HowToGiveAHomerunHomilyHow to Give a Homerun Homily: A Hard-Hitting Guide for Preachers, Teachers and Soul-Reachers

A. S. James Meyer

What is the secret to a great homily? Deacon S. James Meyer maintains that great homilies are fundamentally born of listening to the needs of the people in the pews.

2021   128 pages    R310.00






Teilhard de Chardin on the Eucharist

Louis Savary

Reinterprets traditional Eucharistic theology and related prayer forms to fit an evolving universe, and introduces some of Teilhard's evolutionary perspectives, showing how the Eucharist is a living symbol of the ongoing incarnation of the entire cosmos.

2021   224 pages   R460.00






FAQs on Baptism: Questions and Answers on How and Why We Celebrate

Schaeffler, Janet

Beginning with the most basiquestions : What, really, is baptism? What are baptismal promises all about? What do all those symbols, actions, and prayers at baptism mean?

Janet Schaeffler brings her wisdom, storytelling gifts, and deep understanding of human nature to answer these questions and more―to help parents, godparents, and all involved in baptism better understand its mystery and meaning in our lives.

2021   32 pages   R99.50



 YourGuideToPlanningA CatholicFuneralYour Guide to Planning a Catholic Funeral

Lonne Murphy

Here you will find simple checklists and worksheets to help you take care of all the details that will take up your time in the coming days and weeks.

Carry it with you for guidance on everything from handling immediate tasks at the hospital or hospice, to planning a meaningful, comforting funeral liturgy.

Most important, this book reminds you that your loving God is with you, to bring you peace today and always.

2019   32 pages   R110.00





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