is their humility and simplicity. When death approaches, and its hand reveals its strength, they are like happy and naïve children who wait with impatience to open a gift. They have complete confidence in the mercy of God.

2019   174 pages    R280.00

HowWeLoveHow We Love: A Formation for the Celibate Life

John Mark Falkenhain, OSB

Br. John Mark Falkenhain, Benedictine monk and clinical psychologist, provides a thorough program for celibacy formation for men and women, adaptable to both religious and seminary settings. Attending to the theological and the psycho-sexual dimensions of what it means to pursue a life of chaste celibacy, Br. John Mark identifies and expands on four major content areas, including motives for chaste celibacy, theological aspects of celibate chastity, sexual identity, and skills for celibate living. Formation goals and benchmarks for discernment are discussed for each content area, and implications and suggestions for ongoing formation are offered.

2019     248 pages    R575.00

DayByDayWithFaustunaDay By Day with Faustina: 365 Reflections

Susan Tassone

These pages bring you a beautiful collection of spiritual treasures drawn from the celebrated Diary of Catholic visionary and mystic, St. Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938).

2019    416 pages     R310.00







TheHandyLittleGuide ToTheHolySpiritThe Handy Little Guide to the Holy Spirit

Michelle Jones Schroeder

The author wrote this quick-read guide to help you get to know the Holy Spirit intimately. You’ll learn:

How Scripture describes the Third Person of the Trinity; The names of the Holy Spirit; clues to his role in the Trinity; Why we need to get to know the Holy Spirit;  Why we should talk to the Holy Spirit directly; How to recognize and respond to the Holy Spirit’s nudges; How a relationship with the Holy Spirit will change us

Let this book reveal the richness of a relationship with the entire Trinity, and also to help you to be a beacon of light for others.

2019      64 pages     R89.50


FindingA LovingGodInTheMidstOfGriefFinding a Loving God in the Midst of Grief

Susan M. Erschen

Draws from both personal testimonies and religious texts to give inspiration to the reader. The book also contains practical advice on how to overcome the emotional or practical aspects of grief, and a prayer on each topic. The book ends with help in making decisions about what to pass on and what to keep to treasure memories. Readers will be given the confidence to grieve in their own way. Ultimately, they will see grief as a journey that can lead them into a richer spiritual life.

2019    168 pages    R299.50




DogmaAndPreachingDogma and Preaching: Applying Christian Doctrine to Daily Life

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

An unabridged edition of Dogma and Preaching, a work that appeared in a much-reduced form in English, in 1985.  The new book contains twice as much material as first English edition. Joseph Ratzinger provides (1) a theory of preaching for today; (2) application of this theory to some themes for preaching drawn from the Church's dogmas; (3) meditations and sermons based on the liturgical year and the communion of saints; and (4) some thoughts regarding the decade after the Second Vatican and Christianity's seeming irrelevance. Ratzinger insists that sound preaching should rest on three pillars-Dogma, Scripture, and the Church Today, the contemporary situation in which the Church finds herself. He shows that the proper understanding of the Church, her dogmas, the nature of faith, and the contemporary world allow the proclaimer-believer to remain faithful to the Church's mission and life-changing message.

2018     550 pages    R505.00



WeWillFeastWe Will Feast: Rethinking Dinner, Worship, and the Community of God

Kendall Vanderslice

The gospel story is filled with meals. It opens in a garden and ends in a feast. Records of the early church suggest that believers met for worship primarily through eating meals. Over time, though, churches have lost focus on the centrality of food— and with it a powerful tool for unifying Christ’s diverse body. But today a new movement is under way, bringing Christians of every denomination, age, race, and sexual orientation together around dinner tables. Men and women nervous about stepping through church doors are finding God in new ways as they eat together. The author shares stories of churches worshiping around the table, introducing readers to the rising contemporary dinner-church movement. This book provides vision and inspiration to readers longing to experience community in a real, physical way.

2019    176 pages    R373.50

WrestlingWithRestWrestling with Rest: Inviting Youth to Discover the Gift of Sabbath

Nathan T. Stucky

Nathan Stucky shows that rest challenges youth whose identities are rooted in productivity, efficiency, achievement, and accomplishment. For them, the notion of Sabbath grace both appeals and disorients. Yet through the Sabbath, God invites young people into an identity rooted and grounded in the grace, life, and provision of God. This book offers biblical and practical advice for helping youth to discover their God-given identity, in which they can truly find rest.

