AnglicansAndCatholicsInDialogueOnThePapacyANGLICANS AND CATHOLICS IN DIALOGUE ON THE PAPACY: A Gift for All Christians

Russel T. Murray, OFM

Section I: "Papal Primacy at the Councils and Beyond" examines the teachings of Vatican Councils I and II in the light of contemporary scholarship.

Section II: "Papal Primacy Through the Eyes of ARCIC," examines ARCIC's vision in the light of how it developed through ARCIC's agreed statements. III: "Anglicans and Catholics in Dialogue on the Papacy" responds to ARCIC's questions in the light of the areas for further development.

The book concludes by arguing that the only way for the Catholic Church to reform and renew the papacy as an instrument for Christian unity is through ecumenical dialogue

2017    333 pages    R620.00


A HistoryOfTheChurch


Mike Aquilina

Mike Aquilina tells the Christian story through the examination of 100 objects and places. Some, like Michelangelo's Pietà, are priceless works of art. Others, like a union membership pin, don’t hold much monetary value.

But through each of them, Aquilina offers a memorable and rewarding look at the history of the Church.

2017   448 pages   R385.00

A MightyCurrentOfGraceA MIGHTY CURRENT OF GRACE: The Story of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Alan Schreck

Theologian Dr. Schreck writes a historical appreciation of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Tracing the origins of the Renewal, Schreck outlines its characteristics, how it spread, what is meant by the baptism in the Holy Spirit, the charisms that are associated with it, and the communities that grew out of it.

This book is for those who were involved in the Renewal and for those who want to know how the Spirit has moved so mightily in our own time.

2017     244 pages    R249.50



Garry Wills

Pope Francis offers a challenge to his church. Can he bring about significant change? Should he?

Garry Wills argues that, in fact, the history of the church throughout is a history of change. In this study, Wills describes the deep and serious changes that have taken place in the church or are in the process of occurring.

These include the change from Latin, the growth and withering of the ecclesiastical monarchy, the abandonment of biblical literalism, the assertion and no assertion of infallibility, and the erosion of church patriarchy. In such developments we see the living church adapting itself to the new historical circumstances.

As Wills contends, it is only by examining the history of the church that we can understand Pope Francis’s and the church’s challenges

2015    288 pages     R495.00



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 SpotlightAfrica sheds light on the social, political and economic happenings in Southern Africa. It offers analysis and commentary – informed by Catholic Social Teaching and Christian ethics – on the things that matter to Africans.

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