11 Ways to Boost Your Lay Ministry: Tips, Tools and Prayers to Share

Lucy Arimond

Covers everything from working effectively with the pastor to sharing the workload with volunteers to learning to balance professional boundaries with time away from the office.

The author offers ideas, prayers, and advice to help with the many challenges unique to church life today.

2021  32 pages   R99.00





Leadership for the Greater Good: A Textbook for Leaders

Dan R. Ebener, Borna Jalsenjak

Argues that leadership can emerge from anywhere, in any context or any organization. The use of coercive, command and control methods fail to engage others in a leadership process.

But those in authority can choose to lead, and can choose to create the structures and build a culture that encourages leadership.

2021   208 pages   R460.00




Rekindle the Gift of God: A Handbook for Priestly Life

Roch A. Kereszty

Fr. Kereszty provides spiritual, psychological, and pastoral guidance to priests, deacons and seminarians for preaching, sacramental ministry and spiritual direction. He has worked with countless priests struggling to understand their own role and identity in the post-conciliar Church with the laity taking on more leadership and responsibilities.

His desire is that this book will re-ignite the great gift that priests have received in ordination, and to communicate his own immense joy and gratitude for that gift. Lastly, he tells all priests: to have a happy priestly life, strive to be a true priest of Jesus Christ in service to his flock.

2021   249 pages   R325.00



Light and Leaven: The Challenge of the Laity in the Twenty-First Century

Bishop Joseph Strickland

Bishop Strickland is one of the most courageous leaders in the Church, known for his outspoken support of unborn life, orthodox faith and morals, and reforming Catholic institutions. In this book he offers a perspective on the state of the Church today and calls on the lay faithful to meet its challenges boldly.

Touching on topics including parish renewal, the state of Catholic education, the centrality of the Eucharist, the need for prayer and silence in a noisy and distracted age, and the battle between good and evil in the Church and world, Bishop Strickland's wise insights and evident love for souls will inspire and edify you.

2020   224 pages    R435.00



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