ForA MissionaryReformOfTheChurchFor a Missionary Reform of the Church: The Civilta’ Cattolica Seminar

Editors: Antonio Spadaro, SJ, and Carlos María Galli; Foreword by Massimo Faggioli

Consisting of thirty essays presented at a symposium that deal with reform of the church and reforms in the church, this volume can be seen as an act of reading Francis's pontificate, and an encouragement to look at Francis in the context of a vision of reform but also in the context of the history of the Church Jorge Mario Bergoglio comes from.

This volume, as a whole, sets out from the idea of Ecclesia semper reformanda which expresses the need for a permanent renewal and the demand for reform at a given moment. It covers both the re-form of personal and communal Christian life and the transformation of ecclesial structures (from the foreword).

2016    675 pages    R995.00



The Rising Laity: Ecclesial Movements since Vatican II

Massimo Faggioli

Offers an analysis of the phenomenon of the new ecclesial movements with two different but compatible perspectives: historical and comparative. The historical perspective is necessary because the phenomenon grew in these last hundred years and a sociological-anthropological perspective tends to offer a non-dynamic view of them.

This book is important in the Church of today considering the new emphasis given by Pope Francis to the movements. A chapter is devoted to Pope Francis and the movements, analysing the unique aspects of the relationship between the pontificate and the movements.

2016    165 pages    R310.00


AnUnfinishedCouncilAn Unfinished Council: Vatican II, Pope Francis, and the Renewal of Catholicism

Richard R. Gaillardetz

The Second Vatican Council has become an indispensable reference point for understanding Roman Catholicism today. Yet in spite of its impact, Vatican II was in many ways an unfinished council. The council bishops were able to establish key pillars in the construction of a new vision for the church of our time, but, for various reasons, they were not able to draw those pillars together into a coherent unified structure.

This volume describes both the council's building project itself and the challenges facing the church today if we are to complete the project begun fifty years ago.   

2016    190 pages    R365.00



A WorldChurchInOurBackyard

A World Church in Our Backyard: How the Spirit Moved Church and Society

Simon C. Kim

As a theologian of culture, Simon C. Kim focuses on doing theology within a particular context. His own experience of church and identity is the impetus for his theological reflections as he strives to make faith generationally and culturally relevant.

His stories, experiences, and theological reflection resonate both with initial immigrants and with the next generation and have won high praise from both groups as they draw on their Catholic faith to navigate their way in Church and society.

His publications reveal his level of academia and illustrate the bridging of his theological endeavours and pastoral engagements.

2016    152 pages    R299.50




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