HandBookForLectorsjpgHand Book for Lectors: Reflections, Prayers and Practices for Your Journey in Ministry

Alice Camill

“Lectoring isn’t an honour bestowed on the worthy, but a service offered to the community,” says Alice Camille.

Here she shares the theology, spirituality, and practice of lectoring, along with Scripture reflections, real-life experiences, and useful tips for all who proclaim God’s word.

Whether standing at the microphone is new for you, or you are a seasoned veteran, you will find prayerful and practical support as you give voice to the word of God for your community.

2020    32 pages    R160.00



HandbookForExytaordinaryMinistersOfHoly CommunionHandbook for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: Reflections, Prayers and Practices for Your Journey in Ministry

Nancy Cunniff

In this inspiring booklet, Cunniff helps us understand meaning of the communal celebration of the Eucharist and the role and responsibility as a member of the assembly.

She offers a deeper understanding of the communion rite and the practical, theological, and ritual dimensions of this ministry.

With prayers and reflections written specifically for extraordinary ministers, readers will find themselves newly refreshed in love for the Eucharist.

2020    32 pages    R160.00



PopeFrancisAndTheLiturgyPope Francis and the Liturgy: The Call to Holiness and Mission

Kevin W. Irwin

Pope Francis and the Liturgy summarizes, analyzes, and assesses the ways Pope Francis understands the liturgy both in relation to the initiatives and teachings of his predecessors, and in particular through his specific contributions, both in word and in deed, about the liturgy and about the mission dimension of living what we celebrate.

2019   192 pages    R545.00





HowDeepTheMysteryHow Deep the Mystery: Meditating on the Words of the Mass

Joyce Ann Zimmerman CPPS

Rooted in Sacred Scripture, the words of the Mass are a wellspring for prayer, meditation, and contemplation. Reflecting on these liturgical texts provides the opportunity to enrich our experience of the Mass.

In this book, Sr. Joyce invites us to explore some of the common prayers we pray at Mass. She provides a structure that any reader can easily adapt for use with favourite texts from the Mass

2019   176 pages    R295.00





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