The5LoveLanguagesThe Five Love Languages

Based on Gary Chapman's book, The Five Love Languages, this colouring book is filled with beautiful illustrations and quotes that will help reinforce the five ways to express and experience love while encouraging relaxation and peace.

Be refreshed and renewed as you meditate on truths that help you nurture your closest relationships. Watch each page come alive as you fill the images with the beauty of colour.

2018    128 pages     R180.00





 AtPlayInGodsCreationAt Play in God's Creation: An Illuminating Colouring Book

Celebrate creativity in this meditative journey for the word-weary. Introducing a quiet, sometimes-playful, always meditative way to engage with God through colour, creativity and prayer. At Play in God’s Creation is a collection of Daniel Sorensen’s evocative, searching drawings, integrated seamlessly with Tara M. Owens’ brief prompts and intentions.

You’ll go on a journey through dark, arched passageways and spacious open fields, meeting God even as He slips between stained glass and sycamores. Colour and contemplate, connect, explore and embellish. What a beautiful way to speak with—and listen to—the Divine.

2016     96 pages    270.00


InspirationFromTheSaintsInspiration from the Ssaints: A Colouring Book for Prayer and Meditation

Duft, Cindi

If you'd like to take time to reflect on what a particular saint might have to say to you today, here is an excellent way to make space in your life for that kind of reflection: we've paired short biographies and meditations with the opportunity to color the page assigned to that particular saint.

Accompanying the images are texts so you can meditate on the words and stories of these saints, each of which is connected to a particular virtue.

22.01.2019    42 pages   R249.50

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