2019    224 pages    R475.00



SalvationSalvation: What Every Catholic Should Know

Michael Patrick Barber

What does “salvation” mean? In this robust and accessible book, Scripture scholar and theologian Michael Patrick Barber provides a thorough, deeply Catholic, and deeply biblical, answer. He deftly tackles this complex topic, unpacking what the New Testament teaches about salvation in Christ, detailing what exactly salvation is, and what it is not. In easy and readable prose, he explains what the Cross, the Church, and the Trinity have to do with salvation. While intellectually stimulating, Salvation: What Every Catholic Should Know is deeply spiritual, and at its core is the salvific message that God is love, and his love is one of transformation and redemption.

2019    208 pages    R280.00



SavingTheFamilySaving the Family: The Transformative Power of Sharing Meals with People You Love

Fr. Leo Patalinghug

Shows you how to transform your family mealtimes into joyful occasions that even teenagers will love. From hundreds of happy families worldwide, Leo Patalinghug has gathered practical tips that foster gratitude and conviviality at mealtimes. They’ll work in your home, too, strengthening the ties that bind, no matter how emotionally close or distant your family members may presently be. Read these pages to learn how to initiate pleasant mealtime rituals, deal with difficult dinner conversations, and steer your loved ones through the joys and tribulations of everyday life.
2019   160 pages    RR359.50


ForLoveOfMyPeopleFor Love of My People I Will Not Remain Silent: On the Situation of the Church in China

Cardinal Joseph Zen

The relationship of China with the USA and the Catholic Church is in a state of flux. Although what is happening in China has an impact worldwide, it is hard for the non-specialist to grasp what is underway and its significance for the future. There are two Catholic communities in China: the "underground", or unofficial, Church and the official, government-controlled Patriotic Church. Cardinal Joseph Zen is one of the most knowledgeable and credible witnesses to what is happening in China, especially on the relationship between these two communities. He is a courageous defender of the underground Church yet has intimate knowledge of the official Church, in part because he taught in several of its seminaries. It has been recognized—and Pope Francis himself has confirmed—that the historic 2007 letter of Pope Benedict XVI to Catholics in China remains the magna carta of the Church in that country. On the tenth anniversary of this letter, Cardinal Zen gave a series of eight lectures on its origin, drafting process, and final content, and these enlightening talks are presented in this book. In these lectures, Cardinal Zen explains in detail what he considers is now threatening the fundamental principles of the letter—and therefore 'his people'.

2019    153 pages     R280.00

SaintJoseSaint Jose: Boy Cristero Martyr

Fr. Kevin McKenzie

Brings to life the story of St. José Sánchez del Río, a 14 years old boy in Mexico who died a martyr for the Catholic faith during the Cristero War in the 1920s. Tortured and forced to march to his grave, he cried out, "Viva Cristo Rey!" (Long live Christ the King) José died as he had lived, a hero. Inspired by this young martyr to become a priest himself, Father McKenzie spent ten years researching and writing José's story. Canonized in 2016 by Pope Francis, St. José is one of the newest and youngest saints of the Catholic Church, and an inspiration to people from all walks of life. He shows us that our faith is worth fighting and dying for.

2019    160 pages    R195.00


AccidentalFriendsAccidental Friends: Stories from my life in community

Beth Porter

As L’Arche Daybreak and L’Arche Canada approach their 50th anniversary, this beautifully-written memoir tells the inside story of daily life with people with learning disabilities in this unique community. It is full of touching, sometimes amusing, but always life-affirming stories from the life together of Beth Porter, who has been a part of the L’Arche Daybreak community for nearly forty years, and other members of the community, and charts Beth’s own spiritual journey during this time. The book includes a chapter about Henri Nouwen’s time as part of the Daybreak community.

2019    296 pages    R245.00



AllForHerAll for Her: The Autobiography of Father Patrick Peyton, C.S.C.

Patrick Peyton C.S.C

This new edition of Peyton’s biography tells the story of his life and dedication to the Blessed Mother as he discerned his vocation, overcame the obstacles of advanced tuberculosis and lack of education, and became a priest who eventually preached to more than 28 million people worldwide, worked with Hollywood stars, and founded Family Rosary and Family Theatre Productions.

This new edition of Peyton’s autobiography includes black-and-white photos and a new foreword by Holy Cross Family Ministries president Fr. Willy Raymond, C.S.C., reflecting on Peyton’s legacy as a saint for family prayer and his cause for canonization.

2019    384 pages     R375.00

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