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Discovering Discipleship: Inspiration and Professional Growth

Contributors: Sr. Janet Schaeffler, Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski, Most Rev. Charles Jason Gordon, William H. Johnson, Fr. Donald Senior, Daniel S. Mulhall, and Fr. Bertrand Buby

Discipleship comes in all shapes and sizes, and the call applies to all the baptized. No wonder, then, that it’s so hard to define, much less put into practice. This volume describes several ways of being disciples.

The noted authors in this volume discuss the lifetime journey of faith, crises of faith, Scripture, spirituality, discipleship in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Mary as the first disciple, and much more.

2018    64 pages    R115.00


AbidingInPrayerAbiding in Prayer: Inspiration and Professional Growth

Contributors: Daniel Luby, Mary Cummins Wlodarski, Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski, Adrián Herrera, David Amico, Fr. Gerald Chinchar, and William H. Johnston.

Prayer is our lifeline, our connection to God. It’s probably the most important practice we teach our students, and we’re careful to stress how important an active prayer life is.

Sometimes, though, our own prayer life can grow static, even stale. The noted authors in this volume discuss forms of prayer, how we teach and model prayer for our students, the Liturgy of the Hours, thoughtful praying of the Our Father, and more.

2018    64 pages    R115.00


 33MassLessonsAnActivitiesForChildren33 Mass Lessons and Activities for Children

Patricia Mathson

This practical book is a treasure trove of easy, meaningful, and enjoyable ways to introduce children to each part of the Mass and show them how the Mass connects with daily life.

Activities for the classroom are supplemented with a family take-home page, with special recommendations for families with children preparing for First Eucharist. Ideal for religious education programs, Catholic schools, family faith formation programs, and more, this book will quickly become indispensable for busy catechists. Pages are reproducible.

2018   72 pages   R299.50






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Your Parish is the Curriculum: RCIA in the Midst of the Community
Diana Macalintal

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