Seeking Christ Through Friendship

Jan Alkire

Shows readers how to include God in their friendship, how to find and share their personal life with one another; how to maintain confidentiality and appropriate boundaries. It offers guidelines to help develop and strengthen gifts of listening, encouragement, and support.

A section called The Power of Prayer explores topics such as obstacles to prayer; how to share and pray with a companion; the importance of reflecting on experiences of God. The closing chapter uses St. Ignatius’ discernment process to help readers discover God’s will for them when making important decisions. The author uses personal stories and scripture passages to illustrate major points.

2019   160 pages    R345.00


NineteenthCentury.SpiritualityOfOurTimeNineteenth-Century Spirituality for Our Time 

Isaac Thomas Hecker

Isaac Hecker (1819–1888) was a spiritual seeker from his early days. In 1845 he converted to Catholicism, then joined the Redemptorists before founding the Paulist Fathers with a band of colleagues.

While at seminary he began keeping notebooks of spiritual reflections. This book, gathers some of Hecker’s early, as yet unpublished reflections, and shows Hecker’s spirituality to be as relevant to our times as to his own.

2019    64 pages    R299.50

JesusTheKingOfMercyJesus King of Mercy

Joby Varghese John

This book speak directly to your soul, challenging you to think about your own existence and the world around you. The knowledge and the experiences it narrates bring out the significance of the mercy that Jesus is offering the world.

The book encourages you to make Jesus the centre of your life, and the thoughts and reflections it offers will cheer you on to earnestly seek and grasp the beauty of your divine calling and the very purpose of your life.

2019    96 pages    R50.00


CaveOfPlentyFrontCave of Plenty: A Retreat Manual

George Ponodath, SJ

You will find herein a number of topics that a reader would like to consider them either for preparing to give a retreat or attend one or even as a resource book for personal reflection. The talks have all been grouped thematically to enable the reader to choose at will. 

You will enjoy the exercise, even as you both experience yourself what you set out to do for your retreatants and witness first-hand the effect of the exercise on their faces as they emerge from the cave of plenty well fed on peace and zest.

2019    376 pages    R170.00




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