Signs and Symbols of the Liturgy: An Experience of Ritual and Catechesis

Michael Ruzicki, Victoria M. Tufano, D. Todd Williamson, and Terry Navarro

Give groups in your parish an interactive experience of the symbols of the liturgy followed by time to reflect on their meaning. The symbols are the very language through which we encounter the mysteries of our faith, and they cannot be understood through words alone.

This book will help parishes break open the signs and symbols of the liturgy in their most basic forms. It explains how to prepare a ritual and catechetical experience of the signs and symbols in which participants can interact with the symbols as they are presented, one by one.  Book with disk

This resource includes:

- Instructions for gathering and training a team, arranging an appropriate space, selecting music, and rehearsing the

- A video to show you how the experience looks and sounds

- Commentary on the video to advise you on the nuances of delivering an artful and reverent experience

- A promotional flyer

- Reflection questions and advice for helping participants process their encounter.

It is a resource for catechists and liturgists to use with Christian initiation groups, sacramental preparation sessions, adult formation programs, youth group meetings, and retreats for liturgical ministers.

2019    72 pages    R695.00

liturgyAndIdentityLiturgy & Identity

Roderick Hewitt & Lilian Cheelo Siwila

When liturgy and identity fails to find equilibrium then human existence becomes schizophrenic because liturgical construct and practice do not function in harmony.

This text addresses some of the urgent issues that emerge from the African continental and diasporic hybrid context.

The chapters assemble scholarly voices that examine the subject with the objective of postulating transformative liturgical praxis that emerges from African indigenous roots.

2018     213 pages     R167.50

TheCrisisOfBadPreachingThe Crisis of Bad Preaching: Redeeming the Heart and Way of the Catholic Preacher

Joshua J. Whitfield

A response to a pastoral crisis: poorly prepared, often stale, and largely irrelevant homilies that are fuelling the mass exodus of people from the Church.

Echoing Popes Benedict and Francis, the author confronts what is perhaps the most common complaint of Catholics around the world: hollow, vacuous preaching.

A parish priest in Dallas, Whitfield encourages fellow preachers to profound renewal, reminding them that preaching is not just something they do, it is essential to who they are.

Catholic preaching today often achieves the opposite of what it should, which is connecting the People of God with the Gospel of Christ in a motivating way. Whitfield stresses that preachers need to return to this ideal because the wellbeing of the Church depends on it.

2019    164 pages    R315.00


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