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BecomingNewBecoming New: Finding God within Us and in Creation

Anselm Grűn & Leonardo Boff

Two theological and spiritual writers, one from Germany and the other from Brazil, exchange reflections on the nature and presence of God. While Anselm Grün puts more emphasis on finding God within us, Leonardo Boff focuses more on God’s presence in the unfolding story of the universe. Yet their perspectives converge on the conviction that both dimensions must be brought together and they agree that the essence of God is love.

2019    168 pages    R315.00




SeeingGodsActionInOurLivesSeeing God's Action in Our Lives

Leann Thieman

These stories present convincing evidence of God's active presence in our everyday lives. Whether you're a cradle Catholic or a convert, solid in the Faith or wavering, these stories will deepen your conviction and stimulate your hope and trust in God.

2020    288 pages    R370.00





DesertDangersAndDelightsDesert Dangers and Delights: Stories, Teachings, and Sources

John Michael Talbot

John Michael Talbot reflects on his experience as a spiritual father and a populariser of Catholic Christian spirituality through his music and teaching. He uses his own stories, Scripture, and the stories and sayings of the desert fathers and mothers to show a radically alternative way of living and thinking in Christ.

With questions for reflection at the end of each chapter, this book will aid all readers, from experienced monastics to those just beginning a spiritual journey with Christ.

2020    280 pages    R410.00



CloudDevotionCloud Devotion: Through the Year with the Cloud of Unknowing

David G Robinson

This book of daily devotions is based upon The Cloud of Unknowing. In this edition Robinson sought to remain as true as possible to the voice of this medieval classic. This book follows the original Middle English text sentence by sentence, with Robinson’s own translation and paraphrase, divided work into 366 small portions, with a Scripture passage related to the theme from each daily reading.

2020    272 pages    R375.00



UnteachableLessonsUnteachable Lessons: Why Wisdom Can't Be Taught (and Why That's Okay)

Carl McColman

Using stories from his own life, McColman gently leads readers toward a recognition that although the wisdom of the past is worth reading, hearing or reading others’ experience of God is ultimately no substitute for opening our own eyes, ears, and hearts to God.

2019    160 pages    R335.00





Core52Core 52: A Fifteen-Minute Daily Guide to Build Your Bible IQ in a Year

Mark E. Moore

Is simply one of the best daily guides to strengthen your faith.

2019    384 pages    R285.00






PrayingWithTheJesuitsPraying with the Jesuits: Finding God in All Things  -  Second Edition

Charles J. Healey, S.J.

Presents the rich tradition of Ignatian prayer and meditation selected from the history of the Jesuits beginning with St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus through the centuries to the present day.

Divided into the periods of the Spiritual Exercises, the Early Jesuits, the Later Jesuits, and Special Devotions, readers will find selections from spiritual figures of their time including Ignatius Loyola, Francis Xavier, Peter Faber, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Teilhard de Chardin, Bernard Lonergan, Karl Rahner, Jon Sobrino, and Pope Francis.

2019     148 pages     R259.50




A GodWhoQuestionsA God Who Questions

Leonard J. DeLorenzo

The author examines twenty of the questions Jesus asks in the Gospels, showing us how they reveal the hidden secrets of our hearts and invite a true encounter with God. Listening to the questions of Jesus can be painful but wonderful, unsettling yet illuminating, inconvenient but always inspiring.

2019    144 pages    R225.00


CatholicityAndEmergingPersonhoodCatholicity and Emerging Personhood: A Contemporary Theological Anthropology

Daniel P. Horan

Offers a constructive theological reflection on the meaning and identity of the human person through the lens of evolution and contemporary science. Each chapter builds on a foundational reconsideration of the theological anthropological tradition to resituate humanity within the broader community of creation while highlighting the true catholicity of personhood within Christian tradition.

2019    272 pages     R395.00




FaithAndEvolutionFaith and Evolution: A Grace-filled Naturalism

Roger Haight

Offers a constructive way of understanding basic Christian doctrines, which were formulated in an ancient culture and language, while at the same time acknowledging scientific concepts that shape our current understanding of ourselves. Roger Haight lays the groundwork for a dialogue between an evolutionary world and core doctrines of Christian faith to overcome the present disconnect between our faith and our intellectual culture.

