DiscoveringGodTogetherDISCOVERING GOD TOGETHER: The Catholic Guide to Raising Faithful Kids

Greg Popcak & Lisa Popcak

Experienced psychotherapists Greg and Lisa Popcak show how you can transform your family into a joyful place where each member experiences life as a gift from God.

From tapping into the rich beauty of Catholic traditions to mustering the motivation needed to deepen your spiritual life, you discover the practical, positive, and tangible difference our faith can make in your family life.

192 pages     R315.00



StressFreeDisciplineSTRESS-FREE DISCIPLINE: Simple Strategies for Handling Common Behavior Problems

Sara Au, Peter L. Stavinoha

Prepares parents for any challenge: the pre-schooler who throws a fit . . . the second-grader who refuses homework . . . the budding tween who dishes out insults. The book helps determine the root cause, explaining what drives the behaviour, why it's usually normal, how to prevent escalations, and how to instill self-control.

Once parents grasp the underlying motivation they can select the strategy that fits their child's age, temperament, and issue—including role modelling, setting limits, positive reinforcement, negative consequences, disengagement—and deploy it calmly and with confidence. Examples and exercises throughout help readers personalize the authors' advice to their unique situation.

240 pages    R285.00


OurCatholicFamilyOUR CATHOLIC FAMILY: Activities, Conversations, and Prayer for Sharing Faith at Home

David Dziena & Gloria Shain 

Every catechist and DRE knows just how important and necessary it is for faith formation to extend into the home and to become part of Catholic family life. This simple and attractive new book can be a powerful help for families to share in faith-filled conversation, to engage in enjoyable religious activities, and to pray together.

The book demonstrates how to bring the liturgy home.

It covers the entire liturgical year.

It helps bring the Catholic faith to important civil holidays.

It provides prayers and blessings that help develop the habit of family prayer.

 It offers a treasure trove of traditional Catholic prayers and devotions.

104 pages    R179.50


Lynn Cassella-Kapusinki

The author a child of divorce who is a National Certified Counsellor with an experience in Catholic-based ministry programs for children of divorce or separation-knows these realities all too well. Writing from both a personal and professional perspective, she comfortingly embraces children into the community of children of divorce and separation, and also into the community of God's children and God's family: the Church.

Formed by the truths of the Catholic faith and by what professionals in family counselling have found helpful, this guide through parental divorce and separation designed for children ages 8 – 12 blends faith with interactive elements. Whether you are a parent, guardian, caretaker, counsellor, therapist, support group leader, or ministry program coordinator, with this resource, you can provide your child with a safe space for coping, healing, and growing.

242 pages    R180.00



Lectio Divina in ppt

Know your infinite value


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