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TheSpiritualWay The Spiritual Way: Classic Traditions and Contemporary Practice

Philip Sheldrake

After an introductory chapter on the foundations of Christian spirituality, Sheldrake describes its diverse riches through the centuries in terms of five distinctive types of Christian spiritual wisdom, illustrated by a selection of classical examples. The five types are “The Way of Discipline,” “The Contemplative-Mystical Way,” “The Way of Practical Action,” “The Way of Beauty,” and “The Prophetic Way.” This book also briefly explores the contemporary interest in spirituality within and beyond conventional religion and suggests how we might engage with these five types on our spiritual journeys.

2019    176 pages    R495.00  



MusingsMusings: A Benedictine on Christian Life

Don Talafous

Father Don challenges us and inspires us, sharing his own observations about the joys and sorrows, the gifts and problems, of being human. He writes out of a long life lived by the Rule of Saint Benedict and uses his many years as a teacher and his working knowledge of the Psalms, the Gospel, and the wealth of the whole Christian tradition to help deepen our sense of what it means to be a Christian and a Catholic in today's challenging world..." Carolyn J. Dewald, Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies, Bard College  

2019    224 pages    R395.00




VulnerableAndFree Vulnerable and Free: An Encouragement for Those Sharing in the Life of Jesus

Fr Paul Farren

No matter how successful we may appear, we all come face-to-face with failure and humiliation at some point in our lives. Fr. Farren celebrates these moments of vulnerability, encouraging us to walk through them in the company of Jesus. When we do, these unwelcome experiences can become the very path to wholeness, freedom, and joy.

2019    144 pages    R265.00




EvenThroughI WalkEven Through I Walk: One Woman's Journey of Prayer in the Shadow of Death

Magda Heras and Ignasi Fossas

"To be honest, at this point only two things interest me: my oncologist's advice and if you can teach me to pray."
So began a two-year correspondence between a medical doctor who became a priest, Benedictine monk, and a beloved cardiologist, scientist, mentor, daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend with a newly diagnosed lung tumour. In this book, two spiritual seekers on two different life-paths walk together through the valley of the shadow of death, praying the psalms in joy and anguish, doubt and praise. The letters and conversations shared between Magda and Fr. Ignasi offer deep insights into the very human dynamics of the life-and-death journey we all face.

2019    176 pages    R385.00


AnnunciationAnnunciation: A Call to Faith in a Broken World

Sally Read

Sally Read converted from atheism to Catholicism when her daughter, Flo, was only four years old, but it did not take long for the child to become aware that many friends and relatives did not share her mother's newfound faith. This consciousness of "two worlds" led to a great many doubts in Flo, and some rebellion. Two nights before her First Communion she suddenly questioned whether she should receive the Eucharist. Sensing the precarious nature of faith in an overwhelmingly secular world, Read began writing down the reasons for holding on to both God and Church. Taking the Annunciation as her template, she explored common experiences of the spiritual life as she meditated on each part of the story recorded in the Gospel of Luke. Drawing on Scripture, the saints, and the lives of people, the author shows how God is with us always—even in suffering, spiritual dryness, and depression.

2019    144 pages     R265.00

PsalmsAndOtherSongsPsalms and Other Songs from a Pierced Heart

Patricia Stevenson, RSJ

With this retelling of psalms and other familiar Scripture texts Patricia Stevenson shares the essence of these great prayers in language of today and makes them available to all who seek their help and comfort. The additional prayers are an invitation to witness in these ancient writings a voice that reminds us of the communion that unites the joys and sufferings of people everywhere.

2019    136 pages    R385.00


WhatDoWeDoWithTheBibleWhat Do We Do with the Bible?

Richard Rohr

We believe the Bible has something important to say. How can we read it in a contemplative and intelligent way? In this book Richard Rohr answers just this question. He offers a methodology of hermeneutics (interpretation) that creates a foundation for a hopeful and cosmic vision – incarnation from beginning to end of time. (He explores this vision further in The Universal Christ). In particular, Father Richard focuses on Jesus’ own method of using his Hebrew Scriptures. Jesus read between the lines to find and follow God’s mercy, inclusion, and compassionate justice. For him, everything came down to relationship and transformation.

2019     96 pages     R225.00 HC


BecomeLoveBecome Love: Gradual Growth and Transformation from John to Francis

Larry Kaufmann, CSsR

The author uses the insight of Pope Francis as the key to unlocking the Gospel of John. “Jesus as teacher exercises great patience with his followers,” writes Fr. Kaufmann, “yet he simultaneously challenges them to reach full potential.”

