James Martin, SJ: In the Company of Jesus

Jon M. Sweeney

Sweeney probes Martin's early life, his experiences as a corporate executive, his call to religious life, his ministry and spirituality, his feelings about both the adoration and the criticism he receives from so many, and much more.

Readers will come away with a much better understanding of one of today's most interesting and influential Catholics.

2020    208 pages     R335.00


ItsGoodToBeHereIt’s Good to Be Here: A Disabled Woman's Reflections on God in the Flesh and the Sacred Wonder of Being Human

Christina Chase

Christina Chase, the twenty-first century Thérèse of Lisieux whose “littleness” is as humble as that of the Little Flower, and whose spiritual power is of comparable intensity. Crippled though she is, Christina’s fearful disabilities have led her not into anger, or despair, but rather into a profound encounter with God’s love itself.

From that littleness Christina here draws forth a wisdom that shows that as creatures, we are all, in one sense or another, paralyzed. Meditating on this fact yields a joy that transcends the greatest physical or mental suffering – a joy that is Christina’s, despite her physical state, and a joy that can be yours as well.

2019    192 pages    R355.00


TheTwoHandsOfYesAndNoThe Two Hands of Yes and No: One Family's Encounter with the Surprising Power of Active Nonviolence

John Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn & Dennis Linn

With stories ranging from Gandhi’s struggles in India, to resistance against Nazi occupation, the U.S. Civil Rights movement, and protests extending to the recent campaign by young people against gun violence, this book provides an inspiring account of the amazing power of active nonviolence.

2019    192 pages    R285.00


HolyHandmaidsOfTheLordHoly Handmaids of the Lord: Women Saints Who Won the Battle for Souls

Julie Onderko

Brings you tales about female warriors of the spirit, from heroic Old Testament women such as Judith, Deborah, and Esther (who prefigured the Virgin Mary) to more recent icons of the Faith, including Saint Clare, Saint Monica, and Saint Faustina.

From within their diverse circumstances and vocations, these women will teach you the spiritual tactics that they used in their battles against the devil, tactics that will help you grow holy even as you engage in the profoundest endeavour of all: saving souls for Christ.

2019   128 pages    R299.50



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