Common Sense Catholicism: How to Resolve Our Cultural Crisis

Bill Donohue

Analyses how the three key elements of a democratic society—freedom, equality, and fraternity—have been misconstrued by intellectuals and policy makers who do not respect the limitations of the human condition.

By contrast, the social teachings of the Catholic Church mesh nicely with the demands of human nature, and as such they offer the right remedy to our cultural crisis. Catholic teaching offers much wisdom to remedy our insufficient understanding of the elements needed for a free and flourishing society.

2019     291 pages     R299.50


WeWillFeastWe Will Feast: Rethinking Dinner, Worship, and the Community of God

Kendall Vanderslice

The gospel story is filled with meals. It opens in a garden and ends in a feast. Records of the early church suggest that believers met for worship primarily through eating meals. Over time, though, churches have lost focus on the centrality of food— and with it a powerful tool for unifying Christ’s diverse body.

But today a new movement is under way, bringing Christians of every denomination, age, race, and sexual orientation together around dinner tables. Men and women nervous about stepping through church doors are finding God in new ways as they eat together.

The author shares stories of churches worshiping around the table, introducing readers to the rising contemporary dinner-church movement. This book provides vision and inspiration to readers longing to experience community in a real, physical way.

2019     176 pages     R373.50


Unlock9ngYourParishUnlocking Your Parish: Making Disciples, Raising Up Leaders with Alpha Paperback

Ron Huntley & Fr James Mallon

Can Catholic parishes become communities of missionary disciples that bear lasting fruit? If so, what does it take to move them in that direction? Through his years as pastor of Saint Benedict Parish in Halifax, Canada, Fr. James Mallon discovered that the answer to the first question was a resounding yes! Tailored for Catholics, Alpha played a key role in the transformation of the parish he pastored. Unlocking Your Parish:

Making Disciples, Raising up Leaders with Alpha aims to provide insight into what Alpha can do to help any Catholic parish become a vibrant, mission-focused community.

2019    168 pages      R355.00


 WrestlingWithRestWrestling with Rest: Inviting Youth to Discover the Gift of Sabbath

Nathan T. Stucky

Nathan Stucky shows that rest challenges youth whose identities are rooted in productivity, efficiency, achievement, and accomplishment. For them, the notion of Sabbath grace both appeals and disorients.

Yet through the Sabbath, God invites young people into an identity rooted and grounded in the grace, life, and provision of God. This book offers biblical and practical advice for helping youth to discover their God-given identity, in which they can truly find rest.

2019    224 pages    R475.00



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