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TheRichInnerLifeThe Rich Inner Life: 29 Meditation on Jesus

Paul Mathulla

Jesus of Nazareth, who personified the Gospel so beautifully, invites us to a rich inner life in the Holy Spirit. The 29 essays in this book present reflections on His teachings and the activity of the Holy Spirit. The narrative is simple and goes to the heart of the matter, offering insights to the reader.
2019    130 pages    R70.00





JesusTheKingOfMercyJesus King of Mercy

Joby Varghese John

This book speak directly to your soul, challenging you to think about your own existence and the world around you. The knowledge and the experiences it narrates bring out the significance of the mercy that Jesus is offering the world. The book encourages you to make Jesus the centre of your life, and the thoughts and reflections it offers will cheer you on to earnestly seek and grasp the beauty of your divine calling and the very purpose of your life.

2019    96 pages    R50.00




CaveOfPlentyFrontCave of Plenty: A Retreat Manual

George Ponodath, SJ

You will find herein a number of topics dealt with so lucidly that a reader would like to consider them either for preparing to give a retreat or attend one or even as a resource book for personal reflection. The talks have all been carefully grouped thematically to enable the reader to choose at will.  You will enjoy the exercise, even as you both experience yourself what you set out to do for your retreatants and witness first-hand the effect of the exercise on their faces as they emerge from the cave of plenty well fed on peace and zest.

2019    376 pages    R170.00




NineDaysToRediscoverTheJoyOfPrayerNine Days to Rediscover the Joy of Prayer

Jacques Philippe

Through fruitful prayer, God freely graces us with the gifts of joy, peace, courage, and determination. We can often find, however, that, despite our good intentions, prayer doesn’t come easily. Allow your heart to be guided gently by Fr. Philippe toward a joyous prayer life that feeds your soul and revitalises your relationship with the Lord.

2019    88 pages    R219.50 





TheEightDoorsOfTheKingdomThe Eight Doors of the Kingdom: Meditations on the Beatitudes

Jacques Philippe

Fr. Jacques shares with us a profound clarity to the full scope of meaning behind Christ’s eight beatitudes, and in turn, outlines for us a way in which we can live them in our daily lives. We learn how each beatitude gives insight into how we can situate ourselves in a fulfilling relationship with God, with oneself, and with others, and how to confront the difficult realities of life.

2018    216 pages    R295.00




TheStrangenessOfTruthThe Strangeness of Truth: Vibrant Faith in a Dark World

Damian Ference

The author meditates on the way that eternal mysteries such as the Incarnation, Resurrection, and the Eucharist make themselves felt in the everyday, using scenes from his own life to illustrate and animate doctrine. His insights are designed to awaken and remind his readers of the radical truths that surround them- that God holds our world in existence, that He became a man, and that He sacrificed Himself for us. Fr. Ference's writing is filled with wonder, reverence, and a keen observational sense, using concrete examples and crystal-clear observations to illuminate realities often spoken of as abstract. This book will spark a renewed love and appreciation for the doctrines God has revealed, and help you see them with fresh eyes; not as they could be, but how they really are-beautiful, strange, and timeless.

2019   176 pages    R295.00 


OnTheIgnatianWayOn the Ignatian Way: A Pilgrimage in the Footsteps of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Fr. José Luis Iriberri S.J.

A guide to Ignatius' experiences of conversion, healing, and freedom. It includes accounts by various people who have taken the Ignatian Way and offers guidance for planning and embarking on a similar pilgrimage, with some help from the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius. Anyone can use this book to create his own way, for as Ignatius says, the fundamental goal of the pilgrim is to come into contact with his inner source of light and happiness—God the Creator.

2018    206 pages    R325.00


WhatDoesTheBibleSayAboutIitWhat Does the Bible Say About Old Age?

Ronald D. Witherup

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about growing old? This book deals directly with this timeless question that affects most human beings, especially in modern times. The Bible affirms the positive value of aging. Surprisingly, the biblical perspective goes far beyond the simple affirmation that gray hair brings wisdom. Its viewpoint is more complex, with an amazing number of biblical stories that touch the theme of old age and all that comes with it.

