LiturgyAndSecularismLiturgy and Secularism: Beyond the Divide

Joris Geldhof

Can Christian worship engage our secular culture? Should it? While engaging thinkers in philosophy, history, religious anthropology, and liturgical theology, liturgical theologian the author argues that such engagement is necessary-that our liturgy and faith should embrace our modern culture.

He shows that liturgy itself is an immensely resourceful reality that appeals to any human being, regardless of sociocultural and intellectual circumstances.

2018    184 pages    R579.50


TheRitesAndWrongOfLiturgyThe Rites and Wrong of Liturgy: Why Good Liturgy Matters

Thomas O'Loughlin

Explains why good liturgy is important, how to recognize it, and how to assess liturgy in terms of a larger vision of the Christian life. O'Loughlin, a theologian and teacher, identifies ten principles that make for good liturgy. Such liturgy must be honest, open, joyful, inclusive, celebrative of community, facilitative of engagement, based in creation, attentive to the marginalized, free of clutter, and true to the pattern of the incarnation.

Since good celebrations build faith and bad liturgy weakens it, these principles promise to bring new life and meaning to every celebrating community.

2018    120 pages    R325.00

BackStoryOfPreachingBack Story Preaching: Integrating Life, Spirituality, and Craft

Lisa Cressman

Instead of being a dour task on the checklist, what if the process of homily prep renewed you? Instead of feeling insecure about your message, what if your skills made you confident to preach a consistently clear message of Good News, authentic to you, relevant to your listeners, holding their attention and inviting transformation? This book shows you how.

By integrating your life and spirituality with the practical skills necessary for effective preaching, you can move beyond the boredom, stress, or insecurity of preaching so it is no longer you who preach but Christ who preaches in you.

2018    172 pages     R369.50


The Fourth Cup: Unveiling the Mystery of the Last Supper and the Cross

Scott Hahn

Opens up new vistas on ancient landscapes while shedding light on his own enduring faith journey.

Simultaneously a continuation of his bestselling The Lamb’s Supper, this book not only tracks the author’s gradual conversion along the path of Evangelicalism to the doorsteps of the Catholic faith, but also explores the often obscure and misunderstood rituals of Passover and their importance in foreshadowing salvation in Jesus Christ.

2018    192 pages    R358.00 HC


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