Welcoming Other Religion: A New Dimension of the Christian Faith

Pierre-François de Béthune

The Benedictine monk Pierre-François de Béthune has dedicated his life to following the lead of the great pioneers of interreligious dialogue at the level of spiritual experience. Having practiced zazen and "Way of tea" assiduously for decades, he now leads readers along the path of spiritual hospitality, describing how welcoming other religions transformed him and brought him to rediscover the Gospel.

In this volume, he evokes the spiritual journeys of some of the pioneers of interreligious dialogue, among them, Thomas Merton, Henri Le Saux, Raimon Panikkar, and Christian de Chergé and the monks of Tibhirine. In doing so, he proposes that their commitment to dialogue, hospitality, and welcoming the other corresponds to what the Gospel requires of the followers of Jesus.

2017   98 pages    R279.50

RedemtionAndRestorationRedemption and Restoration: A Catholic Perspective on Restorative Justice

Editors: Trudy D. Conway, David Matzko McCarthy, and Vicki Schieber

Develops the traditional Catholic understanding of justice, offers a theological understanding of restorative justice, explains how it can be implemented, and reflects on the practical arguments for restorative justice.

Grounded in the stories of real people, Redemption and Restoration helps readers gain a deeper understanding of how this affects us all as a country and a church. It includes discussion questions to engage groups in exploring issues related to restorative justice.

2017   306 pages   R475.00


EnduringMinistryEnduring Ministry: Toward a Lifetime of Christian Leadership

Samuel Rahberg

Samuel Rahberg draws on insights from the monastic tradition, the ministry of spiritual direction, and the practice of Christian leadership to support and empower women and men for continued ministries in the church, helping them turn from merely enduring to lasting Christian leadership.

2017    144 pages    R292.00




 CatholicCulturesCatholic Cultures: How Parishes Can Respond to the Changing Face of Catholicism

Patricia Wittberg, SC       

From its earliest days, Christianity has been lived and proclaimed in the language and symbols of each receiving culture. Today, these cultures include the new ethnic groups moving into our parishes.

They also include new generations of Catholic young adults, whose childhood experiences of their faith are very different from those of their elders. Sister Patricia Wittberg, SC, offers a view of Catholicism through the eyes of Catholics from these different cultures, so that we may all be challenged to grow in our reception of the Good News.

This book is an ideal resource for parish ministers, educators, and parents struggling with how to evangelize and minister to unfamiliar cultures. It is also a tool for leaders trying to build a strong community made up of members who represent a variety of ethnic backgrounds and ages.             

2016   128 pages    R310.00


 TheJoyfulPowerThe Joyful Power of the Church: A Spirituality for the New Evangelisation

Guido Oliana, mccj

The aim of this book is to show how effective the Lectio divina experience can be for the open and welcoming heart. The new evangelisation aims at giving a vivid presentation of the Gospel message, which is “new in its ardour, methods and expression.”

This is primarily to reawaken and revitalize the faith, hope, and love of many people who have already received a first announcement of Christ, but are not living its concrete implications in all areas of human existence.

2014     160 pages    R75.00  



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