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O YouthYouArePrecious

 O Youth You Are Precious: Contextual Reflections on Youth and Youth Ministry

  1. A. John Baptist and M. David Stanly Kumar

The articles presented in this book are, in a way, the road map of the Synod of Bishops on the youth. They spell out the urgency and need for a modernized youth ministry and youth catechesis. The first section elucidates the concern of the Church towards the youth mainly from the teachings of the Church.

The second section highlights the biblical perspectives on youth by presenting various biblical roe models and vocation narratives. The third section deals with youth ministry and biblical spirituality for youth. The articles such as ‘Role of Prayer,’ ‘Faith and Faith Crisis in the Life of Youth’ and ‘Youth and Media’ are very much related to the existential issues that the youth face today. It will enable the readers to understand the importance of youth in the mission of the Church.

2019    178 pages    R95.00   



Introduction to Catechetics

Stephen Alathara

Presents two thousand years of the rich catechetical experience of the Ctholic Church.

The author offers an analytical narration of the multifaceted catechetical enterprises and synthesises those elements to depict what cstechesis should be in the third millennium.

2019    370 pages    R215.00




ValuesInAction Values in Action

Nasreen Hashambhoy

A series of 10 booklets aimed at helping students to understand and actively engage with their own values so that they not only have the tools to live richer and more meaningful lives but also develop their character and realize their true potential.

Our values are the things that we put some worth on, and each decision and choice that we make in life is inevitably based on what we value. Hence, our values are very personal and very much alive for us as individuals. Ths book helps students to understand what values are and how these influence their thoughts, feelings, and actions to obtain the desired outcome, apart from equipping them to take due responsibility for the choices they make.

The chapters have been designed to be as much illustrative as possible and as little prescriptive as possible, leaving teachers and students to reflect on and make meaning of the values for themselves by engaging with the values through stories, individual reflection or through discussions, role play and drama, and other purposeful activities. Based on the nature of values, many of the activities can extend beyond the classroom too.

Each and every value has a deep connection to peace. Getting in touch with the peace within is something that never loses relevance for humanity. We have tried to share inspiring stories or thoughts linked to each value to help students understand that peace begins within and only through positive action can it be extended outwards.

2018    R30.00 each.





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