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HolyThirstHoly Thirst: Essentials of Carmelite Spirituality

Editors at Paraclete Press

Presents all the essential themes of Carmelite spirituality, as exemplified in Carmelite classics such as The Way of Perfection of St. Teresa of Avila, The Ascent of Mount Carmel of St. John of the Cross,

The Story of a Soul of St. Therese of Lisieux, and The Practice of the Presence of God of Brother Lawrence. Also included are shorter portions of lesser known writings by more recent Carmelites: St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), and Sr. Miriam of the Holy Spirit (Jessica Powers).

2019    288 pages    R339.00

BeautyBeauty: What It Is & Why It Matters

John-Mark L. Miravalle

Rich with the wisdom of Plato, Augustine, Aquinas, and St. John Paul II, these pages unpack truths about beauty and rivet them into your soul, opening the eyes of your understanding to the beauty all around us. Offering an abundance of examples, the author demonstrates that beauty is the ability to understand, recognize, and delight in beauty readies all souls for heaven — and makes it easier for us to get there.

2019    157 pages    R275.00


A SpiritIsngwithinUsA Spring within Us: A Year of Daily Meditations

Richard Rohr

Richard Rohr invites us to rediscover the spring hidden inside each one of us. He reminds us of God’s indwelling presence and that we are inherently beloved.  Remembering who we truly are is a gradual, lifelong journey: Fr Richard offers insights to ease the process and lead us back to our Source. He explores each stage, drawing from Scripture, Christian mystics.

2018    428 pages    R425.00  HC



Be Your Self: The Call of a Christian

Mauritius Wilde, OSB

The author calls on Christians to not merely practice their faith in private, but to publicly stand by personal faith and to defend it. A journey lies before us when we do this—a journey that can sustain our personal spirituality.

2019    156 pages    R325.00



TheLittleManualForSpiritualGrowthThe Little Manual for spiritual Growth

Fr. John Portavella

Fr. Portavella shows you how to develop for yourself a personalized plan of life that will enable you to balance your duties to God, your family, and your work, and even to make time for leisure. You’ll discover practical ways to fit prayer, devotions, and spiritual reading into your family situation and professional life.

2019    144 pages    R325.00




WyPrayWhy Prayer?: Unpublished Writings by the Former Chaplain to the Shrine of Julian of Norwich

Robert Llewelyn

In this unpublished collection of late writings, Robert Llewelyn offers advice and insights from a lifetime of spiritual experience, including the lessons we can learn from Julian of Norwich.

2019    128 pages    R265.00




Good WorkGood Work: Meditation for Personal & Organisational Transformation

Laurence Freeman

Is about how meditation helps to make work good work, while transforming the workplace environment through more humanly rich and enjoyable encounters. The first part concentrates on the fundamentals of meditation – as a universal and inclusive practice found in all wisdom tradition.

It then shows how the experience enriches the experience of work itself with meaning. In the second part, successful leaders from the corporate world who practise meditation speak from experience about the value of a contemplative approach to work and leadership.

2019    192 pages    R275.00



TheGreatAdventureCatholicBibleThe Great Adventure Catholic

Peter Williamson & Fr Sebastian Carnazzo

The narrative approach in this Bible gives the big picture of salvation history and shows how everything ties together. This is the only Bible that incorporates The Great Adventure's colour-coded Bible Timeline learning system, a system that has made this Bible study resources the most popular and influential.

2018     R1799.50  Leather Bound


IntroducingTheologicalMethodIntroducing Theological Method: A Survey of Contemporary Theologians and Approaches

Mary M. Veeneman

This introduction surveys contemporary theological methodology by presenting leading thinkers of the 20th and 21st centuries as models. The book presents the strengths and weaknesses in each of the major options. Rather than favouring one specific position, it helps students of theology think critically so they can understand and develop their own theological method.

2018    202 pages    R165.00




A SacredLookA Sacred Look: Becoming Cultural Mystics – Theology of Popular Culture

Nancy Usselmann, FSP

How should a follower of Christ engage the popular media culture? By becoming a mystic! Sr. Nancy challenges Christians today to delve deep into the rich theological tradition of the church as the root and foundation for recognizing the beauty of God present in all that is truly human. The artists of popular culture sometimes unwittingly seek transcendence while grappling with some of humanity’s most profound existential longings.

The cultural mystics of today point out those needs of humanity in the culture’s artefacts in order to enter into dialogue with those who seek something beyond what this world satisfies. The anthropological-sacramental-incarnational paradigm presented gives us this ability to take a sacred look of the culture and offers Christ who is the answer of all humanity’s yearnings!

2019    178.pages    R375.00

TheGodOfJesusChristThe God of Jesus Christ: Meditations on the Triune God Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus

Presents Benedict XVI profound thoughts on the nature and person of God, building a bridge between theology and spirituality as he makes wide use of the Sacred Scriptures to reveal the beauty and mystery of who God is. He writes about each of the three persons in the Holy Trinity, showing the different attributes of each person, and that "God is three and God is one."