Fr. Kaufmann explores this principle in Jesus’ own teaching in the narratives on Nicodemus; the Samaritan Woman; the woman caught in adultery; the man born blind; and Mary Magdalene, Thomas and Peter after the resurrection.

2019    180 pages     R155.00



ConsciousContactWithGodConscious Contact with God: The Psalms for Addiction and Recovery

Kenneth W. Schmidt

Anew paraphrase of the Psalms that reflects the experience of addiction and living in recovery. It will speak powerfully to anyone who shares those experiences and struggles to find God present in the midst of them. Ideal for personal prayer, reflection, and meditation, as well as for praying and reflecting in groups, these thoughtful and inspiring texts are rich in the vocabulary and vision of the Twelve Steps.

This new resource fills a gap that has unfortunately existed until now for anyone addicted to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, or other substances or experiences. Here they will find compassion, understanding, and strength.

2019    232 pages    R385.00


GodWithUsGod with Us: The Story of Jesus as Told by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

Ricardo Grzona, Roger Quy

The most representative passages to reconstruct the story of Jesus chronologically have been selected to provide a biblically based biography. Questions for discussion and meditation are provided to help you deepen your understanding of Jesus’ teachings and integrate them naturally into daily life.

An invitation to you to read about the acts and words of Jesus from the original source and written in modern language.

2018    260 pages    R189.50



SurprisedByJesusAgainSurprised by Jesus Again: Reading the Bible in Communion with the Saints

Jason Byassee

Drawing on the early church’s theological giants—Origen, Augustine, Gregory the Great, and more from the historical cloud of witnesses, the author models how we can recover ancient Christians’ multiple ways of reading the Bible to our benefit. As Byassee says, God himself is Jewish, Catholic, and Pentecostal—so much larger than our own little corner on the truth—and this book offers readers an enhanced vision of the Bible and of Jesus himself.

2019    200 pages     R425.00


TheBlackChristThe Black Christ   -   25th anniversary Edition

Kelly Brown Douglas

The author offers a portrait of who Jesus is for the Black community. She identifies the Black Christ not strictly in terms of race or theological constructs. The “Blackness” of Christ has more to do with commitment to Black freedom than appearance.
Beginning with the early testimonies of the enslaved, through the writings and thought of religious and literary figures, voices from the Civil Rights and Black Power era, through the contemporary work of Black and Womanist theologians, Douglas presents a living tradition that speaks powerfully to the message of our day: Black Lives Matter. In a new introduction, she offers an account of the questions that motivated her work, and an overview of where those questions have since led her.

2019    176 pages    R365.00


liturgyAndIdentityLiturgy & Identity

Roderick Hewitt & Lilian Cheelo Siwila

When liturgy and identity fail to find equilibrium then human existence becomes schizophrenic because liturgical construct and practice do not function in harmony. This text addresses some of the urgent issues that emerge from the African continental and diasporic hybrid context. The chapters assemble scholarly voices that examine the subject with the objective of postulating transformative liturgical praxis that emerges from African indigenous roots.

2018     213 pages     R167.50


O YouthYouArePreciousO Youth You Are Precious

A.Johm Baptist M. David Stanly Kumar

The articles presented in this book are, in a way, the road map of the Synod of Bishops on the youth. They spell out the urgency and need for a modernized youth ministry and youth catechesis. The first section elucidates the concern of the Church towards the youth mainly from the teachings of the Church.
The second section highlights the biblical perspectives on youth by presenting various biblical role models and vocation narratives. The third section deals with youth ministry and biblical spirituality for youth. The articles such as ‘Role of Prayer,’ ‘Faith and Faith Crisis in the Life of Youth’ and ‘Youth and Media’ are very much related to the existential issues that the youth face today. It will enable the readers to understand the importance of youth in the mission of the Church.

2019    178 pages    R95.00


GoForthGo Forth: Toward a Community of Missionary Disciples

Pope Francis With Commentary by William P. Gregory

Drawn from Francis’s speeches, homilies, and other writings, “Go Forth” makes it clear that the missionary reform of the church is the integrating theme of his papacy. Simply put, Pope Francis is a missionary pope who is calling the church to follow its true missionary calling.

