Why God Hides: And where to Find Him

Fr. John Portavella

Why does God hide from those of us who yearn to hear His voice? When we do well, there’s no heavenly applause. When we do evil, no divine rebuke. Now comes this book of Fr. John Portavella, written after many decades of listening to God’s silence – in his own life and in that of thousands of his parishioners.

Those years of listening, reading, thinking, and praying have made ever more clear to him – and with the help of this book, will make clear to you – that, in fact God is not silent nor is He hidden, if only you know how to listen and learn where to look. Time and again in the events of salvation history and in the trials and joys of our daily lives, Fr. Portavella here unveils the Face of God and lets us hear His voice, speaking in every instance words of love.

2018    224 pages    R365.00


PsalmConversationPsalms Conversations: Listening in as They Talk with One another

James O. Chatham

Using the insights of the "shape and shaping of the Psalms", James Chatham presents a study for nonexperts to explore the interactions that various psalms have with one another. The book invites us to listen in on several psalm conversations, to realize how contemporary they are, and to join them.

Chatham encourages us to immerse ourselves in the mind, heart, and world of the Psalms editor, to get to know those editors well, and to realize that their world was, in important ways, very much like ours. Through this process, the messages spoken by the Psalms emerge with words of faith about everyday issues in human living, both then and now.

2018    144 pages    R355.00


 BoundlessCompassionBoundless Compassion: Creating a Way of Life

Joyce Rupp

Is the culmination of Rupp's research and work as cordirector of the Servite Centre of Compassionate Presence. Through this six-week personal transformation process for developing and deepening compassion, Rupp nudges, encourages, and inspires you to grow in the kind of love that motivated Jesus’ life and mission for his disciples.

With master teacher Joyce Rupp, you will learn to develop compassion as never before. You will discover compassion from science, medicine, theology, spirituality, sociology, and psychology. You will be encouraged to explore personal and professional expressions of compassion, and to re-energise your ability to offer loving kindness to those around you.

2018    224 pages     R345.00

JesusApproachesJesus Approaches: What Contemporary Women Can Learn about Healing, Freedom & Joy from Women of the New Testament

Elizabeth M. Kelly

Elizabeth Kelly shares vivid stories of New Testament women whose encounters with Jesus freed them to flourish in life. The stories are supplemented with moving accounts from her own life, and from the lives of women like you, to demonstrate that sometimes the best way to find healing, strength, and wholeness in Christ is, ironically, to lead with vulnerability and openness.​

Ultimately, this book teaches that finding the fullness of life for which you were created begins with bringing your brokenness to the Lord.

2018    180 pages    R245.00


TheFulfilmentOfAllDesireThe Fulfilment of all Desire

Ralph Martin

Gives us a rich and clear description of progress through prayer in union with God, drawing on the wisdom of the saints.

2018 India   432 pages    R135.00





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