EveryDayWithMaryEvery Day with Mary

Editor: Dr Mary Amore

Throughout the year you’ll ponder the fruits of the Holy Spirit in the Mary’s life — peace, love, surrender, hope, gentleness, joy, serenity, self-control, generosity, gratitude, patience, faithfulness, and abundance — with relevant meditation perfect for your busy life.

You’ll begin with a quote from Scripture, followed by a brief reflection, and a question or act to consider, and a short prayer to Mary to carry through your day.

2017    416 pages    R265.00



ForgivingMotherForgiving Mother: A Marian Novena of Healing and Peace

Marge Steinhage Fenelon

Fenelon explores the ways the Blessed Virgin can provide comfort and healing if you truly desire it. Drawing from personal experience as well as wisdom from Church documents, Scripture, and the saints, Fenelon sketches a path from despair to peace.

She offers concrete steps and prayers to help you deal with the painful memories, emotions and fears that are rooted in your past.

2017    144 pages    R190.00



A HeartLikeMarysA Heart like Mary’s: 31 Daily Meditations to Help You Live and Love as She Does

Edward Looney

Is the perfect book for all Catholics wishing to begin or deepen their devotion to Mary. The author guides us through thirty-one daily meditations on the unique characteristics of Mary’s heart.

This easy-to-read and engaging monthly devotional is full of practical lessons that address the personal challenges we all face as Mary’s fellow pilgrims walking the path of faith.

2017    160 pages    R185.00


PrayingTheAngelusPraying the Angelus: Find Joy, Peace, and Purpose in Everyday Life

Jared Dees

Dees introduces the Angelus devotion and explores its rich history and significance for the Church. As spiritual companion and guide, he offers meditations on the words and images of both the Angelus and the Regina Caeli, which is prayed during the Easter season.

We find lessons about the power of repetitive prayer, the humility of being a disciple, the importance of admitting time belongs to God, the wisdom of taking time with discernment, and the joy of resting in the Lord’s presence.

He shares personal stories of the life-change power of the Angelus and guides both newcomers and those already familiar with the prayer to contemplate the mysteries of salvation that lie at the heart of the devotion—the Annunciation, Incarnation, and Resurrection.

2017    142 pages    R217.00




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Editor: Gretchen R. Crowe

2017    160 pages    R241.00

Mary’s Message to the Modern World
Grzegorz Gorny & Janusz Rosikon

2017  400 pages  R499.50  HC

Sacred Scripture and the Mysteries of the Rosary
 Clifford M. Yeary


2017    100 pages    R171.00


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