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IgnatianSpirituality AToZ

Ignatian Spirituality A to Z

Jim Manney

Jim Manney has provided a brief, informative guide to key concepts of Ignatian spirituality and essential characters and events in Jesuit history. The lexicon format allows readers to find terms quickly, and the concise descriptions are ideal for those new to the Ignatian story.

2018    300pages    R215.00



Called: Becoming an Everyday Disciple in a Post-Christian World—A Five-Week Guide

Kevin Cotter

In this five-week guide to becoming a daily disciple of Jesus in a post-Christian culture, Kevin Cotter presents thirty-five meditations that provide Catholics with the conviction and tools for sharing Jesus with others. Called is a guide to evangelization for the average Catholic.

2018    192 pages    R225.00


AnInvitationToLoveAn Invitation to Love: A Personal Retreat on the Great Commandment

William A. Barry, SJ

A sequence of prayer sessions on the commandment of the Christian faith: to love God and love our neighbour. All other aspects of a healthy life grow from our practices of love.

When we experience God’s love for us, we can respond with a growing love for God. Loving God will transform us into people who can love our neighbours.

2018    274 pages    R210.00


Only Love Creates: The Spiritual Works of Mercy

Fabio Rosini

Fr. Rosini says, we no longer know what mercy is – and mercy is more essential than ever before. We confuse mercy with generic compassion, forgiveness, or acceptance.

But mercy is something completely different. It is an act, a work, a knowledge, a care, the fruit of a relationship with other people. It springs up from one’s relationship with God.

.2019    162 pages      R285.00

Practical HolinessPractical Holiness: Pope Francis as Spiritual Companion

Albert Haase OFM

With anecdotes about people and stories about saints, this exploration of Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation, this book reminds you that there is no cookie-cutter approach to holiness and encourages you to rediscover your way of living out the Beatitudes and Jesus’s command of love.

2019     160 pages     R295



SoulSeeingSoul Seeing: Light, Love, Forgiveness

Michael Leach and Friends

Drawn from the spirituality column "Soul Seeing," these 56 first-person accounts reveal the kindness in familiar faces, the divine in unexpected places, the sweetness in the sad, and the power in brokenness.

Among the writers included are: Richard Rohr, Joyce Rupp, Patrick T. Reardon, Brian Doyle, Mary DeTurris Poust, Michael Morwood, Sue Stanton, Heidi Russell, and Michael Leach.

2018    280 pages    R289.50


TheCompassionConnectionThe Compassion Connection: Recovering Our Original Oneness

Catherine T. Nerney

The author, a Sister of St. Joseph, guides the reader on a narrative journey through and toward compassion for our fellow human beings, emphasizing our connectedness rather than our perceived differences.

This volume invites all to tear down walls of fear, certainty, and privilege, and to surrender to God’s compassionate heart as it beats in our broken world.

2018    232 pages    R365.00



RaymondBrownAndCatholicBiblicalRenewalRaymond E. Brown and the Catholic Biblical Renewal

Donald Senior, CP;

Biblical scholar Donald Senior has written an analytical and critical biography of one of greatest biblical scholars of the 20th century that locates him within the the Catholic biblical renewal. Exploring the life of Raymond Brown is also to be plunged into one of the most remarkable periods in the history of the Catholic Church.

Brown’s exceptional gifts and his formative experiences explain a lot about his future professional life and the impact it had on the Catholic Church. At the same time, tracking the evolution of his publications and his reflections on his methodology illumines the struggle within Roman Catholicism to absorb historical critical methods of studying the Bible, while attempting at the same time to maintain Catholic tradition and doctrine.

2018    332 pages    R510.00

TheBiblicalNamesOfJesusThe Biblical Names of Jesus: Beautiful, Powerful Portraits of Christ

Paul Thigpen, Ph.D.

Dives deep into Scripture from Genesis to Revelation to illuminate the many names of Jesus found therein and explain how each one reveals something new and essential about Our Lord.

