HomiliesToSeminariansHomilies to Seminarians

Guido Oliana

This book will inspire seminarians, so that they may see the demanding and exciting ministry of the Word, and thus feel their vocation as ordained priests not to be a mere bureaucratic task but a service, first to God and then to people.

To God: because through their ministry of the Word they become “microphones” of God himself in announcing and actualising his Word. To people: because they become signs of Christ, who is God’s Word made flesh.- from Preface

2021    328 pages    R230.00




Prayers of the Faithful

Rinaldo Ronzani, MCCJ

The main characteristic of these new compositions of the prayers of the faithful is their link with the Word of God that is proclaimed each Sunday, thus leading us to transform the Word of God into communal prayer.

2020    439 pages    R555,00





A BiblicalWayOfPrayingTheMassA Biblical Way of Praying the Mass: The Eucharistic Wisdom of Venerable Bruno Lanteri

Fr. Timothy Gallagher

To help you fully tap into the abundance of grace offered at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Fr. Gallagher resurrects here the teachings of Venerable Bruno Lanteri.

A holy priest seeking to root himself in prayer during the turbulence of war and persecution in northern Italy, Venerable Bruno developed a biblical way of praying the Mass that transforms it into a true prayer of the heart.

2021    154 pages    R385.00



EucharistBreadOfLifeEucharist Bread of Life

Whitfield Joshua

God feeds his people. In the desert, God’s covenant with Israel was sealed through sacrifice and a meal.On the altars of our churches, God continues to feed us with the bread and wine of the new covenant—the food and drink that is Christ himself.

In this book, Fr.  Whitfield, priest and preacher, explores three Scripture passages and helps us rediscover this enduring mystery, from the heights of Sinai to the depths of our own hearts and lives.

2021    48 pages     R160.00





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