GuideForUshersGreetersAndMinistersGuide for Ushers, Greeters, and Ministers of Hospitality

Karie Ferrell and Corinna Laughlin and Various authors

This guide helps you train new and returning ministers of hospitality by providing knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are practical, theologically and liturgically informed, and spiritually inspiring. With its new title, design, and added content, this revised edition is more helpful than ever.

To Fr. Paul Turners chapters on the meaning and history of the ministry and on the ministry’s spiritual dimensions, a brief chapter on the liturgy has been added.

To Karie Ferrells practical and wise advice on the many detailed duties of the ministry.

2021    64 pages    R149.50



The Seven Gifts of the Spirit of the Liturgy: Centennial Perspectives on Romano Guardini's Landmark Work

Editor: Christopher Carstens

In the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, the Second Vatican Council wrote that liturgical reform and renewal must accord with what they called the spirit of the liturgy; But what did they mean by this spirit; In the decades prior to the Council, the Popes spoke of this same spirit.

But the most solid source of this term rests upon a book published in 1918, The Spirit of the Liturgy by Roman Guardini.

2021    160 pages    R299.50



PrinciplesOfSacredLiturgyPrinciples of Sacred Liturgy: Forming a Sacramental Vision

Christopher Carstens

Explains the Church’s teaching on the sacred liturgy. Shows the meaning of ritual, the characteristics of liturgical rituals, and why men and women today may find ritual challenging. Clarifies the place, signs and symbols have in liturgical worship.

Provides a mystagogical explanation of the liturgical rites of the Church and various elements of the rite, leading the readers from what they can sense a calendar day, a musical instrument, and word to what is otherwise undetectable: Jesus Christ.

2020    368 pages    R495.00



PreachingAsPayingAttentionPreaching as Paying Attention: Theological Reflection in the Pulpit

Edward Foley

Fr. Foley invites preachers to an awareness of the world and the people around them as a lens for preaching God’s Word and inviting people into the Paschal Mystery.

He maintains that paying attention is a key to theological reflection. When pondering a work of art or a catastrophe, the preacher asks, where is God in all of this? and how does my preaching invite people to respond to that presence?

Fr. Foley presents excerpts of his own homilies and references to poets, scientists, and other resources that might draw a preacher’s attention as a sign of God present in our midst.

2021    160 pages    R375.00






A Lifetime of Dying and Rising

A LifeTimeOfDyingAndRising

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Embracing God’s Plan


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