ConversionConversion: Spiritual Insights into an Essential Encounter with God

Fr Donald Haggerty

Offers observations of the phenomenon of Christian conversion. Arranged as a collection of concise, meditative reflections, this book discusses the essential elements of a soul's return to God, including the repercussions of sin, the proper understanding of mercy, and the importance of a more radical response to God's will.

Fr. Haggerty also explores the fruits of conversion that make the difference between a mediocre relationship with God and a truly holy life. He identifies these special graces as love for the poor, simplicity of lifestyle, and devotion to the Eucharist.

2017    243 pages    R239.50

TheVirtueOfResilienceThe Virtue of Resilience

James D. Whitehead & Evelyn Eaton Whitehead 

Two well-known spiritual teachers show us how to cultivate resilience in ourselves, in our families, and in our faith and civic communities. In these pages readers explore the many facets of this very human quality, and how we might cultivate and strengthen it in ourselves and in others to meet the challenges humans everywhere face.

After introducing the concept and the "three Rs of resilience" (recruiting, reframing, resolving) the Whiteheads explore the personal, social, and civic aspects of resilience. They offer examples through stories of individuals (like Rep Gabby Giffords) and even cities (Boston after the Marathon bombing) exploring the emotional, spiritual, and relational bases for recovery and renewal.

2017    160 pages    R295.00

ReachingForWonder1Reaching for Wonder:  Encountering Christ when Life Hurts

Marlo Schalesky

Explores fifteen of the New Testament’s one-time encounters with Christ to illuminate the surprising character of a God who transforms our pain into wonder.

2018    231 pages    R269.50



TheSpiritOfSimplicityThe Spirit of Simplicity

Jean-Baptiste Chautard, OCSO;  Translated by: Thomas Merton

It has been hidden for almost seventy years after quietly being published by the Abbey of Gethsemani in 1948.  Anonymously translated and annotated by a young monk named Thomas Merton, the book’s author is Jean-Baptiste Chautard, the famous French Cistercian whose only other book,

The Soul of the Apostolate, has been a favourite of modern saints and popes, including Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

2017  160 pages  R215.00


NoEndToTheSearchNo End to the Sacred: Experiencing Monastic Life

Mark Plaiss

Mark Plaiss, married with a wife, children, and grandchildren, writes of his visits to various monasteries while striving to delve into the experience and meaning of monasticism. What is behind that wall? What is the appeal of monastic life? To what degree can such a life be lived by persons who are married, and why would they wish to do so?

This book explores the relationship between the vowed life of monks and the life of laypersons who are unable to live such vows but desire to share just a sliver of it.

2017    173 pages    R375.00




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