This book is an engrossing trek through Scripture spanning the entire Bible, focusing on the typologies of Jesus through 18 of his unique names.

2018    252 pages    R345.00



GodWithUsGod with Us: The Story of Jesus as Told by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

Roger Quy, Ricardo Grzona

The most representative passages to reconstruct the story of Jesus chronologically have been selected to provide a biblically based biography— from the announcement of his birth to his resurrection.

Questions for discussion and meditation are provided to help you deepen your understanding of Jesus’ teachings and integrate them into daily life.

2018     238 pages     R189.59


TheTenGreenCommandmentsThe Ten Green Commandments of Laudato Sí

Joshtrom Kureethadam

Fr. Joshtrom provides a passionate, commentary on its key ideas and themes. Faithfully attentive to the outline of the six chapters of the encyclical, Fr. Joshtrom has also arranged the book according to the see-judge-act methodology that is used in spirituality, moral theology, and the social sciences.

2019    240 pages    R445.00




VirtueAndTheologcalEthicsVirtue and Theological Ethics: Toward a Renewed Ethical Method

Todd A. Salzman, Michael G. Lawler

Salzman and Lawler draw upon foundational insights from virtue and theological ethics to propose a Catholic ethical methodological schema for the twenty-first century. Discussing topics such as natural law, conscience, and human dignity, the authors show how their new method may be used to treat issues of human sexuality in light of Catholic social teaching.

2018    248 pages    R475.00



LonelinessLoneliness: Insights for Healing in a Fragmented World

Gerald Arbuckle

This book of practical theology sheds welcome light into a dark corner of the individual and collective psyche and is a resource for anyone seeking to understand the pervasive loneliness of our times. Utilizing insights from anthropology, theology, psychology, and philosophy, Arbuckle explores the cultural causes of loneliness in both individuals and societies. Topics include the founding mythology of the United States—with its emphasis on individualism to the detriment of the common good—and poverty as a catalyst for loneliness.

2018    264 pages    R375.00


SaintsOnSundaySaints on Sunday: Voices from Our Past Enlivening Our Worship

Gail Ramshaw

The author, listening to twenty-four sainted voices, proposes how our past might enliven our future. Characterized by rigorous scholarship, her essays suggest ways to enrich the gathering, word, meal, and sending of our assemblies on Sunday.

2018    200 pages    R359.50




TheLiturgyLiturgy: The Source and Summit of Our Christian Life

Laughlin Corinna

This resource explores what it means to call liturgy “source and summit.” It will help the Catholic faithful to understand the meaning of the liturgy and its importance to our life of faith, experience Christ’s four-fold presence in the various Church rites, come to a deeper relationship with God, and reflect on the transforming power of the liturgy to change the world.

2018     80 pages      R145.00



ScripturalBackgroundsForTheSundayLectionaryScripture Backgrounds for the Sunday Lectionary, Year C: A Resource for Homilists

Mary A. Ehle; Peg Ekerdt; Marielle Frigge, osb; Jean Marie Hiesberger; Biagio Mazza; Mary M. Mcglone, csj; Abbot Gregory J. Polan, osb; Denise Simeone; George Smiga; Paul Turner

Provides commentary on the Lectionary readings for Year C (including the Responsorial Psalm) for Sundays, holydays of obligation, and feasts and solemnities that may occur on a Sunday.

It offers historical background on each of the readings and underscores their relevance to life today. Thematically related quotations from major Church documents are included with each Scripture background to provide connections to Church teaching.

2018    208 pages    R329.50



PastoralLeadershipPastoral Leadership: Best Practices for Church Leaders

Dan R. Ebener

The premise of this book is that the Church needs leadership. In most places, the Church is over-managed and under-led. To turn this around, we need clergy to: 1. Provide more leadership and less management themselves.  2. Develop the leadership potential of the laity.

