HabitsForA HealthyMariagejpgHabits for a Healthy Marriage: A Handbook for Catholic Couples

Dr Richard Fitzgibbons

Drawing on his experience of forty years as a psychiatrist, Dr Fitzgibbons presents twelve habits that can foster healing and growth in Catholic marriages. This book helps couples to identify and resolve the major emotional conflicts that weaken their relationships and hurt their marriages.

Habits for a Healthy Marriage is unique because it draws on the field of positive psychology, which focuses on growth in virtues. Each chapter names a common marital problem along with a particular virtue that can help couples to overcome that problem. It shows that the road to healing is paved with forgiveness, not only between spouses but also within their families of origin. Along the way the author incorporates the luminous writing of Saint John Paul II on marriage and the timeless wisdom of the Catholic Church.

2019    280 pages     R335.00


 AsForMeAndMyHouseAs for Me And My House

Anita Houghton

Written in simple and accessible language, this book not only explores who Jesus is and why he came, but also suggests ways to help you and your family encounter Christ in a whole new way and put him at the centre of your family life.

2019    40 pages    R129.50




TheMessageOfAmorisLaetitiaThe Message of Amoris Laetitia: Finding Common Ground

Walter Kasper

The author shows that Amoris laetitia does not represent new teaching, but presents, on the basis of the gospel, a creative renewal of the tradition and completely corresponds to the renewed view of the Second Vatican Council concerning marriage and family.

It is also in accord with the teaching of the two previous pontificates, while simultaneously advancing them in a careful way.

2019    128 pages    R315.00



BabyAndBeyondBaby and Beyond: Overcoming Those Post-Childbirth Woes

Allison Auth

Auth introduces you to powerful exercise, health, and nutrition practices that can relieve – and often even eliminate – most of the troubles you might suffer during that difficult year after your baby is born.

These practices will help you find the energy, balance, and healing – physical and spiritual – that you need to care confidently for your loved ones, your home, and your soul. Auth will even teach you a sure way to slay the temptation to compare yourself unfavourably with that “perfect mom” next door, whose hair is always tidy, clothes neat, and house clean.

2019    128 pages    R299.50

 GettingMoreOurOfMarriageGetting More Out of Marriage

Mark Hart

Marriage is one of God's most beautiful gifts and is intended to bless us, fulfil us, and give us a path to sanctity. Understanding what true love entails and how grace works to overcome our wounded human nature is the key to a holy, happy, and passionate marriage.

In this six-part study, Mark and Melanie Hart share insights on how God wants to work in our marriages and make them go from bad to good, from good to great, or even from great to excellent.

  1. 2019    40 pages    R145.00



Lectio Divina in ppt

Passing from darkness

to light


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