After Witeness

After Whiteness

Jennings Willie James

If we continue to promote whiteness and its related ideas of masculinity and individualism in our educational work, it will remain diseased and thwart our efforts to heal the church and the world. However, if theological education aims to form people who can gather others together through border-crossing pluralism and God-drenched communion, we can begin to cultivate the radical belonging that is at the heart of God’s transformative work.

This book is a call for Christian intellectuals to exchange isolation for intimacy and embrace their place in the crowd—just like the crowd that followed Jesus and experienced his miracles. It is part memoir, part de-colonial analysis, and part poetry—a multimodal discourse that deliberately transgresses boundaries, as Jennings hopes theological education will do, too.

2020    175 pages    R455.00


LivingAndLearningWithJesusLiving and Learning with Jesus: Reflections, Activities and Prayers for Forming Joyful Disciples

Patricia Mathson

Put on a praise parade for Jesus. Lead a Scripture pantomime. Make a kindness tree. These are just a few of the creative, interactive ideas you ll find here to help children explore Jesus presence in their lives and his call to love as he loves. Each chapter begins with a gospel reflection, followed by an engaging activity suggestion perfect for ages 5-8 and for adapting to many other age levels and backgrounds. S

imple prayer starters for children to finish in their own words, along with full prayers to say together complete the learning experience, helping children actively respond to the love of Jesus in their hearts and live in joy as his disciples.

2020     71 pages     R275.00

100ActivitiesBased100 Activities Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2nd Edition

Ellen Rossini

The worksheets, memory games, Bible studies, etc. in this book require little preparation or materials and are designed to supplement any catechetical text or program for children in grades 1 through 8. Though simple to use, these exercises uncover some of the depth and richness of Catholic doctrine and practice.

Topics of the activities are organized according to the four pillars of the Catechism -- Faith, Sacraments, Morality and Prayer. Each activity is self-contained, perforated to tear out and reproduce for group use. These exercises will enrich the faith of children and those who teach them.

2020    140 pages     R295.00





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