We need lay people to step up to lead and to manage. If the Church is to become more alive, we need lay people to step up and lead change as well. 

2018    120 pages     R425.00


AddictionAndPastoralCareAddiction and Pastoral Care

Sonia E. Waters

Sonia Waters weaves together personal stories, research, and theological reflection to offer helpful tools for ministers, counsellors, chaplains, and anyone else called to care pastorally for those struggling with addiction.

2019   232 pages   R485.00




CatholicBioethicsAndSocialJusticeCatholic Bioethics and Social Justice: The Praxis of US Health Care in a Globalized World

Editors: M. Therese Lysaught and Michael McCarthy

Brings the lens of CST to bear on Catholic health care, illuminating a new spectrum of ethical issues and practical recommendations from social determinants of health, immigration, diversity and disparities, behavioural health, gender-questioning patients, and environmental and global health issues.

2019    458 pages   745.00



PastoralChallengesAndConcernPastoral Challenges and Concerns

Brendan Geary and Others

Deals with issues of abuse, addiction and difficult behaviour and is a revision and expansion of The Christian Handbook of Abuse, Addiction and Difficult Behaviour. Each subject is treated by an expert using language that is understood by the non-expert reader. This new edition has enabled the authors and editors to bring their contributions right up-to-date, where appropriate with research that has taken place since the first edition.

2018    488 pages     R449.50



PopeFrancisOnGoodGovernancePope Francis on Good Governance & Accountability in Africa

Elias Omondi Opongo, sj

Brings together articles from different authors who have diverse experiences in peacebuilding. The discussions draw attention to the vital role of good governance in political structures and also notes that the church has a prophetic role to play as she is invited to stewardship of herself and others in the concrete realization in history of God's will of abundant life for humans and for the entire cosmos.

Further, the articles underline the importance of engaging the youth in social transformation processes while empowering them with the necessary skills for gainful employment. Political leadership and good governance ought to be grounded on sustainable economic structures, human rights, citizen participation, accountability, reconciliation and the love of God.

2018    295 pages    R245.00

WhatIsTheMissionOfTheChurchWhat Is the Mission of the Church?: A Guide for Catholics  -  Revised and Expanded Edition

Roger P. Schroeder

In this essential guide to the “who, what, where, and why” of mission and its meaning for the local and universal Church, r Schroeder offers an inspiring overview of mission. In clear language, he distils the essentials of Scripture, the lessons of history, and church teaching since Vatican II. This edition has been thoroughly revised and expanded to reflect the mission vision of Pope Francis.

2018    192 pages    R375.00



ArguingReligion Arguing Religion: A Bishop Speaks at Facebook and Google

Robert Barron

Every day, millions of people fight about religion. Whether with friends, family, or on social media, we expend lots of energy, and lots of strong feelings. But very few know how to have a good religious argument—a rational, respectful, and productive exchange of differing views.

Bishop Robert Barron, one of the leading Catholic figures and among the most active on social media, has enjoyed thousands of fruitful religious arguments. In this book based on talks delivered at Facebook and Google, he explains why religion at its best opens up the searching mind, and how we all can share better discussions about God.

2018    122 pages     R355.00


ParentingForwardParenting Forward: How to Raise Children with Justice, Mercy, and Kindness

Cindy Wang Brandt

Brandt equips Christian parents to model a way of following Jesus that has an outward focus, putting priority on loving others, avoiding judgment, and helping those in need. She shows how parents must work on dismantling their own racial, cultural, gender, economic, and religious biases in order to avoid passing them on to their children.

“By becoming aware of the complex ways we participate in systems of inequality or hierarchy,” she says, “we begin to resist systemic injustice ourselves, empower our children, and change our communities.”