2019    264 pages    R485.00




HowDeepTheMysteryHow Deep the Mystery: Meditating on the Words of the Mass

Joyce Ann Zimmerman CPPS

Rooted in Sacred Scripture, the words of the Mass are a wellspring for prayer, meditation, and contemplation. Reflecting on these liturgical texts provides the opportunity to enrich our experience of the Mass. In this book, Sr. Joyce invites us to explore some of the common prayers we pray at Mass. She provides a structure that any reader can easily adapt for use with favourite texts from the Mass

2019     176 pages    R295.00




FullyConsciousFullyActiveFully Conscious, Fully Active: Essays in Honour of Gabe Huck

Editors: Bryan Cones and Stephen Burns

An ecumenical group of liturgical scholars and practitioners offers a collection of articles on the effect the work of Gabe Huck has had on liturgical thought and renewal throughout the Christian denominations of the west, with particular focus on the assembly, word and song, and the human person at prayer. The authors then look forward to continuing development of these ideas in their own fields.

Gabe Huck was the director of LTP from 1977 to 2001. Under his leadership, it became an important source of liturgical education and formation. In his own writing, he linked the renewal of the liturgy with the work of justice, a link he continues to pursue in his life.

2019     176 pages      R395.00



TheRadicalGospelThe Radical Gospel of Bishop Thomas Gumbleton

Peter Feuerherd

During his 38 years as auxiliary bishop of Detroit, Bishop Gumbleton became known as a tireless and prophetic voice for peace and justice. When he was installed in 1968, he opted for the path of radical discipleship. He left a lasting mark as a founding president of Pax Christi USA, and he served as a member of the committee that drafted the U.S. bishops’ historic pastoral letter on nuclear war.

An early opponent of the Vietnam War, and later an international ambassador for peace, Bishop Gumbleton has been an advocate for the poor and homeless, for victims of clergy sex abuse, for welcoming LGBTQ people in the church, and for promoting the role of women.

2019     128 pages    R275.00


A ChurchOfThePoorA Church of the Poor: Pope Francis and the Transformation of Orthodoxy

Clemens Sedmak

In this treatment of the theology of Pope Francis and his notion of a “church of the poor” and the implications for theological orthodoxy, Sedmak argues that Pope Francis can allow us to understand "orthodoxy in a new key.”

Using resources ranging from scripture to Catholic Social Teaching to the early Church Fathers, he argues that an authentic and faithful church is not one obsessed with dogma or ceremony, but one that is poor as Christ was poor, in the sense of that phrase: compassionate, unattached to material wealth, focused on flourishing and right relationship with God.

2016    208 pages    R395.00


WhenTheDiscipleComesOfAgeWhen the Disciple Comes of Age: Christian Identity in the 21st Century

Diarmuid O'Murchu

“This book seeks to illuminate the spiritual journey of a small but rapidly growing Christian movement of those who seek to transcend inherited religions precisely because their enlarged sense of adult maturity requires them to do so. For some, it means discarding a great deal of what no longer feels credible or useful. For others, it means reworking the tradition to make it relevant for the 21st century.

For all, it involves an evolutionary calling forth new levels of engagement with the spiritual awakening of our time.” With his trademark exploration of the meaning of “adult faith” in an age marked by new understandings of cosmology, anthropology, quantum physics, and evolution, O’Murchu also includes here reflections on his own spiritual journey.

2019    240 pages     R299.50


RaisingUprightKidsRaising Upright Kids in an Upside-Down World

Dr Ray Guarendi

Catholic psychologist Ray Guarendi offers parents a roadmap through this difficult and sometimes frightening terrain. Dr Ray brings to bear his decades of clinical experience and his experience as a father of ten with some of the hardest questions of modern parenting.

2020    144 pages     R299.50





ViolenceAndNonViolenceInScriptureViolence and Nonviolence in Scripture: Helping Children Understand Challenging Stories

Catherine Maresca

Maresca provides us with an approach for helping children to develop a foundational relationship with God before engaging Scriptural accounts that challenge their understanding of God’s actions. As a Montessori educator for 30 years, she understands the developmental stages of children and knows what Scriptures children are ready to understand.

As a catechist of the Good Shepherd during those 30 years, she is able to provide practical ways to help children become familiar with the meaning and mystery of how God acts in the world in in our lives.

2019    104 pages    R245.00



TheCatechesisOfTheGoodShepherdThe Catechesis of the Good Shepherd in a Parish Setting

Tina Lillig - Revised by Mary Mirrione

This newly revised edition of Tina Lillig offers step-by-step information to address the questions of pastors, directors of religious education, parish staff members, parents, catechists, and anyone else interested in the great blessing that young children are to the parish community.

