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LearningToPrayLearning to Pray: A Guide for Everyone

James Martin, SJ

Explains what prayer is, what to expect from praying, how to do it, and how it can transform us when we make it a regular practice in our lives. A guide walking beside us as we navigate our unique spiritual paths, Martin lays out the different styles and traditions of prayer throughout Christian history and invites us to experiment and discover which works best to feed our soul and build intimacy with our Creator. Father Martin makes clear there is not one secret formula for praying. However, like any relationship, each person can discover the best style for building an intimate relationship with God, regardless of religion or denomination.

2021    400 pages    R595.00


GazingOnHisFaceGazing on His Face: A Christ-Centered Spirituality

Robin Ryan

Approaches the mystery of Christ ‘s person and saving work by reflecting on a number of titles for Christ that have been ascribed to him in the Christian tradition. These titles include Friend, Healing Presence of God, Caller of Disciples, Bread of Life, Good Shepherd, Priest, Brother, Prince of Peace, and Good Samaritan. Each title can serve as a window through which we can contemplate the mystery of the one whom Christians confess to be Lord and Savior.

2020    128 pages    R270.00



40DaysWithGod40 Days with God: Time Out to Journey through the Bible

Kent Hickey

Is about being with God in short time and tight spaces. The journey is taken through and with the Bible, 40 reflections based on 40 passages from Scripture, starting with Genesis and ending with Revelation. For the prayerful reader, it is an opportunity to carve out God-space and God-time, a pilgrimage with God, toward God.

2021    144 pages     R385.00




TToYouAllHeartsAreOpen1o You All Hearts Are Open: Revitalizing the Church's Pattern of Asking God

Scot McKnight

Begins with the Collects of the Book of Common Prayer –prayers that have been used by Christians for centuries, are rooted in the Catholic tradition of prayer, and are deeply biblical. These prayers common to churches of nearly every denomination illustrate five elements of prayer itself: addressing God, asking God, reminding God of how God has acted in the past, expecting God to answer, and accessing God through Christ. They are the Bible’s pattern of petitioning God, which McKnight seeks to rediscover a path to relationship and true conversation with God.

2021   128 pages    R355.00



MeditationsAfterHolyCommunionMeditations after Holy Communion: Guided Meditations for Every Sunday and Other Holy Days

Fr. Edward Looney

Each meditation introduces you to a topic for reflection and provides points to ponder and a short prayer. These meditations are helpful in those moments when you return to your pew, recollect after Mass, or enter into prayer with your family. This book is sure to reinforce your belief in the Real Presence and teach you how to ponder and pray to our Eucharistic Lord. Truly, Christ is present in the Eucharist.

2021    176 pages    R345.00

30DaysOnStewardship30 Days on Stewardship: Reflections and Inspiration on Sharing God's Gifts

Leisa Anslinger

All you are, have, and will be is God’s gift and is entrusted to you. You are called to steward it very well. This booklet will help you explore the varied dimensions of this deeply spiritual way of life. With these words, Anslinger begins this guide to authentic stewardship, a model for re-imagining and re-focusing our lives as disciples. She opens our eyes to all the ways we may already be serving, how much more we will find ourselves able to do, and how a life of stewardship can enrich our lives.

2019    32 page    R55.00



PrayerTheBreathOfNewLifePrayer: The Breath of New Life  

Pope Francis

Pope Francis teaches that prayer is the "heartbeat of the Church" and our "yes" to an encounter with God While we are not always conscious of our breath, we can never stop breathing, because this is the source of our physical life. In the same way, prayer is the source — the very breath — of our spiritual life. Each time we pray, we encounter God and come to share more fully in his life.

2020    144.pages    R345.00




TheAdventureThe Adventure: Living Out Your Relationship with God (Catholic Edition)

Chris Patterson

Is your guide to the adventure God is calling you to live. It includes getting to know God, why having a relationship with him matters, and how to become friends with him. You will learn how he talks to you, how you can talk to him, how you can do things with him, and how we connect with him and one another through the sacraments and the Church.

2020    176 pages     R339.50




BelieveCelebrateLivePrayBelieve Celebrate Live Pray: A Weekly Walk with the Catechism

Jem Sullivan Ph.D.

Is a way to grow in faith by meditating, over fifty-two weeks, on the four pillars of the Catechism. This guide will help you apply the teachings of the Catechism to your daily life. Each weekly reading includes a quote from the Catechism and an invitation to apply that wisdom to your life. Each one is illuminated by anecdotes, stories, sacred art, the liturgical year, and the lives of the saints.

