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The Church Rocks!: A History of the Catholic Church for Kids and Their Parents and Teachers

Mary Lea Hill, FSP

The story of the Church is an epic drama, filled with adventure, danger, politics, sacrifice, and courage.

Sister Mary Lea Hill tells this story in a book sure to thrill children ages 10 and up, taking readers on a tour of Church history that will enlighten and entertain everyone.

2018     256 pages    R239.50

ConfessionsOfA TraditionalCatholic

Confessions of a Traditional Catholic

Matthew Arnold with a forward by Scott Hahn

Matthew Arnold, a Catholic convert, answers these and other questions about Catholic Traditionalism. His moving first-hand account powerfully demonstrates how a faithful Catholic's legitimate desire for a reverently celebrated liturgy led him to tolerate the irregular situation of Holy Mass celebrated validly, but illicitly, outside the diocesan structure.

His compelling testimony also explores how the licit celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, also known as the Traditional Latin Mass, can have a positive impact on the life and the liturgy of the Church.

This book concisely documents the century-long movement to reform the liturgy.

2017    176 pages    R215.00


OnChristianTeachingOn Christian Teaching:
Practicing Faith in the Classroom

David I. Smith

Smith argues that faith has a critical role in shaping pedagogy and the learning experience. Smith’s scholarly exploration of education combines both theory and practice.

He shows how teachers of every subject and age group can be attentive to how their students are experiencing and interpreting learning. From desk arrangement to discussion questions, there are myriad opportunities to design classes that are deeply rooted in Christian practices.

2018    182 pages    R435.00





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