Pilgrim: You Find the Path by Walking

Jeanne Murray Walker

The author invites the reader to join her on a journey told in 58 colloquial sonnets, beginning in the slangy streets of New York and ending in the holiness of silence and praise. Stops on the journey include reflections on death and grief, but also praise for a migrating butterfly, a knock on the door, the astonishing ocean. 

This book is designed to be used as a devotional and read slowly; to be both a book of poetry and a spiritual companion.    

2019     96 pages     R299.50



Eight Ways of Loving God: As Revealed by God

Jeanette Flood

There is growing awareness that different people have different "love languages". What about God? Does He have a love language?

Jeanette Flood answers this question by looking at the life and teachings of Jesus. With a conversational style, she describes eight love languages with spiritual analogies and lessons from her own life. This work reveals that being a Christian means being in a relationship of love with Love Himself.

Drawing on Scripture, Church teachings, and insights of the saints, it inspires readers to follow Saint Paul's advice to the Ephesians to "learn what is pleasing to the Lord"
(Eph 5:10).

2019    375 pages    R310.00



Touched by God’s Spirit: How Merton, Van Gogh, Vanier and Rembrandt influenced Henri Nouwen’s heart of compassion

Fr Luke Penkett

‘Luke’s wise analysis of the gifts of Henri’s mentors, combined with Henri’s journey of integration, become a “Way” towards becoming more truly human.’ Sue Mosteller

2019    140 pages    R270.00





A TimeToDie

A Time to Die: Monks on the Threshold of Eternal Life

Nicolas Diat  

How to die? How to respond to our fear of death? To answer these and other questions, Diat travelled to eight European monasteries including Solesmes Abbey and the Grande Chartreuse. Through interviews with monks, he learned that their death experiences are varied and unique, with elements of peace, pain, humility, sorrow, and joy.

These monks have the same fears, torments, and sorrows as everyone else, Diat discovered. What is exemplary about them is their humility and simplicity. When death approaches, and its hand reveals its strength, they are like happy and naïve children who wait with impatience to open a gift. They have complete confidence in the mercy of God.

2019    174 pages    R280.00



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