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WeAreLordsWe Are the Lord's: A Catholic Guide to Difficult End-of-Life Questions

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, S.T.D.

A quick-reference guide to difficult end-of-life questions, framed by divine wisdom and Church teaching.

Its easy-to-read chapters and question-and-answer format can be a welcomed help to any person or family who are searching for answers during a difficult and traumatic time.

2019    96 pages    R285.00





 Entering the Teen Zone

William L. Coleman

If you're worried about your looks or your grades or what your parents are going to do next, this book can help. You see, you're not alone. God's there with you.And the upbeat messages in this book will remind you of that every day!

The author understands young people, and he knows what you're going through as you enter sometimes that scary, always changing world of teen hood.

2017    174 pages    R35.00



 ViolenceAndNonViolenceInScriptureViolence and Nonviolence in Scripture: Helping Children Understand Challenging Stories

Catherine Maresca

Maresca provides us with an approach for helping children to develop a foundational relationship with God before engaging Scriptural accounts that challenge their understanding of God’s actions.

As a Montessori educator for 30 years, she understands the developmental stages of children and knows what Scriptures children are ready to understand.

As a catechist of the Good Shepherd during those 30 years, she is able to provide practical ways to help children become familiar with the meaning and mystery of how God acts in the world in in our lives.

2019    104 pages    R245.00




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