SaintsWhoTransformedTheirWorldSaints Who Transformed Their World

Sherry Weddell

Presents stories of laypeople who said "yes" to God and shared the spiritual gifts given to them by God.

Be inspired by the stories of lay saints: women and men whom God has powerfully used as channels of his beauty, mercy, wisdom, healing, and provision. In these short stories, you will discover people you can relate to.

Their inspirational ways of living their faith can help you to recognize your spiritual gifts and help you live every day as an intentional disciple.

2019    120 pages    R295.00


TeilhardsStruggleTeilhard’s Struggle: Embracing the Work of Evolution

Kathleen Duffy

The Jesuit scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin developed a unique understanding of the role of struggle and conflict in evolution—whether in the material or on the spiritual plane.

He laboured to integrate the insights of evolution with his Catholic faith, and experienced ongoing conflicts with authorities in the church in response to his writings.

Through an expansive study of Teilhard’s letters and biographies, Kathleen Duffy explores the major struggles that he experienced in his roles as scientist, priest, mystic, friend, and member of the church.

2019    148 pages    R465.00

EmbracingWeaknessEmbracing Weakness: The Unlikely Secret to Changing the World 

Shannon K. Evans

Shannon K. Evans spent a good portion of her life denying that she was weak. Like many Christians, she was concerned with living a moral life, sticking to religious absolutes, holding leadership positions, and working on service projects.

And then the truth of her inner brokenness smacked her in the face, first through her work as a missionary, and afterward through motherhood.

This book is a story of vulnerability, of how one woman learned that before she could respond to the weakness of others she must first accept her own weakness as a gift, revealed in the Incarnation and Passion of Christ.

2019    `128 pages    R289.50



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