2019    240 pages    R325.00





HarmHealingAndHumanDignityHarm, Healing, and Human Dignity: A Catholic Encounter with Restorative Justice

Caitlin Morneau

A faith formation resource to help parishes, small groups, and individual believers reflect on the Catholic call to restorative justice. Through Scripture, Catholic teaching, eye-opening statistics, and personal stories, each chapter prompts prayerful consideration of the place of human dignity and the common good as we respond to harm, violence, and the death penalty in the United States.
Prepared in cooperation with the highly regarded Catholic Mobilizing Network for the Abolition of the Death Penalty, Harm, Healing, and Human Dignity will help Catholics consider what it means to choose hope over death and redemption over vengeance. It's a choice that can foster healing, transform relationships, and build the culture of life to which our Catholic faith calls us.

2019    80 pages    R165.00


ModelsOfPriestlyFormationModels of Priestly Formation: Assessing the Past, Reflecting on the Present, and Imagining the Future

Editors: Declan Marmion, Michael Mullaney, and Salvador Ryan

Experts on the topic consider priestly formation since Vatican II, explore current best practices internationally, and imagine what the future of such formation might look like. The book is an essential reference for every person involved in priestly formation and for anyone interested in understanding better how it is carried out and how those who do it think about their task.

2019     216 pages     R575.00




TotalParishDevelopmentTotal Parish Development: Understanding, Organizing and Implementing Your Plan for an Engaged Catholic Community

Frank Donaldson

The greatest challenge is setting up a successful Catholic Parish Development system, one that will invite and involve people. Donaldson shows us the way to build that system. He begins with the basics: understanding the difference between development, stewardship, and evangelization. He encourages us to rethink the way we welcome and engage people, and he offers an organizational planning process—grounded in real parish. Filled with practical ideas, lessons, tips, and tools, this book is an essential resource for everyone involved in building a vibrant Catholic parish today.

2019    176 pages    R345.00


Marketing GodMarketing God: Inspired Strategies for Building the Kingdom 

Donna A. Heckler

A course meant for Catholic parishes, dioceses, religious orders, Catholic organizations, start-ups, apostolates, and anyone who is passionate about their Christian faith and looking for ways to share it effectively. The author offers her winning strategies and insights to faith-based organizations to help them build their messages that are relevant, meaningful, and true.

2019    184 pages    R285.00




HowChangeComesToYourChurchHow Change Comes to Your Church: A Guidebook for Church Innovations

Patrick Keifert, Wesley Granberg-Michaelson

draws on the practical experience, stories, and examples from two experienced church leaders. Patrick Keifert and Wesley Granberg-Michaelson have helped scores of congregations as well as larger denominational organizations identify key elements that are a necessary part of transformational change.
Rather than a superficial approach with a simplistic formula, How Change Comes to Your Church focuses on the important work of changing church culture, with innovative spiritual practices that establish the foundation for durable, missional change.

2019   160 pages    R345.00



InTheMyserysShadowIn the Mystery's Shadow:

Reflections on Caring for the Elderly and Dying

Susan Swetnam

The author draws on her experience serving thousands of ill and dying clients. She explains how this sometimes difficult work offers not just the fulfilment of giving comfort to people who need it, but also moments of breath taking wonder. She writes of the hard lessons caregivers learn about themselves, while at the same time knowing the humbling sense of being used in the service of God's love. Swetnam invites those who care for the sick and dying to stay awake to the sacred implications of their labours.

2019    168 pages    R295.00


SixJarsOfLoveSix Jars of Love: Loving attitudes to help Married Couples Reconnect

John and Teri Bosio

Taking inspiration from Cana, where Jesus turned six jars of plain water into exquisite wine, John and Teri Bosio suggest six key aspects of married love that are essential to building a meaningful life together. These moving stories and very down-to-earth reflections are steeped in Scripture and the seven sacraments to help couples discover how Christ can guide them to the lifelong love their two hearts long for.

2019    144 pages    R329.50




A BookOfSaintsForCatholicMomsA Book of Saints for Catholic Moms: 52 Companions for your Heart, Minds, Body, and Soul

Lisa M. Hendey

Hendey, founder of the award-winning shares her passion for the saints by introducing fifty-two holy companions as guides for the amazing vocation of Catholic motherhood.

Guided by the example of the saints, Hendey links personal stories, scripture, prayer, and exercises into a spiritually rich and deeply practical resource for Catholic women. This edition includes a new preface and cover and is updated with information about saints canonized since the first edition.

