ACCOMPANYING, DISCERNING, INTEGRATING: A Handbook for the Pastoral Care of the Family According to Amoris Laetitia

Dr. Stephen Kampowski, Rev. Jose Granados, Rev. Juan Jose Perez-Soba

The Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia has given rise to different interpretations. Any in-depth study of its theological conclusions will undoubtedly require time and patience. What cannot wait, however, is attending to the practical questions it has raised.

After all, no one can abstain from acting: priests hearing confessions, bishops who need to give guidelines on pastoral activity to their priests, and families working in the field of pastoral care. This book is intended to offer sure practical guidelines on this important matter of the Church’s pastoral activity.

2017    142 pages    R295.00

 TheWayOfDiscipleshipTHE WAY OF DISCIPLESHIP Women, Men, and Today's Call to Mission

Anthony J. Gittins

Describes the eternal mission of the Trinity, historically brought "down to earth" in the ministry of Jesus, and then continued to the ends of the earth by those called and sent as disciples throughout future generations.

Gittins explains that Christian discipleship must be the living out of Jesus' own example in many different times and places.

2016    172 pages   R299.50


 TransormationalLeadershipTRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP: Conversations with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious

Annmarie Sanders, IHM

In this volume of interviews, eighteen theologians, psychologists, educators, and religious leaders from various fields and disciplines share their wisdom about a way of leadership able to meet the deep challenges of today’s world.

Transformational Leadership offers the opportunity to learn from notables such as Walter Brueggemann, Judy Cannato, Joan Chittister, OSB, Constance FitzGerald, OCD, Donald Goergen, OP, Marty Linsky, and Margaret Wheatley.

2015    224 pages    R315.00

AfricanChristianLeadershipAFRICAN CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP: Realities, Opportunities, and Impact

Robert J. Priest & Kirimi Barine

The result of a multiyear study implemented by African scholars, offers insights on the training necessary to promote African Christianity and to foster the healthy development of Africa.

2017    320 pages    R479.50




AfterEmmausAFTER EMMAUS: Biblical Models for the New Evangelization

Marcel Dumais OMI

By exploring the witness and different missionary approaches of Jesus and the apostles Marcel Dumais offers foundational models to apply to the context and circumstances of our own times. After Emmaus considers the Bible from the point of view of models of evangelization and faith.

These biblical approaches include the direct proclamation proposed in the Acts of the Apostles, the enculturated discourses of St. Paul, the humanism of Jesus’ beatitudes, and the accompaniment of the risen Christ by the disciples of Emmaus.

2014    140 pages    R265.00



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