The Gift of Enough: A Journal for the Present Moment

Terry Hershey

Through suggestions for reflection and creative prompts, Hershey encourages readers to pause, to discover the grace of the present moment, and to appreciate the gift of enough. 

2020   128 pages   R299.50






The Grace of Beauty: Its Mystery, Power, and Delight in Daily Life

Melannie Svoboda, SND

Explores the mystery, power, and grace of the beauty our souls seek, the kind of beauty that evokes a whispered Wow!  Thank you, God! Our experience of beauty, says Sr. Melannie, has the power to realign our mind and heart toward the Source of all Beauty, our God.

2020   128 pages   R285.50



SoulTrainingWithPeaceSoul Training with the Peace Prayer of Saint Francis

Albert Haase O.F.M.

This simple prayer can train the soul and keep you in shape until you cross the finish line into eternal life.

Think of this book as your workout manual that offers encouragement to help you stay spiritually fit: faith, hope, love, forgiveness, joy, consolation, understanding, and selflessness.

2020   192 pages   R295.50



TheVirtuesOfHolinessThe Virtues of Holiness: The Basics of Spiritual Struggle

Juan Luis Lorda

Offers a road-map for navigating our everyday activities: work, family, leisure pursuits. It shows how we can reach the heights of Christian life in and through these activities.

Fr. Lorda offers his readers a daily spiritual plan and describes strategies for gaining the virtues needed for following Christ closely. The next steps are familiarity with the life of Christ and developing a deep interior relationship with Him.

2010   138 pages   R265.00




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