2020    224 pages     R339.50





HowTheQuranInterpretsTheBibleHow the Qur'an Interprets the Bible: Comparing Islamic, Jewish, and Christian Scriptures

John Kaltner, Christopher G. Frechette

The Bible and the Qur’an are arguably the most frequently cited and most misunderstood books in history. This book treats an important element of their commonality by exploring how the Qur’an offers new interpretations of some of the characters and stories it shares with the Bible.

2020    226 pages     R540.00





LettersToTheJohannineCircleLetters to Johannine Circle

Moloney Francis

The study is an up-to-date simple commentary upon the Johannine Letters that engages with contemporary discussions of a Johannine community, its literature, the world it addressed, and the questions they pose to the contemporary Christian.

2020    104 pages    R360.00


BreathedIntoWholeness1Breathed into Wholeness: Catholicity and Life in the Spirit

Mary Frohlich

“Catholicity” is a concept that aims to encompass this entire dynamic of whole-making and diversifying. The theological reference of this term has primarily been to the ecclesial community. In this book, the author explores its application to our spiritual lives, that is, how each of us strives to construct a life that bears both the integrity of ultimate wholeness and the dynamism of real-life change, pluralism, and differentiation.

2019    256 pages    R495.00


MyBodyGivenForYouMy Body Given for You: History and Theology of the Eucharist

Helmut Hoping

Hoping combines the approaches of dogmatic theology and liturgy while examining the Eucharist from an historical and systematic perspective. The second German edition of this major work, which this new English translation is taken from, was revised and expanded, adding a comparative analysis of the Second Eucharistic Prayer and a chapter on the theology of the words of institution.

2019   556 pages    R645.00




WorkLovePlayWork Play Love: How the Mass Changed the Life of the First Christians (Volume 1)

Mike Aquilina

The Mass was the reality most essential to the life of believers, and it deeply affected everything they did. In this book Mike Aquilina shows how the Eucharist shaped three basic dimensions of life for the early Christians

2020    128 pages    R275.00





WordMadeFleshWord Made Flesh: A Companion to the Sunday Readings (Cycle B)

Christopher West

One of the most influential and fastest movements in the Church today is centred on St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, of whose teachings Christopher West is the preeminent translator for a popular audience. In Word Made Flesh: A Companion to the Sunday Readings (Cycle B), West offers reflections on an entire cycle of Sunday Mass readings through the lens of TOB, providing a fresh way to process and act on the Good News by orienting our desires for union with God with our understanding of ourselves and our relationships with others.

2020    128 pages    R199.50


WomenIconsOfChristWomen: Icons of Christ

Phyllis Zagano

Women: Icons of Christ traces the history of ministry by women, especially those ordained as deacons. The author demonstrates how women were removed from leadership, prevented from using their voices, and eliminated from official ministries in the life of the Church. In addition, she refutes arguments against restoring women to the ordained diaconate.

2020    172 pages    R270.00




 WhatToSayAndHowToSayItWhat to Say and How to Say It: Discuss Your Catholic Faith with Clarity and Confidence

Brandon Vogt

Offers tools for articulating even the most contentious aspects of your Catholic faith with clarity and confidence. This book is based on the content of Brandon Vogt's ClaritasU--an online community which helps Catholics to understand the Church's teachings on critical topics, to anticipate the common objections to those issues, and to know how to respond in a persuasive way. Vogt gives readers the tools to discuss these topics, which dip into the Church's moral, theological, and philosophical teachings. The book provides talking points for explaining Catholic teaching in the areas of atheism, same-sex marriage, the Eucharist, the problem of suffering, the veracity of the gospels.

2020    256 pages    R325.00


WeGrowInFaithWe Grow in Faith

Clark Connie

Based on a popular prayer practice by St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Examen is a way to reflect on God’s presence in your day and a powerful tool to encourage your spiritual GROWTH: God Begin by placing yourself in God s presence. Review Revisit your day with God s help. Here you will find some basic questions to help you look back at your day and seek peace. Observe Look at your reactions and how you felt about the events of day. What can I learn? Ask the Holy Spirit to show you one event from your day. Tomorrow pray for help to grow and experience an even better tomorrow. Heart and Soul Jot down anything that is in your heart or on your mind.

