Humble Strength Eye Opening

Vost Kevin

St. Augustine calls humility the “foundation of all the other virtues”–but what exactly is this virtue? In this book Kevin Vost shows that humility isn’t self-hatred, but rather knowing your truest self through God’s grace.

With Scripture passages and wisdom from the saints, this book shows what humility is and isn’t.

2022    216 pages     R425.00



Stand Still: Finding Balance When the World Turns Upside Down

Terry Hershey

Hershey lays out the answer: that in every unforeseen challenge there is an invitation to pause, re-evaluate the status quo, and welcome the change of heart that is knocking on your door. “Transformative events will be hard,” he writes. “So, whatever love is in your heart…Nurture it. Develop it. Grow it. Spread it.”

Through real-life stories, reflections, and questions to meditate on, you will receive in these pages renewed perspective for a mindful approach to the present moment that can get you through any hardship. Hershey will encourage you to embrace the challenges of life with hope, curiosity, and a relentless optimism that goodness can be found anywhere.

2022   128 pages    R339.50


Finding Flow

Plachta Brian J

Provides readers with a simple process to reclaim a close, playful relationship with God.

This book adds a spiritual element to the current discussions by psychologists, athletes, and creatives about “flow,” which the author defines as being one with the Divine Spirit who opens our hearts, allowing us to experience inner peace, balance, and wholeness.

2022    163 pages    R385.00




Making Room: Soul-Deep Satisfaction Through Simple Living

Kyle Kramer

Most of us fall short of fully living out our values, especially if they are countercultural ones like simplicity and soulfulness.

Kyle Kramer knows that struggle. In this book he writes not only as an eco-spiritual expert but also as a fellow pilgrim on the journey toward simplicity, which he defines as the choices that create the freedom to honor our own deepest needs, the concentric circles of human relationships, and God's gifts of the natural world.

2021   156 pages    R345.00



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