Four Ministries One Jesus:  Exploring Your Vocation with the Four Gospels

Richard A. Burridge

Combining the skills of a leading biblical scholar with the wisdom derived from years spent training candidates for ordination, Richard Burridge offers rich reflections on the four gospel portraits of Jesus and shows how they not only inform the calling to ordained ministry but also help sustain the practice of Christian ministry in its various dimensions.

Four Ministries, One Jesus is for all who feel called to a life of Christian ministry and want to ground their calling in the teaching and example of Jesus, as provided in the four gospels. Burridge helps readers consider vital questions such as: how to sustain reading, Bible study, and theological reflection in ministry; how to extend pastoral care to people outside as well as inside the Christian community; how to care for self and family; and how to stay attuned to the

2019     240 pages     R475.00

PastoralLeadershipPastoral Leadership: Best Practices for Church Leaders

Dan R. Ebener

Dan Ebener leads the reader on a systematic journey to the heart of parish ministry, examining along the way the challenges parish leaders face in exercising their ministry.

Throughout the book, he intersperses useful real-life examples of common leadership situations.

2018    144pages    R425.00



TheTruthWillMakeYouFreeThe Truth Will Make You Free: The New Evangelization for a Secular Age: A Study in Development

Fr. Robert adopts a different approach to the subject. From Paul VI until Pope Francis, the nature and challenges of modern secularism have become a recurring factor in the agenda of the new evangelization, yet often without historical perspective and philosophical balance.

Few popular works bother to examine in such depth and scope, as this book does, what the history, nature, and implications of the secular age are for revitalizing ministry in an age of optional belief. This book is an indispensable catechism for rethinking our understanding of the secular world in proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.

2019     332 pages    R659.50


GospelWitnessGospel Witness: Evangelism in Word and Deed

David M. Gustafson

In light of our increasingly post-Christian Western contexts, David Gustafson offers a mission-oriented ecclesiology that moves from missional theory to practices of missional engagement. Introducing “God’s human drama” as a way to explain the gospel within God’s redemptive story, he outlines specific ways for pastors and church leaders to shape a “gospeling” culture within their congregations.

Gustafson expertly lays the foundations of and approaches to evangelism that are seminal and apt for the church today.

2019    304 pages     R569.50




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