Good Enough Is Good Enough: Confessions of an Imperfect Catholic Mom

Colleen Duggan

The truth about parenting is that you don't have to get everything right and your family doesn't need to be perfect. Colleen Duggan learned those lessons through years of struggling with unrealistic expectations.

In this story, Duggan explores the emotional and spiritual healing that needed to take place in her life in order to be the parent, spouse, and follower of Christ God created her to be.

Sharing both funny parenting moments and difficult times of self-scrutiny, Duggan invites us to join her in experiencing God's healing mercy and shows how to allow that healing to rejuvenate our lives and revitalize our families.

2018    160 pages    R255.00


ThreeSecretsToHolinessInMarriageThree Secrets to Holiness in Marriage: A 33-Day Self-Guided Retreat for Catholic Couples

Dan DeMatte, Amber DeMatte

The DeMattes walk you through a thirty-three -day retreat that culminates in consecrating your marriage to Christ.

They will help you achieve perfect love for each other, your family, and God by incorporating the virtues of poverty, chastity, and obedience into your life.

This retreat will help you fall deeper in love with Christ, your spouse and children, and the world God calls you to serve.

2018    224 pages    R279.50




Whatever happened to Marriage?

Patrick Treacy SC

In 2016, Pope Francis said that “Today, there is a global war trying to destroy marriage … they don’t destroy it with weapons, but with ideas.” What are these ideas?

This booklet explores the Catholic understanding of marriage based upon biblical revelation and the objective nature of the human person.

It explores the legal deconstruction of the family in many countries who adopt models based almost exclusively on the individual.

2018    64 pages    R75.00




BeDADitudes: 8 Ways to Be an Awesome Dad

Gregory K. Popcak

Internationally known marriage and family expert Greg Popcak draws on more than twenty years as a counselor as well as his own experience as a father to show how the Beatitudes can be viewed as a practical guide to understanding the love of God and applying that love to being a better father.

2017    224 pages    R247.50




Lectio Divina in ppt

 Love Can Transform the World 


My God and My All  


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