A Science of the Saints: Studies in Spiritual Direction

Robert E. Alvis

Explores the dynamics of spiritual direction as revealed in the lives and writings of a wide array of  disciples, from the Desert Fathers and Mothers to Thomas Merton, and from St. Teresa of Avila to St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein).

This work sheds new light on an essential dimension of the Christian experience, yielding wisdom to inform the practice of spiritual direction in our own day.

4.15. 2020    240 pages    R575.00


CounterfeitpiritualityCounterfeit Spirituality: Exposing the False Gods

Bryan Mercier

Equips Catholics to spot false teachings and practices that have infiltrated our society and captivated members of our Church. We need to recognize the differences between true and false spiritualties so that we can grow closer to God and the truth of his Church.

Counterfeit Spirituality also includes resources and recommended reading for those who want to go deeper into this topic.

6.29.2020    144 pages     R349.50


A FeastForHungrySoulsA Feast for Hungry Souls: Spiritual Lessons from the Church's Greatest Masters and Mystics

Susan Muto

Susan Muto presents her spiritual legacy with an introduction to thirty Christian masters. These voices from the ancient, medieval, and modern Church have been the focus of Muto’s work for more than forty years and the trusted guides of her own spiritual life. Masters such as Benedict of Nursia, Clare of Assisi, Thomas Merton, and Teresa of Avila will help answer your spiritual questions and satisfy the deepest cravings of your heart.

5.29.2020    384 pages     R485.00


ListeningForGodInEverydayLifeListening for God in Everyday Life

Joseph D. White

In this book you'll find engaging stories and thoughtful reflections about the many ways God speaks to us every day - in nature, relationships, silence, struggle, and more.

Each chapter offers questions for reflection and practical ways for the reader to hear God's voice more clearly.

6.22.2020    112 pages     R210.00




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