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Divine Blessing: Liturgical Formation in the RCIA

Timothy P. O’Malley

The author shows us how we can break out of a classroom model about liturgy and instead invite seekers to be formed by the Risen Christ through the liturgy.

This book will give you a process for preparing your catechumens and candidates to learn the liturgy's symbolic language of self-giving love that will sustain them with divine blessing and train them to be Christ's disciples in the world.

2019    144 pages    R299.50




Introduction to Catechetics

Stephen Alathara

Presents two thousand years of the rich catechetical experience of the Ctholic Church.

The author offers an analytical narration of the multifaceted catechetical enterprises and synthesises those elements to depict what cstechesis should be in the third millennium.

2019    370 pages    R215.00




SalvationSalvation: What Every Catholic Should Know

Michael Patrick Barber

What does “salvation” mean? In this book, Scripture scholar and theologian Michael Patrick Barber provides a deeply Catholic, and biblical answer.

He deftly tackles this complex topic, unpacking what the New Testament teaches about salvation in Christ, detailing what exactly salvation is, and what it is not. He explains what the Cross, the Church, and the Trinity have to do with salvation.

This book is deeply spiritual, and at its core is the salvific message that God is love, and his love is one of transformation and redemption.

2019     208 pages     R280.00





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Leisa Anslinger

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