SixJarsOfLoveSix Jars of Love: Loving attitudes to help Married Couples Reconnect

John and Teri Bosio

Taking inspiration from Cana, where Jesus turned six jars of plain water into exquisite wine, John and Teri Bosio suggest six key aspects of married love that are essential to building a meaningful life together.

These moving stories and very down-to-earth reflections are steeped in Scripture and the seven sacraments to help couples discover how Christ can guide them to the lifelong love their two hearts long for.

2019    144 pages    R329.50


A BookOfSaintsForCatholicMomsA Book of Saints for Catholic Moms: 52 Companions for your Heart, Minds, Body, and Soul

Lisa M. Hendey

Hendey shares her passion for the saints by introducing fifty-two holy companions as guides for the vocation of Catholic motherhood.

Guided by the example of the saints, Hendey links personal stories, scripture, prayer, and exercises into a spiritually rich and deeply practical resource for Catholic women. This edition includes a new preface and is updated with information about saints canonized since the first edition.

2019    352 pages    R345.00

TheBookOfSaintsForCatholicMomsThe Book of Saints for Catholic Moms: Nurturing Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul

Lisa M. Hendey

Hendey’s resource, has helped new parents balance and integrate the deeply personal needs with the demands of family life and faith commitment.

Since the first edition was published in 2010, it’s become an indispensable resource for two generations of Catholic moms, offering a unique perspective on all aspects of life and honest advice from fellow moms on topics ranging from marriage and finances to stress management and parish life.

2019    256 pages     R325.00


67WaysToDoTheWorksOfMercyWithYourKids67 Ways to Do the Works of Mercy with Your Kids

Heidi Indakl

Heidi Indahl provides parents with a roadmap for teaching kids the value (and rewards!) of Christian service by doing it with them. In these pages, you’ll find dozens of ideas for how families can serve others, with low-cost and easy activities flagged.

Additional articles address: the biblical foundations of Christian service in the of mercy, and its development in Church teaching; common barriers to family service, and how to overcome them; strategies for building a culture of service at home; ways to talk about issues with kids; and how to build on kids’ positive experience of Christian service through reflection.

2019    96 pages    R227.50


JourneyInLoveJourney in Love: A Catholic Mother’s Prayers after Penatal Diagnosis

Kathryn Anne Casey

In this book you will find a sensitive, supportive resource from an author who knows this suffering first hand. Kathryn walks with you through the stages of grief, helps you to pray even when you feel you cannot, sheds new light on the comfort and grace of the Church’s traditional prayers, and provides meditations tied to the liturgical year.

2019    104 pages    R95.00




Lectio Divina in ppt

A new civilization of love

A NewCivilizationOfLove

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Lisa M. Hendey, Lisa Hendey, Donna-Marie Cooper O\'Boyle

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