BeDevotedBe Devoted: Restoring Friendship, Passion, and Communion in Your Marriage

Schuchts Bob

Delivers Catholic teaching, and practical tools for healing, along with psychological insights and expertise to help couples create a relationship that is rich in trust, passion, and unity.

The key to a healthy and passionate marriage is as simple as fostering genuine love and affection, or devotion. True devotion only develops, however, when both spouses take responsibility for their actions and emotional wounds.

2020    224 pages    R339.50



 A FamilyGuideToSpiritualWarfareA Family Guide to Spiritual Warfare: Strategies for Deliverance and Healing

Kathleen Beckman

Kathleen Beckman offers you advice from her 12 years of active participation on an exorcist's team. She shows you how to clean up your household by cultivating in your family a civilization of love and how to withstand the spiritual attacks that inevitably come to destroy the harmonious family life you create.

Beckman reveals how you can recognize diabolical disguises in your home and offers proven means of protection found only in the Church's arsenal of spiritual weapons.

2020    336 pages    R445.00


 TheDivorcedCatholicsGuideToParentingThe Divorced Catholic's Guide to Parenting

Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski

Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski, herself a child of divorce, takes parents step by step through these challenges.

Drawing on her own story and professional experience, she helps Catholic parents walk with their children through the heartbreak of divorce into the healing, peace, and even joy that is possible in their lives.

2020    208 pages    R379.50



TrustfulSurrenderTrustful Surrender: Stories of Grace amidst Crisis

Debbie Georgianni, Jerry Usher

In this riveting book, EWTN Radio personalities Jerry Usher and Debbie Georgianni present deeply moving stories from listeners whose loved ones have left the Catholic Church. They are stories of heartache and sacrifice, but also hope and redemption.

You will discover how families have coped successfully and unsuccessfully with the fallen-away loved ones, prayed for their return, and worked with the grace of God to reach out and touch their hearts.

You ll learn how they placed their fears and anxieties at the foot of the Cross and implored God with constancy, deep compassion, and unwavering fervor.

2020    128 pages    R355.00

BecauseOfOurFathersBecause of Our Fathers: Twenty-three Catholics Tell How Their Fathers Led Them to Christ

Tyler Rowley

Makes the case for a father's essential and primary role in the spiritual lives of his children in three ways:
1) Presenting clear Church teaching on parenting and fatherhood.
2) Presenting strong evidence from studies on the crucial role of the father.
3) Testimonies of twenty Catholic men and women whose fathers inspired them to love Christ and his Church.

2020    206 pages     R325.00



Lectio Divina in ppt

Passing from darkness

to light


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