SavingTheFamilySaving the Family: The Transformative Power of Sharing Meals with People You Love

Leo Patalinghug

These pages show you how to transform your family mealtimes into joyful occasions that even teenagers will love.

From hundreds of happy families worldwide, television chef Rev. Leo has gathered practical tips that foster gratitude and conviviality at mealtimes. They’ll work in your home, too, strengthening the ties that bind, no matter how emotionally close or distant your family members may be.

Read these pages to learn how to initiate pleasant mealtime rituals, deal with difficult dinner conversations, and, more importantly, steer your loved ones through the joys and tribulations of everyday life.

2019    160 pages    R359.50



Pope Francis the Family and Divorce: In Defence of Truth and Divorce

Stephen Walford – Preface by Pope Francis

Stephen Walford writes,“Chapter Eight will surely be remembered years from now as one of the most controversial things a Pope has written as part of the ordinary magisterium.

In dealing with the pastoral care of those in irregular situations—such as the divorced and civilly remarried—it presents a substantial challenge, inviting all to step outside the comfort zone wrought by a general rule and discipline-based approach to complex moral issues."

In response to dissenters of the papal magisterium on Amoris Laetitia, Walford has written a book that is sure to spark discussion.  It calls for approaching with love, compassion, and mercy those who find themselves in complex relationships.

This is in keeping with the understanding that Pope Francis teaches with the authority of Christ. This book speaks to lay persons as well as to clergy and members of academia.

2018    210 pages    R355.00



ParentingWithTheBeatitudesParenting with the Beatitudes: Eight Holy Habits for Daily Living

Jeannie and Ben Ewing

Offers deep spiritual insights for parents about how to strengthen their own virtue formation while also educating their children in moral development.

It assists families in their spiritual walk toward holiness, strengthening and encouraging them along the way.

2019    162 pages    R245.00





Lectio Divina in ppt

A new civilization of love

A NewCivilizationOfLove

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World Meeting of Families


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