PrisonJournalVol2pgPrison Journal, Volume 2: The State Court Rejects the Appeal

Cardinal George Pell

In this second of three volumes, Cardinal Pell receives the terrible news that his first appeal is rejected. With the same grace, wisdom, and calm perseverance we see on display in Volume 1, he continues his quest for justice by appealing to the Australian High Court.

Glimmers of hope emerge as more legal experts, including non-Catholics, join the chorus of those demanding that this miscarriage of justice be reversed.

2021    350 pages    R390.00




Prison Journal: The High Court Frees an Innocent Man, Volume 3

Cardinal George Pell

In this third volume, Cardinal Pell’s conviction is overturned by Australia's High Court, and he is released from prison. As his appeal draws near, he grows in confidence that his case is strong and that his vindication is important not only for his own sake and the Church's sake, but also for the sake of Australia's legal system.

While continuing his daily readings and devotions, and receiving hundreds of letters with offers of prayers and sacrifices on his behalf, the cardinal ponders the meaning of suffering in the life of the Christian, and he determines to accept with equanimity whatever outcome lies ahead.

2021    339 pages    R385.00



My Year with the Saints

Peter Celano

Introduces a saint for each day of the year—ordinary people who made the choice to love Jesus and give their lives to him.

These stories, prayers, and suggestions for becoming holy are designed with our needs and our lives in mind. But this is not your ordinary "Book of Saints."

Each day's reflection is designed to inspire and challenge you to become who God intends for you to become. We can do this. But we need the help of the saints!

2020    160 pages    R385.00


WalkingWithFrancisOfAssisi Walking with Francis of Assisi: From Privilege to Activism

Bruce G. Epperly

From a pilgrimage through the streets of Assisi to contemplative walks on the beaches near his home, the author has pondered the questions of privilege, prayer, and social justice while walking with the teachings of Francis of Assisi.

From his roots in reformation traditions, he has a deep understanding of the call Francis received to rebuild the church and the need for constant reformation not only in our personal lives but also in our society and in our religious institutions.

He knows that change comes from within, from listening to the spirit of God as we engage in contemplative listening.

2021    160 pages    R375.00



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