TheGreatDiscoveryThe Great Discovery: Our Journey to the Catholic Church

Ulf and Birgitta Ekman

Tells the amasing, inspirational story of their road to Rome, from their own intense opposition to Catholicism to meeting with Pope Francis. The result is an instant classic of Christian autobiography.

2018    274 pages    R265.00







Father Miguel Pro: A Modern Mexican Martyr

Gerald Muller

One November morning in 1927, a young priest stood before a firing squad in Mexico City. Five shots cracked through the air, and he fell lifeless on the ground. The man was Miguel Agustin Pro, S.J. His crime? Being a Catholic priest.

As a member of the Society of Jesus, Father Pro had worked hard to bring bread to the poor and the Holy Eucharist to the faithful. Like all Catholic priests in his day, he was deeply hated and hunted by the secret police and the army of the anti-clerical government of Mexico. After Father Pro eluded them many times with disguises and hiding places, when he was finally captured, he was promptly executed without a trial.

Father Pro's generous love for the poor, the young, the sick, the tempted, and the spiritually weak attracted many hearts to him, and through him to Christ. In addition to his charity, his wit and courage make him a model for all Christians, especially those being persecuted for their faith and young people, who are inspired by his heroism.

2018    271 pages    R253.00


ThePriceToPayThe Price to Pay: A Muslim Risks All to Follow Christ

Joseph Fadelle

During his military service, Muhammad, a young Muslim Iraqi from a leading Shiite family, discovers to his dismay that his roommate is a Christian. Muhammad tries to convert his roommate, but he is the one who is converted.

In Islam changing one's religion is a crime, and Muhammad's family does everything possible to make him renounce his new faith in Christ. After threats and blows come prison and torture. Muhammad, who has become Joseph by his baptism, experiences a long Calvary but does not give in. Finally, he is taken from prison by relatives who threaten to kill him if he does not resubmit to Islam. They shoot him and leave him for dead.

This book is the true story of Joseph's conversion to Catholicism. He risks everything-family, friends, his inheritance and home, and even his life-in order to follow Christ. In a personal narrative style, Fadelle reveals the horrible persecution endured by Christians living in a violent and hostile Muslim world.

2015    232 pages   R269.50


ApostlesOfTheCultureOfLifeApostles of the Culture of Life

Dr Donald T. DeMarco

Presents short but vivid and insightful profiles of individuals who worked heroically, consistently, and effectively in defence of life. Grouped according to various fields of endeavour—medicine, philosophy, theology, sports, entertainment, and politics and the arts—and hailing from many different countries, the heroes described within exemplify the diversity of the pro-life movement. Men and women are represented as well as individuals from different races.

While some are Jewish and others Protestant, the majority are Catholic. Offering the most diverse representation of pro-life stalwarts, this book will serve as an inspiration to anyone who loves justice, while, at the same time, providing cogent and convincing arguments as to why the defence of life is the most important issue of our time. Read it and be inspired!

2018    296 pages    R320.00




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