2018    96 pages    R265.00





BabyAndBeyondBaby and Beyond: Overcoming Those Post-Childbirth Woes

Allison Auth

Auth introduces you to powerful exercise, health, and nutrition practices that can relieve – and often even eliminate – most of the troubles you might suffer during that difficult year after your baby is born. These practices will help you find the energy, balance, and healing – physical and spiritual – that you need to care confidently for your loved ones, your home, and your soul.

Auth will even teach you a sure way to slay the temptation to compare yourself unfavourably with that “perfect mom” next door, whose hair is always tidy, clothes neat, and house clean.

2019    128 pages    R299.50



TheFruitsOfFatimaFruits of Fatima: A Century of Signs and Wonders

Joseph Pronechen

This account of true-life Fatima events of the past hundred years demonstrates that Our Lady’s messages are more vital today than ever before.

2019    240 pages    R299.50





HolyHandmaidsOfTheLordHoly Handmaids of the Lord: Women Saints Who Won the Battle for Souls

Julie Onderko

The author here brings you tales about bold female warriors of the spirit, from heroic Old Testament women such as Judith, Deborah, and Esther (who prefigured the Virgin Mary) to more recent icons of the Faith, including Saint Clare, Saint Monica, and Saint Faustina.

From within their diverse circumstances and vocations, these women warriors for Christ will teach you the powerful spiritual tactics that they used in their battles against the devil. tactics that will help you grow holy.

2019   128 pages    R299.50



JamesMartinIntheCompanyOfSaintsjpgJames Martin, SJ: In the Company of Jesus

Jon M. Sweeney

Sweeney probes Martin's early life, his experiences as a corporate executive, his call to religious life, his ministry and spirituality, his feelings about both the adoration and the criticism he receives from so many, and much more. Readers will come away with a much better understanding of one of today's most interesting and influential Catholics.

2020    208 pages    R335.00




WhatReallyHappensWhenWeDieWhat Really Happens After We Die: (There Will Be Hugs in Heaven)

James Papandrea

Here professor of Church history Dr. James Papandrea gathers in one place all that is known about the afterlife — drawn from the teachings of Jesus, the Apostles, the Church Fathers, and the Church’s Magisterium — affording, for the first time ever, a complete, authoritative, detailed portrait of the state of souls after death and the realms we enter.

2019    128 pages    R299.50




ItsGoodToBeHereIt’s Good to Be Here: A Disabled Woman's Reflections on God in the Flesh and the Sacred Wonder of Being Human

Christina Chase

Christina, the twenty-first century Thérèse of Lisieux. Crippled though she is, Christina’s fearful disabilities have led her not into anger, bitterness, or despair, but rather into a profound and exceptional encounter with God’s love itself—an encounter that you, too, can experience through the gentle allure of Christina’s witness.

From that littleness Christina here draws forth a wisdom that shows that as creatures, we are all, in one sense or another, paralyzed. Meditating on this fact yields a joy that transcends the greatest physical or mental suffering – a joy that is Christina’s, despite her abject physical state, and a joy that can be yours as well.

2019    192 pages    R355.00

TheTwoHandsOfYesAndNoThe Two Hands of Yes and No: One Family's Encounter with the Surprising Power of Active Nonviolence

John Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn & Dennis Linn

With stories ranging from Gandhi’s struggles in India, to resistance against Nazi occupation, the U.S. Civil Rights movement, and protests extending to the recent campaign by young people against gun violence, this book provides an inspiring account of the amazing power of active nonviolence.

2019    192 pages    R285.00




HiddenHeartOfTheCosmosHidden Heart of the Cosmos: Humanity and the New Story

Brian Thomas Swimme

What does it mean to be human, to live on planet Earth, in the universe as it is now understood? In this new and updated edition, the author takes us on a journey through the cosmos in search of the “new story” that is developing in response to this age-old question.

2019    144 pages    R315.00





SingleForA GreaterPurposeSingle for a Greater Purpose: A Hidden Joy in the Catholic Church

Luanne Zurlo

The author shows that, contrary to popular opinion, single life is often a holy, joyful vocation lived out, sometimes in a hidden way, by souls who have had an authentic encounter with Christ.

Here she sheds light on this little-understood vocation discerned and embraced by a growing number of single persons.

2019    208 pages    R375.00




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