AlleluiaToAmenAlleluia to Amen

Macclain Justin

A resource for parish leaders and volunteers looking for prayers to offer at gatherings outside of Mass. They provides leaders with original and traditional prayers to help you lead your faith community in prayer with confidence and ease.

While Catholics regularly gather for liturgical celebrations and for devotions such as the Rosary and Stations of the Cross, we also pray in all sorts of settings and for many reasons--to begin and end meetings, to bless events, and to mark the launch of major undertakings.

5.29.2020    224 pages    R385.00


TheCareGiversThe Caregivers Companion

Kelly Johnson

A practical self-care resource created by the founders of Nourish for Caregivers, a Christ-centred, parish-based support group for those juggling the challenges of caregiving while holding down the fort at work and at home.

Just a few moments each day with the encouraging readings and guided journaling can help you discover soul-nourishing respite, draw strength from your faith, and experience the blessings of each present moment.

8.07.2020    160 pages    R325.00




Caring for our Common Home

Catherine Wright

What makes Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Sí so unique is how deeply it connects the cries of the poor with the cries of Earth. Thanks to the intellectual matrix in Latin America and other formative experiences, his ministry to the poor, Pope Francis recognized the urgency of addressing the Earth’s deterioration and an aspect of Catholic social teaching that had not been articulated fully enough: care of creation.

This interactive text helps readers answer the above question by exposing some of the problems we are facing, engaging with the theology Laudato Sí, and offering a way for people of faith to move from theory to a practical and faithful commitment to creation.

6.2.2020 128 pages  R375.00

MoralLeadershipMoral Leadership: Integrity, Courage, Imagination HC

Robert Michael Franklin

Whether in a local community, an educational institution, or a global organization, the key to addressing the current crisis in American public life is genuine moral leadership.

Moral leadership is anchored in intellectual and ethical integrity, a vision of and commitment to the public good and personal investment in transformative community.

Drawing on a lifetime of witnessing, the author proposes a model for moral leadership and ways in which readers in any context can discover and foster those qualities in themselves.

4.5.2020    144 pages    R430.00



A resource
for Catholic priests

epriest1 Best practices, homily packs, and resources.

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