 2019    176 pages     R345.00

NeverAloneNever Alone - Women's Bible Study Participant Guide

Tiffany Bluhm

Tiffany Bluhm reveals the healing power of Jesus’ unconditional love for us through a refreshing look at encounters He had with six women in the Gospels: Each life-changing encounter reveals a compassionate Redeemer who offers hope, second chances, and grace-giving love—helping us to recognize and embrace our own value as well as our indispensable role in the Kingdom.

With teaching and sharing from her own life and the lives of others, Tiffany invites us to find healing for our deepest hurts as we experience the companionship of Jesus.

2018    224 pages    R295.00


ThePracticeOfFindingThe Practice of Finding: How Gratitude Leads the Way to Enough

Holly W. Whitcomb

Holly Whitcomb presents the spiritual practice of finding as the antidote to chronic seeking and as the doorway to a grateful awareness of having received enough.

She reflects on wisdom distilled by the “finders”—poets, playwrights, psychologists, and theologians—and derived from her own experience. When we engage in finding, we recognize with humility and wonder that the universe contains possibilities beyond our power to imagine.

2019    160 pages     R365.00


LoveInTheWorldLove the World

David Adam

Opens by looking at the beginning of the universe, then moves on to the earth’s atmosphere, the miracle of water and things that we often take for granted but are essential for our health and happiness.

It focuses on our relationship with the world and encourages us to reflect on what really matters. We are not created out of nothing but out of love.

2018    160 pages     R225.00



DetachedDetached: Put Your Phone in Its Place 

T.J. Burdick

The issue isn’t technology itself. The issue is the attachment we have to technology. Former tech addict T.J. Burdick shows you how, in just 21 days, you can find a happier and holier life when you learn to control your phone, rather than letting it control you.

Detached is a spiritual retreat, inviting you to read, reflect, and take actions to strengthen your personal and spiritual life, while decreasing the time you feel your “need” to spend on your phone.

2018    152 pages     R295.00


SmileOfJoySmile of Joy: Mary of Nazareth

Thomas G. Casey, SJ

Here is an entry into Mary’s inner life, based on what is said about her in the New Testament, showing how this compassionate woman can provide an example for us in our Christian lives.  A number of the Mysteries of the Rosary are also present in this book.

2018    104 pages    R189.50




FromFireByWaterFrom Fire, by Water: My Journey to the Catholic Faith

Sohrab Ahmari

Ahmari was a teenager living under the Iranian ayatollahs when he decided that there is no God. Nearly two decades later, he would be received into the Roman Catholic Church. He recounts this passage, from the Marxism and atheism of a youth misspent on both sides of the Atlantic to a moral and spiritual awakening prompted by the Mass.

At once a young intellectual’s finely crafted self-portrait and a life story at the intersection of the great ideas and events of our time, the book marks the debut of a new Catholic voice.

2019    240 pages    R375.00


A CryIsHeardA Cry Is Heard: My Path to Peace

Jean Vanier

Vanier's account of his life revolves around 'encountering difference and working constantly to build bridges not walls: this is the path of peace.' Indeed, says Vanier, 'A path to unity, fellowship and peace is possible.' True freedom grows from loving others and letting ourselves be loved - with all our weaknesses and all our gifts. In meeting those on the margins, we heal our own hearts and are able to work for a transformation of societies.

Through the stories of his childhood, the foundation of L’Arche, and his relationship with significant figures such as Pope John Paul II, Pope Francis, Mother Teresa and Dorothy Day, Vanier teaches us the lessons of his life, his own psychological barriers and struggles, and a message of hope for the future.

2018     144 pages    R185.00


ToLoveAndToBeLovedTo Love and to Be Loved

Desmond O'Donnell

Modern life makes questions about love urgent. As personal mobility increases, as connections between people become more fragile, and as the question of personal identity is now a really challenging one, the meaning of love has become a central issue for reflective individuals and groups.

The developed world has moved from a culture of authority to a culture of choice. The author has written this book to help the modern person keep in touch with their deepest humanity in a fast-moving world.

2018    170 pages    R315.00

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