PrayerEverywherePrayer Everywhere: The Spiritual Life Made Simple

Fr. Gary Caster

Father Gary strips Catholicism down to Jesus’s core command: that we let Him love us. Simple, of course, is not the same as easy. Jesus made it abundantly clear that we do not follow Him as individuals alone; we follow Him as companions.

Every human activity and endeavour, no matter how grand or seemingly insignificant, can flow from and express our relationship with Christ. In this accessible guide, you’ll learn to open the whole of your life to Christ and intentionally make him a vital part of everything you do.

You are the most important work that Jesus is up to, so why not let Him be at work in you?

2018     176 pages    R249.50

FollowingJesusInTheFootstepsOfFrancisFollowing Jesus in the Footsteps of Francis: A Guide to Living a Franciscan Spirituality for Everyone

John Anglin

Fr. Anglin explains the spiritual vision of Francis, describes those who came after him, and details how Francis’ vision shapes and inspires the lives of those who would follow Jesus, whether they are members of the Franciscan order or laypeople.

2017    128 pages    R345.00

TheLightEntrustedToYouThe Light Entrusted To you: Keeping the Flame of Faith Alive

John R. Wood

The author wrote this practical, inspiring primer, which explains the Catholic faith in six engaging lessons that can be applied to everyday life.

The first letters of the six lessons spell the acronym SAINTS, illustrating that the Catholic faith has the power to form ordinary men and women into extraordinary Christians, in other words, saints.

Using popular movies, songs, stories, sports, and life experiences, John Wood illuminates the wisdom of Catholicism and equips us to share it with others, especially our own children.

2018    297 pages    R285.00

PrayerListThe Prayer List: And Other True Stories of How Families Pray

Jane Knuth

Shares the true stories of how families from many faith traditions—Christian, non-Christian, or no defined faith—pray together in meaningful ways.

With prompts to inspire your own family’s prayer after each chapter, these stories prove that family prayer can be a path to the intimacy and closeness we long for. It’s like making God a member of the family.​

2018    172 pages    R225.00



CalledCalled: What Happens After Saying Yes to God

Casey Cole, OFM

“Casey Cole's new book is an engaging snapshot of the life of a young Franciscan: his hopes and dreams, his daily joys and struggles, and, especially, his relationship with God.

Inviting, and inspirational, it's also a fine introduction to Franciscan spirituality, ever old but ever new.” —James Martin, SJ

2018    192 pages     R229.50





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