2019   134 pages    R395.00


WaterAndSpiritWater and Spirit: Meditations on Saint John's Gospel 1:19 to 5:47

Adrienne Von Speyr

Following up her book, THE WORD: A Meditation on the Prologue of St. John's Gospel, this beautiful work by the mystic Adrienne von Speyr continues these meditations to the end of chapter five. Von Speyr reflects deeply on the text, taking it sentence by sentence, but this precise adherence to the words is developed into a much broader picture. The meditations are confluent with the scenes and themes of the Gospel itself, and perhaps the most characteristic note of her meditations is determined by the author's use of the whole imagery of St. John to convey his thought. In these meditations the imagery of St. John is everywhere seen as leading into eternal life, and that life as beginning here and now.

2019    305 pages    R325.00


BibleInA YearBible in a Year: Your Daily Encounter with God

Dr. Tim Gray, Dr Mark Giszczak, Dr. J. Morris, Dr. Elizabeth Klein, Dr. John Sehorn, Dr. Scott Powell, Deborah Holiday

You can read through the entire Bible in a single year! Three daily readings, one each from the Old Testament, Wisdom Literature and the New Testament, keep you engaged as you make your way through the Bible. In addition, each of the daily readings is followed by a short reflection that will lead you to prayer and help plant God’s Word deep in your heart. Each daily reflection is intended to open up the Scriptures and facilitate a deeper meditation that leads to an encounter with God through his Word.

2018   1344 pages    R639.50



RaisingA DigitalGenerationRaising a Digital Generation

Dr Sajitth Cyriac

Why are kids attached to digital devices? What are the potential risks of their online exposure and interaction? How can they be helped to navigate safely on the digital highway? This book is a resource that clarifies all the above doubts, apart from tackling much more complex issues concerning kids’ relationship with digital technology. Rich in practical tips, the book is highly recommended as a guide for parents and teachers for achieving greater understanding and confidence as they raise kids to be successful digital citizens.

2019    232 pages    R120.00



ThePopeFrancisAgendaThe Pope Francis Agenda: His Teaching on Family, Protection of Life, Justice, Ecology, Women & the Church

Donal Door

Donal Dorr gives a comprehensive account of the teaching of Francis, drawing not only on the pope’s major documents but on his hundreds of public addresses and messages. Topics covered include Francis’ views on the defence of human life and of the family; the role of women in the Church; migration and trafficking; his condemnation of nuclear weapons; his insistence that simple everyday language should be used in translating the liturgy; his radical criticism of the present unjust structures of our world; and the need to repair our damaged relationship with our planet.

2019    278.pages    R435.00

WhyCelibacyWhy Celibacy?: Reclaiming the Fatherhood of the Priest

Fr. Carter Griffin                

As Fr. Griffin argues in this book, the ancient practice of celibacy, when lived well, helps a priest exercise his spiritual fatherhood joyfully and fruitfully. Along the way, Griffin explores: the question of optional celibacy; some pitfalls of celibate paternity; the selection and formation of candidates for celibate priesthood; why biological fathers are also called to spiritual fatherhood; the powerful impact of celibacy on the Church and the wider culture

Fr. Griffin brings light and hope with a new perspective on the Church's perennial wisdom on celibacy.

2019    215 pages    R510.00


YourChristianVocationYour Christian Vocation (Student Text)

Framework Elective D

Helps students learn how to live their lives to the benefit of others as they consider a vocation of service—in marriage, priestly or consecrated life, or the single life—to the Church and their own communities. Students will explore a variety of topics in each vocation, including friendship, dating, and courtship related to choosing a spouse; family planning and raising children; the importance of the Sacrament of Holy Orders to the whole Church; priestly celibacy; and other forms of religious life including religious institutes, eremites, consecrated virgins and widows, secular institutes, and societies of apostolic life.

