A ChurchInCrisisA Church in Crisis: Pathways Forward

Ralph Martin

In A Church in Crisis: Pathways Forward, Martin offers a detailed look at the growing hostility to the Catholic Church and its teaching. With copious evidence, Martin uncovers the forces working to undermine the Body of Christ and offers hope to those looking for clarity

2020    536 pages     R659.50




WheatAndTaresWheat and Tares: Restoring the Moral Vision of a Scandalized Church

Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ

Fr. Pacwa brings consolation to all those who have been abused, wounded, or scandalized by the wickedness of priests and bishops. He takes you on a reassuring exploration of the Gospels to show how Christ anticipated the sins of the clergy and the hierarchy and gives us examples of how to deal with them spiritually emotionally, rationally, and practically.

Fr. Mitch reinforces what Christ's parables teach us: that good and evil will co-exist in the Church, and that spiritual blindness will affect the moral life of the clergy and the lay faithful alike.

The solution, he says, lies in the power of Jesus Death and Resurrection and the Apostles response to the Risen Lord: authentic conversion to faith in Jesus, which reorients our lives toward selfless service of others

2020    256 page    R445.00


 EightPopesAndTherCrisisOfModernityEight Popes and the Crisis of Modernity

Russell Shaw

Assaults on the dignity and rights of the human person have been central to the ongoing crisis of the modern era in the last hundred years.

This book takes a searching look at the roots of this problem and the various approaches to it by the eight men who led the Catholic Church in the twentieth century, from Pope St. Pius X and his crusade against "Modernism" to Pope St. John Paul II and his appeal for a renewed rapprochement between faith and reason.

Thus, it offers an interpretation of recent world events viewed through the lens of an ancient institution, the papacy.

2020    150 pages     R285.00


ConciliarOctetConciliar Octet: A Concise Commentary on the Eight Key Texts of the Second Vatican Council

Fr. Aidan Nichols O.P.

In this work Dominican scholar and writer Aidan Nichols maintains that the Council texts must be interpreted in the light of their genesis, not their aftermath.

They must be seen in the light of the public debates in the Council chamber, not the hopes (or fears) of individuals behind the scenes.

On this basis, he provides a concise commentary on the eight most significant documents produced by the Council, documents which cover pretty comprehensively all the major aspects of the Church’s life.

2019    154 pages    R310.00







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