.2018   130 pages    R255.00


EffectivePreachingEffective Preaching: Bringing People into an Encounter with God

Editor: Michael E. Connors

A collection of essays, featuring leading preachers, homilists and homily instructors. Compiled by Michael E. Connors, this book focuses entirely on the practical side of Catholic preaching. It will provide hands-on, tested advice to help homilists develop preaching effectiveness, using techniques that will turn preaching into exceptional preaching.  

2019    224 pages   R475.00



HilltopMeditationsHilltop Meditations: For Weekends and Special Feasts of Years ABC

Fr. Benjamin A Vima

2019     392 pages    R210.00







A LaymansGuideToTheLiturgyOfTheHoursA Layman’s Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours: How the Prayers of the Church Can Change Your Life

Fr. Timothy Gallagher

These pages break open a method that countless laymen still use today to pray with constancy and thereby soar to the heights of holiness. It’s called the Liturgy of the Hours. Also known as the Divine Office or the Breviary, the Liturgy of the Hours is an important vehicle for advancing in the spiritual life. Relying on insights from popes and saints, as well as on his five decades’ experience praying the Liturgy of the Hours, Fr. Gallagher opens your eyes to this spiritual treasury and shows you how, by means of its sanctifying rhythm, it will help you progress on your spiritual journey.

2019    144 pages     R275.00


SundayComesEveryWeekSunday Comes Every Week: Daily Habits for the Busy Preacher

Frank G. Honeycutt

Conventional wisdom says that pastors need to sequester themselves to prepare their weekly sermon without distraction. But veteran preacher Frank Honeycutt suggests just the opposite: prepare your sermons as part of a daily, lived experience in the community.

Using the days of the week as a framework, Honeycutt describes essential tasks leading up to the writing and delivery of the Sunday sermon—habits that will provide lasting spiritual nourishment for pastors. Honeycutt reflects on the joys and hazards of ministry and explains how a faithful process of preaching shapes pastors for a lifetime of healthy ministry.

2019    160 pages    R355.00

HatchMatchDispatchHatch Match & Dispatch: A Catholic Guide to Sacraments

Richard Leonard, SJ

The autho has written an educational journey through the history, liturgy, and theology of the seven sacraments, as well as the Rite of Christian Burial, where history, liturgy, and contemporary theology intersect. The book expands the ritual and theological horizons of those who have celebrated the sacraments for their whole lives and introduces neophytes to the question of why sacraments are essential in the Christian life.

2019    180 pages    R355.00  HC



RemainInMeRemain in Me: Holy Orders, Prayer, and Sacraments

James Keating

Promotes communion, addressing the interior lives of priests and deacons. The sacrament of Holy Orders is itself the very gift that binds priests and deacons together as “natural” allies in the work of the gospel. The book serves as a springboard for mutual spiritual conversation and pastoral planning. In such conversations, the “natural” union between priests and deacons becomes clearer and carries the potential to ignite a brotherhood of creative pastoral thinking, better serving the mission of the parish.

2019    92 pages    R295.00



PastoralCareAndCounselingPastoral Care and Counselling An Introduction

Philip Browning Helsel

Addresses the critique that pastoral care is indistinguishable from secular psychotherapy by placing a person's relationship to God at the centre of pastoral care. Each person is created in the Image of God (dignity) and has a purpose

(vocation), but people face social problems such as poverty or discrimination that limit this expression. This book shows how ministers can care for systems, arenas such as health care, education, and employment. Even traumatic events such as abuse and suicide are linked with social factors like unemployment, so understanding the impact of systems on pastoral care is an essential part of ministry in the twenty-first century. This book combines theological reflection, psychological insights, and social science researches.

2019     162 pages    R675.00

TheSpiritIsAmongUsThe Spirit is Among Us: The Permanent Diaconate

Siphiwe F Mkhize PHD

Aims to give the reader an overview of the theological and pastoral nature of the diaconate and clarify the fundamental identity of the deacon for those who are discerning such a call as aspirants.

2019    154 pages    R235.00



O YouthYouArePreciousO Youth You Are Precious: Contextual Reflections on Youth and Youth Ministry

A. John Baptist and M. David Stanly Kumar

The articles presented in this book are, in a way, the road map of the Synod of Bishops on the youth. They spell out the urgency and need for a modernized youth ministry and youth catechesis. The first section elucidates the concern of the Church towards the youth mainly from the teachings of the Church. The second section highlights the biblical perspectives on youth by presenting various biblical role models and vocation narratives.

The third section deals with youth ministry and biblical spirituality for youth. The articles such as ‘Role of Prayer,’ ‘Faith and Faith Crisis in the Life of Youth’ and ‘Youth and Media’ are very much related to the existential issues that the youth face today.