2020    24 pages    R55.00


WeGrowInLoveWe Grow in Love

Carlson Constance

The little booklet is all about how you can grow in friendship with God. Having a friend is wonderful, and God is our very best friend. Talking to God each day helps your friendship GROW: God is with you as you read a short prayer that will help you connect with God. Review your day and think about where you saw or felt God. Observe how you felt at different times during your day. What did I learn as I encountered God today? Based on a prayer called the Examen a popular practice from St. Ignatius of Loyola taking time to talk to God each day is an amazing way to grow in faith, love, and friendship!

2020   24 pages    R55.00

BeingCatholicBeing Catholic

Suzie Andres

Focuses on those doctrines, customs, traditions, and practices which have been, for centuries, at the very heart of Catholic faith and practice.

2020   224 pages    R495.00


RenewingCatholicFamilyLifejpgRenewing Catholic Family Life: Experts Explore New Directions in Family Spirituality and Family Ministry

Gregory K. Popcak PhD

Readers will discover not only the challenges facing faithful families, but practical responses to those challenges, including the outline of the Liturgy of Domestic Church Life, a new model of family spirituality that allows families to bring Jesus home and experience the faith as the source of warmth in their homes.

2020    488 pages    R 595.00


CompleaintsOfSaintsComplaints of the Saints Perfect

Mary Lea Hill FSP

Shares some of the saints' responses to suffering. The witty anecdotes and wisdom Sr. Hill shares are both consoling and relatable, teaching us that the saints experienced the same emotions and feelings we do in the face of hardship. After all, the saints used their human nature, faults, and even complaints, to help them grow closer to God.

2020    208 pages    R255.00

MonthBy MonthWithMaryMonth by Month with Mary

Guido Gandolfo SSP

Living the year with Mary is a fruitful and grace-filled practice, and this book is an exceptional guide for those looking to begin or strengthen their devotion to Mary. Fr. Guido Gandolfo's monthly meditations help Catholics view the year, and their lives, in a completely new light.

2020   144 page    R220.00

SaintsSaints: Becoming an Image of Christ Every Day of the Year

Dawn Marie Beutner

Contains short biographies of multiple saints for every day of the year, including an intercessory prayer to each saint. This helps the reader to learn about, and pray with, the numerous saints of the Church. This collection also provides wonderful resource information to learn more about individual saints, inspiring quotes from saints, and detailed explanations of Catholic terms that often befuddle us. The saints in this collection come from every period in his- tory, countries, age ranges, and vocations. They show us that holiness truly is a path open to all who seek to follow Jesus.

2020    548 pages    R495.00



WheatAndTaresWheat and Tares: Restoring the Moral Vision of a Scandalized Church

Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ

Fr. Pacwa brings consolation to all those who have been abused, wounded, or scandalized by the wickedness of priests and bishops. He takes you on a reassuring exploration of the Gospels to show how Christ anticipated the sins of the clergy and the hierarchy and gives us examples of how to deal with them spiritually emotionally, rationally, and practically. Fr. Mitch reinforces what Christ's parables teach us: that good and evil will co-exist in the Church, and that spiritual blindness will affect the moral life of the clergy and the lay faithful alike. The solution, he says, lies in the power of Jesus Death and Resurrection and the Apostles response to the Risen Lord: authentic conversion to faith in Jesus, which reorients our lives toward selfless service of others

2020    256 page    R445.00


TheSupremeVocationOfWomenThe Supreme Vocation of Women: According to St. John Paul II

Melissa Maleski

St. John Paul II propelled the Church into a new era of fruitful contemplation about the dignity and value of women. But his final contribution to that topic may be his most profound. Just months before he passed into eternity, he summed up his decades of teaching on the topic: To you, women, falls the task of being sentinels of the Invisible! Melissa drawing on the works of John Paul II and on those of the Church Fathers but also on the example of holy women in the Bible plus the Blessed Virgin Mary and the many female saints of the Church, offers insights into the fundamental strengths and habits that distinguish womanhood as a particular way of being human, while giving authentic witness to the divine image of our Creator.

2020    160 pages     R345.00


A ChurchInCrisisA Church in Crisis: Pathways Forward

Ralph Martin

In A Church in Crisis: Pathways Forward, Martin offers a detailed look at the growing hostility to the Catholic Church and its teaching. With copious evidence, Martin uncovers the forces working to undermine the Body of Christ and offers hope to those looking for clarity

2020    536 pages     R659.50




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