2020    384 pages    R665.00



UnderstandingYouTeenUnderstanding Your Teen: Shaping Their Character Facing Their Realities

Jim Burns

Moulding the Students/Teens is one of the biggest challenges Teachers/Parents face today. Pornography, YouTube videos, TV shows and movies, video games, and everything on the Internet has an influence on teens today. Do you want to encourage the teens who are committed to making this world a better place? This book will teach you to help the young to become responsible Adults: By Learning the Developmental Stages of Adolescence; By Shaping Behaviour Without Crushing Character; By Creating a Media-Safe Home; By Teaching Healthy Sexuality; By helping them to Become Students of the Changing Culture

2018    208 pages    R70.00




ComeAndSeeCome and See: Formation for Discernment of Vocation

George Ukken, SJ

A handbook for formators as well as candidates. One who chooses the religious life must cultivate an ardent love for Jesus, in order to surrender to him, and dedicate oneself wholeheartedly to his service. The main purpose of this book is to discover this love and fan it into a flame through prayer, discernment, instruction and community life. Religious will find in this book help to recover the original love. Come and See is a must for all religious and consecrated persons as well as those entrusted with the responsibility of guiding them.

2020    192 pages    R75.00 



FrancisOfAssisiFrancis of Assisi: Messenger for Today's World

Robert Waldron

The author explores Francis from three perspectives: biographical, psychological and aesthetic. His book is innovative because he understands Francis through our new science of psychology and through the beauty of Bellini's masterpiece St. Francis in the Desert, the painting shown on the cover of the book. For a psychological understanding Waldron employs Carl Jung's theory of individuation: the steps taken by Francis to become his True Self. Waldron also employs Bellini's painting to shed light on St. Francis the mystic. Waldron also addresses Francis's poem The Canticle of the Creatures, offering an exegesis of the poem that also provides insights into the saint's life.

2019    108 pages    R425.00


MaryMotherOfGodMary, Mother of God

Marianne Lorraine Trouvé, FSP

This complete collection of Marian prayers compiled by Sr. Marianne Lorraine Trouvé, FSP, offers a complete selection of extensive Marian material including Latin hymns and prayers, along with additional suggested reading. A separate consecration section includes acts of entrustment and consecration and a calendar of Marian feast days. Praying the many Marian prayers developed over the centuries is now easy with this book, the ideal size for daily prayer in an elegant leatherette binding.

2019    176 pages     R299.50



AfterSuicideAfter Suicide: There's Hope for Them and for You

Fr Chris Alar

Addressing the issue of suicide pastorally, Fr. Chris Alar and Jason Lewis, draw from the teaching of the Church, the message of Divine Mercy, and their own experience of losing a loved one to offer readers two key forms of hope: hope for the salvation of those who've died by their own hand, and hope for the healing of those left behind. This book is a must-read for all those trying to make sense out of such a difficult subject. Remarkably, the spiritual principles of healing and redemption apply not only to a loss from suicide, but by any cause of death.

2019    112 pages     R320.00



ConciliarOctetConciliar Octet: A Concise Commentary on the Eight Key Texts of the Second Vatican Council

Fr. Aidan Nichols O.P.

In this work Dominican scholar and writer Aidan Nichols maintains that the Council texts must be interpreted in the light of their genesis, not their aftermath. They must be seen in the light of the public debates in the Council chamber, not the hopes (or fears) of individuals behind the scenes. On this basis, he provides a concise commentary on the eight most significant documents produced by the Council, documents which cover pretty comprehensively all the major aspects of the Church’s life.

2019   154 pages    R310.00



HowTheChurchHasChangedTheWorldHow the Church Has Changed the World

Anthony Esolen

Presents twenty-five essays that will give you a greater appreciation for the Church and her unique mission in the world.

In these twenty-five essays—which include the inspiring witness of priests, religious, and laity; which touch on the arts and sciences, civilian life and government, the realm of ideas and practical works of mercy—Esolen displays how the Church is truly the "leaven and, as it were, the soul of human society in its renewal by Christ and transformation into the family of God" (Gaudium et spes, 40).

2019   192 pages    R275.00


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