Priests - What Lies Ahead?

Fr. Carlos Granados

Through interviews, four prominent Church leaders reflect on the mission of the Catholic priest in the modern world. They discuss how changes in the Church and the societies in which Catholics live present priests with both challenges and opportunities to be teachers, fathers, physicians, and shepherds in imitation of Jesus Christ.

In order to better understand these four images, four priests—Archbishop Charles Chaput, Archbishop Luis Ladaria, Cardinal George Pell, and Msgr. Livio Melina— present their personal insights on the meaning and the future of the priestly vocation.

Within the framework of an extended conversation with Father Carlos Granados, they offer vivid, straightforward testimonies of their own experiences while raising and answering the major questions about the priesthood today.

2018  184 pages    R259.50


PriestsForANewEraPriests for a New Era: A Ministry of Service and Hope

Francis D. Kelly

Msgr. Kelly offers a roadmap showing how priestly ministry can a deeply rewarding service to the human community—a ministry of hope! “If there is one quality needed in our fractured and insecure world today,” he says, “it is hope.”

2018    80 pages    R229.50



TransfaithTransfaith: A Transgender Pastoral Resource

Chris Dowd, Christina Beardsley and Justin Tanis

A resource for ministers and congregations who want to begin to understand and/or welcome transgender people into their congregations.

The book has the following aims:

- to give the results of the first research based project into the experiences of trans Christians in the UK;

- to provide a theological and biblical framework by which ministers and congregations can begin to appreciate transgender people's perspectives;

- to provide a series of insights that inform the pastoral care of transgender people, their families and friends; to provide resources in the form of liturgies and Bible studies that can be used by ministers and congregations exploring the needs of gender variant people.

2018    224 pages R 259.50


PopeFrancisAndCampusMinistryPope Francis and Campus Ministry: A Dialogue

James J. Bacik

Sets up a dialogue between Pope Francis and the history of Catholic campus ministry over the last three decades since the publication of the bishops' pastoral letter Empowered by the Spirit.

It includes articles that the author has written on campus ministry during that period, preceded by a brief explanation of the context of the article and followed by specific ways Pope Francis would guide campus ministry into the future.

2018    211 pages    R415.00




A resource
for Catholic priests

epriest1ePriest offers concrete services: best practices, homily packs, and resources.

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