Attempt the Impossible

Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil, SDB

A collection of articles by Archbishop Menamparampil on the sharing of the Christian Message in a world of uncertainty where the search for meaning and purposefulness is also growing intensely.

In an increasingly secularized world where every tenet of the Faith is being questioned, it has become most challenging to explain our religious convictions, remaining always open to newly emerging perspectives on life. “Return to the ways of the Acts of the Apostles”, says Archbishop Thomas. It is an exciting mission to ‘Attempt the Impossible’.

2022    442 pages    R195.00

FirstHolyCommunion1First Holy Communion: My Life with Jesus

MaryLou Winters, fsp

First Holy Communion is joyfully presented in the context of my life with Jesus, which began at Baptism and grows through Reconciliation and Confirmation – the four sacraments that strengthen and prepare us for a full and rich life - with Jesus.

Children will quickly discover one of the many unique features in this publication:  a book angel – Friel, who offers many valuable insights that will deepen and enrich the child’s understanding and growth in faith.  

2021    76 pages    R295.00


ChildrenAndYouthInTheCatechumenateChildren and Youth in the Catechumenate: Forming Young Disciples for Mission (Team RCIA)

Anne Y. Koester

Anne Koester shows catechumenate ministers how to immerse young seekers into an apprenticeship in Christian life.

By using the liturgy of the church and the liturgy of life, she demonstrates the four integral dimensions of Christian discipleship that form young believers for mission.

2021    108 pages    R299.50






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