MonthBy MonthWithMaryMonth by Month with Mary

Guido Gandolfo SSP

Living the year with Mary is a fruitful and grace-filled practice, and this book is an exceptional guide for those looking to begin or strengthen their devotion to Mary.

Fr. Guido Gandolfo's monthly meditations help Catholics view the year, and their lives, in a completely new light.

2020    144 page    R220.00



VirginMotherQueenVirgin, Mother, Queen: Encountering Mary in Time and Tradition

Robert L. Fastiggi & Michael O'Neill

In Virgin, Mother, Queen, popular radio and television host Michael O’Neill gathers fascinating details from Mary’s mystical appearances around the world.

Robert Fastiggi, professor of systemic theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, answers questions about the historical and theological development of Marian teachings throughout Church history.

2019    192 pages     R369.50



HistorysQueenHistory’s Queen

Aquilina Mike

You’ll learn about the many ways the mother of humanity has left her mark on the great events of time, not only as we see them in the Bible, but also in events such as Fatima, the battle of Lepanto, and the plague.

In this journey through two thousand years of Mary’s active participation in world events, each chapter of History’s Queen highlights a Marian intervention that is emblematic of a particular era, and opens our eyes to the ways in which Mary provides a vital key for understanding both our past and our future.

2020    192 pages    R295.00


 SheWhoShowsTheWayShe Who Shows the Way: Heaven's Messages for Our Turbulent Times

Christine Watkins

Our Mother knows when we most need her, and we need Her Now. We are living in the end times, not the end of the world, but the end of an age.

Those who wish to remain faithful to the Gospel are seeking heaven's guidance in order to weather and safely navigate the unparalleled storms ahead.

"This book should be widely disseminated, all for God’s glory and in honor of the Mother of God, for all of us and the holiness of Christ’s disciples.”

—Ramón C. Argüelles, STL, Archbishop-Emeritus of Lipa

2020    281 pages    R395.00



Liminal Space


Pain of Betrayal


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William Hart McNichols and Mirabai Starr


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