2019     352 pages    R345.00



TheBookOfSaintsForCatholicMomsThe Book of Saints for Catholic Moms: Nurturing Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul

Lisa M. Hendey

Hendey’s resource, has helped new parents balance and integrate the deeply personal needs of their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls with the demands of family life and faith commitment. Since the first edition was published in 2010, it’s become an indispensable resource for two generations of Catholic moms, offering a unique perspective on all aspects of life and honest advice from fellow moms on topics ranging from marriage and finances to stress management and parish life.

2019    256 pages     R325.00




TheGiftOfBirthThe Gift of Birth: Discerning God's Presence During Childbirth  

Susan Windley-Daoust

Is the process of giving birth a medical problem to be solved, a hurdle to be overcome on the way to motherhood . . . or is it something more? Could it be, as the author proposes, that giving birth is a gift from God, laden with signs that speak to women about their identity, their calling, and their destiny? If so, then learning to read those embodied signs during pregnancy and labour could transform the way women experience childbirth. These signs reveal that God is not only powerfully present in the whole birthing process, but desires to actively work with women to bring forth new life.

2019    176 pages    R225.00



67WaysToDoTheWorksOfMercyWithYourKids67 Ways to Do the Works of Mercy with Your Kids

Heidi Indakl

Heidi Indahl provides parents with a roadmap for teaching kids the value (and rewards!) of Christian service by doing it with them. In these pages, you’ll find dozens of ideas for how families can serve others, organized by type of service and age, with low-cost and easy activities flagged. Additional articles address:

- the biblical foundations of Christian service in the corporal works of mercy, and its development in Church
- common barriers to family service, and how to overcome them; strategies for building a culture of service at
  home; ways to talk about tough issues with kids;
- and how to build on kids’ positive experience of Christian service through intentional reflection.

2019    96 pages    R227.50

JourneyInLoveJourney in Love: A Catholic Mother’s Prayers after Penatal Diagnosis

Kathryn Anne Casey

In this book you will find a sensitive, supportive resource from an author who knows this suffering first hand. Kathryn walks with you through the stages of grief, helps you to pray even when you feel you cannot, sheds new light on the comfort and grace of the Church’s traditional prayers, and provides meditations tied to the liturgical year.

2019    104 pages    R95.00


TeilhardsStruggleTeilhard’s Struggle: Embracing the Work of Evolution

Kathleen Duffy

The Jesuit scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin developed a unique understanding of the role of struggle and conflict in evolution—whether in the material or on the spiritual plane. He laboured to integrate the insights of evolution with his Catholic faith, and experienced ongoing conflicts with authorities in the church in response to his writings. Through a study of Teilhard’s letters and biographies, Kathleen Duffy explores the major struggles that he experienced in his roles as scientist, priest, mystic, friend, and member of the church.

2019    148 pages    R465.00




EmbracingWeaknessEmbracing Weakness: The Unlikely Secret to Changing the World 

Shannon K. Evans

Shannon K. Evans spent a good portion of her life denying that she was weak. Like many Christians, she was concerned with living a moral life, sticking to religious absolutes, holding leadership positions, and working on service projects. And then the truth of her inner brokenness smacked her in the face, first through her work as a missionary, and afterward through motherhood.

This book is a story of vulnerability, of how one woman learned that before she could respond to the weakness of others, she must first accept her own weakness as a gift, revealed in the Incarnation and Passion of Christ.

2019    128 pages    R289.50

KnowThyselfKnow Thyself: The Imperfectionist's Guide to Sorting Your Stuff 

Lisa Lawmaster Hess

The author is going to let you in on a secret: that doesn’t work. Why? Because you have been chasing one-size-fits-all solutions. But you are not a one-size-fits-all person. You’re unique. An effective way to discover your personal and organizational styles, and will help you own your style. You’ll take what you might have thought was a flaw and learn how to make it a strength. Lisa’s help, will guide you toward an organization method you can really stick with.

2019    192 pages    R325.00




BecomingWomenOfTheWorldBecoming Women of the World

Sarah Christmyer

Breaking open the scriptures to reveal the historical, cultural, and biblical context in which Old Testament women lived, Sarah Christmyer breathes new life into their stories and makes their lives surprisingly relatable.  In the process, she shares stories from her own faith journey and the lives of family and friends to show how the same principles that turned ordinary women into heroines of the faith are true for our lives today.

2019    160 pages    R292.50

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