AnointedToLeadAnointed to Lead: The Baptismal Call of the Parish Staff

Wilbricht Stephen

Stephen S. Wilbricht, and a team of ministers invite parish staffs and leaders to reflect on how they can guide parishioners to embrace their baptismal vocation of discipleship and mission.

To support parish administrative staff, this resource presents an examination of the communal nature of baptism, concrete examples from pastoral ministers of ways discipleship is lived out, and seven short prayer services that reflect on aspects of baptism.

Using this resource, your pastoral team will explore the connection between the theology of baptism and the practical ways your parish lives out their identify of priest, prophet, and king in the world today.

2022    144 pages    R325.00



Marriage in the Lord, Facilitator's Guide: Forming Couples for a Sacramental Marriage

Liesa Anslinger, Corinna Laughlin, Danielle A. Noe

In your role as a minister in the marriage formation process, you will accompany couples and invite them to discover the dignity and beauty of marriage with Christ as the centre and foundation of their union.

This book provides marriage ministers with fully prepared formation sessions in order to facilitate discussion with engaged couples preparing to be married in the Catholic Church.

Designed to be used along with the couple’s booklet, this facilitator’s guide will help you to enrich the couple’s spiritual life and to encourage their active participation in the life of the Church.

2021    80 pages    R645.00


PriestsInLoveWithGodPriests in Love with God and Eager to Witness to the Gospel

Archbishop Alfred Hughes

Archbishop Emeritus Hughes draws on some of the greatest spiritual guides the Church has ever known to offer a vision for contemporary priestly life—Ignatius of Antioch, Augustine, Gregory the Great, and beyond.

He also turns to the advice found in great conciliar documents. What emerges from his survey of the past is the understanding that the Catholic priesthood has overcome many trials throughout its history and the confidence that it will do so in our own day by rediscovering the timeless sources of renewal.This book can be used as a text for seminarians or as a source of spiritual reading for priests and bishops.

2021    172 pages     R325.00



Millennial Nuns: Reflections on Living a Spiritual Life in a World of Social Media Hardcover

The Daughters of Saint Paul

In this collective memoir, eight of these sisters share their own discernment journeys, struggles and crises of faith that they’ve overcome, and episodes from their daily lives.

Through these reflections, the sisters also offer practical takeaways and tips for living a more spiritually-fulfilled life, no matter your religious affiliation. In a collection as diverse and varied as the Daughters of Saint Paul themselves, this book will appeal to any reader looking to discover more about balancing faith with the modern age.

2021    240 pages    R395.00




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epriest1 Best practices, homily packs, and resources.

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