2019    178 pages    R95.00

DivineBlesssingjpgDivine Blessing: Liturgical Formation in the RCIA

Timothy P. O’Malley

Shows us how we can break out of a classroom model about liturgy and instead invite seekers to be formed by the Risen Christ through the liturgy. This book will give you a process for preparing your candidates to learn the liturgy's symbolic language of self-giving love that will sustain them with divine blessing and train them to be Christ's disciples in the world.

2019    144 pages    R299.50




IntroductionToCatecheticsIntroduction to Catechetics

Stephen Alathara

Presents two thousand years of the catechetical experience of the Catholic Church. The author offers an analytical narration of the multifaceted catechetical enterprises and synthesises those elements to depict what

catechesis should be today.

2019    370 pages    R215.00



ValuesInActionValues in Action

Nasreen Hashambhoy

A series of 10 booklets aimed at helping students to understand and actively engage with their own values so that they not only have the tools to live a more meaningful lives but also develop their character and realize their true potential. Values in Action helps students to understand what values are and how these influence their thoughts, feelings, and actions to obtain the desired outcome, apart from equipping them to take due responsibility for the choices they make.

The chapters are as much illustrative as possible and as little prescriptive as possible, leaving teachers and students to reflect on and make meaning of the values for themselves by engaging with the values through stories, individual reflection or discussions, role play and drama, and other activities. Based on the nature of values, many of the activities can extend beyond the classroom too.

Each and every value has a deep connection to peace. Getting in touch with the peace within is something that never loses relevance for humanity.

2018    R30.00 each


SavingTheFamilySaving the Family: The Transformative Power of Sharing Meals with People You Love

Leo Patalinghug

Shows you how to transform your family mealtimes into joyful occasions that even teenagers will love. From hundreds of happy families worldwide, television chef Rev. Leo Patalinghug has gathered scores of practical tips that foster gratitude and conviviality at mealtimes. They’ll work in your home, too, strengthening the ties that bind, no matter how emotionally close or distant your family members may presently be.

2019    138 pages    R359.50



FormingTheChurchInTheModernWorldForming the Church in the Modern World: The Theological Contributions of Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ

Editor: Thomas A. Baima

Gives the reader an appreciation for the faith and life of the Church, examining such themes as revelation as received by mind and heart; the nature of theology; the role of culture; and the catholicity of Catholicism that come through in the writings of Avery Dulles. One of the threads uniting the work of Cardinal Dulles over five decades has been his desire to give a clear and authentic answer to the question: What is the Church supposed to be doing? Looking back now, this book shows how powerfully the council shaped that career and his writing.

2019    180 pages    R675.00


LovePrevailsLove Prevails

Jan Bosco Rutagengwa

Twenty-five years ago in 1994, a savage campaign of genocide was unleashed against the Tutsis of Rwanda. In the space of a hundred days, a million people were left dead. This personal narrative tells the story of two survivors—Jean Bosco and his fiancée Christine. While most of their family members perished, they found refuge in the “Hotel Rwanda.” Their story of survival is at once a love story and a harrowing inside look at what happens when a country is overrun by evil. But it is also a story of faith—an effort to find God in the midst of horror—and of the struggle to find meaning, healing, and reconciliation.

2019    192 pages    R385.00


Missionary of Wall StreetThe Missionary of Wall Street: From Managing Money to Saving Slouls on the Streets of New York

Stephen F. Auth

Shows you how to infuse integrity into your business and why it is so essential to success. You will learn not only the responsibilities you have to your employees, to your customers, and to society in general, but also why you must fulfil these responsibilities to remain competitive. In short, you’ll learn how to do the right thing in business, and how to do it the right way

2019    160 pages    R355.00




TheWisdomAndPowerOfPositiveLivingThe Wisdom & Power of Positive Living

Dr John M. Mathews

Aims to expose the principles that animate and sustain the spirit and practice of positive living. The book is divided into three sections: positive thinking, positive attitudes and the fruits of positive thinking and attitudes. Examples and anecdotes gleaned from the lives of creative thinkers, philosophers, sages, artists, mystics and saints, deployed to clarify, substantiate and illumine the varied dimensions of positive living constitute a notable feature of this book. All aspirants to positive and creative living waiting at the threshold of life will find this book a treasure to be cherished!

2019    358 pages    R145.00



RebukingTheDevilRebuking the Devil

Pope Francis

Features a survey of Pope Francis’s important teachings on the history of the devil, his empty promises and works, and how we can actively combat him. This book shows us how to recognize the tricks of the enemy, avoid his traps and defeat his efforts through the power of God in Jesus Christ. Pope Francis also offers wisdom in following God’s righteous laws and keeping our eyes fixed on the sovereignty of Jesus as we battle evil in our own lives and in the world. 

2019    154 pages    R210.00



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