MyYearWithTheSaintsMy Year with the Saints     

365 Daily Readings

Celano Peter

Introduces a saint for each day of the year—ordinary people who made the choice to love Jesus and give their lives to him. These stories, prayers, and suggestions for becoming holy are designed with our needs and our lives in mind.

But this is not your ordinary "Book of Saints." Each day's reflection is designed to inspire and challenge you to become who God intends for you to become. We can do this. But we need the help of the saints!

2021     R385.00


 SheMadeMeLaughShe Made Me Laugh: Mother Teresa and the Call to Holiness

Stephanie Emmons

This book is a memoir of the author’s direct experiences with Mother Teresa during a trip to Calcutta in 1996 when she discovered that sense of humour first hand.

It is also an extended reflection on the beloved saint’s “dark night of the soul” and what that might mean for spiritual seekers today.

2020    160 pages    R395.00




 MyUncleFultonSheenMy Uncle Fulton Sheen

Janel Rodriguez, Joan Sheen Cunningham

In this memoir, Joan describes many formative experiences she had with Fulton Sheen—from shopping for a winter coat to meeting Al Smith, the governor of New York. She fondly recollects how her uncle guided her courtship, helped her and her new husband find an apartment, and baptized their children and grandchildren. Sheen is most known for his popular television show, Life Is Worth Living.

The Sheen that Joan presents, however, is not only a polished television personality, but a man of prayer, generosity, and missionary zeal who interacted with countless people from all walks of life. In one story after another, she illustrates that this great man's chief concern was sharing the mercy of God with everyone.

2020    144 pages    R295.00


 FrancisOfAssisiFrancis of Assisi: Messenger for Today's World

Robert Waldron

The author explores Francis from three perspectives: biographical, psychological and aesthetic. His book is innovative because he understands Francis through our new science of psychology and through the beauty of Bellini's masterpiece St. Francis in the Desert, the painting shown on the cover of the book.

For a psychological understanding Waldron employs Carl Jung's theory of individuation: the steps taken by Francis to become his True Self. He also employs Bellini's painting to shed light on St. Francis the mystic. Waldron also addresses Francis's poem The Canticle of the Creatures, offering an exegesis of the poem that also provides insights into the saint's life.

2019   108 pages   R425.00



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