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TheEssentialHandbookForClassroomCatechistsThe Essential Handbook for Classroom Catechists

Anthony P. Rajan

Designed for teachers and religious who are faithfully engaged in teaching catechism to the children and youth in their respective institution or Parish. This handbook is divided into three parts. The first part consists of five chapters and is about the catechist and catechesis.

The second part too deals with Jesus, the perfect model for catechists, the different learning and teaching styles, the use of textbooks, planning the lessons and it ends by offering some concrete tips to the classroom catechists.

The third part informs selected references of catechism books, resources that are connected with catechesis and the renewal centres for catechist training.

2018    80 pages    R65.00


HelpingTeensWithStressHelping Teens with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression: A Field Guide for Catholic Parents, Pastors, and Youth Leaders

Roy Petitfils

Using personal life lessons and expertise gleaned from more than twenty-five years in youth ministry and private practice as a licensed counsellor, Petitfils teaches parents, pastors, and youth leaders what they need to know about mental health issues among America’s youth.

Whether teens need help coping with healthy levels of stress or face persistent, more serious problems with anxiety and depression, Petitfils will help the adults in their lives get comfortable with stepping in.

2019    160 pages    R285.00


LifeTalkWithGodLife Talk with God:  85 Issues Young People Face

Izabella Gates

An indispensable resource for youth that offers straight answers and godly wisdom to help them through the tough choices of love and life.

A total of 85 topics are discussed, including: Your relationship with God; boundaries and self-discipline; drugs, alcoholism and pornography; career choices and success; sexuality and relationships; social media and staying safe; developing healthy habits; and depression and mental struggles.

2019    248 pages    R180.00


A VisionForConversionA Vision for Conversion: Eight Steps to Radically Change Your RCIA Process

Leisa Anslinger

Leisa Anslinger, a RCIA leadership, knows how to help communities develop a vision, navigate change, and bring out the best in their leaders and parishioners. In this book Leisa walks you through the eight most effective ways to move your parish RCIA process from maintenance-mode into a true conversion journey that inspires seekers to lifelong discipleship.

Whether you're an RCIA veteran or just getting started, this book will be your companion and guide as you plan for the change your parish needs to initiate seekers into Christ.

2019  112 pages   R295.00





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Broken and Blessed: An Invitation to My Generation
Fr. Josh Johnson

2018   174 pages  R265.00


A HandbookForCatechists
2018    128 pages    R197.50

Called to Pray: Daily Prayers for Catholic Schools
Justin McClain

2018    160 pages   R262.50


Confirmed in the Joy of the Spirit: A Confirmation Journal for Teens Inspired by Saintly Heroes
Tony Pichler and Paula Rieder

2018     92 pages     R145.00


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