TheChurchAndTheDarkAgrsThe Church and the Dark Ages (430–1027): St. Benedict, Charlemagne, and the Rise of Christendom (Reclaiming Catholic History)

Phillip Campbell

In The Church and the Dark Ages (430–1027), the author explains that the Dark Ages were not only a period of great political and cultural transition but also an era of great transformation in the Catholic Church.

Campbell highlights key personalities of the Dark Ages such as St. Gregory the Great, Charlemagne, King Alfred the Great, St. Patrick, and St. Brigid.

2021    192 pages    R365.00



GlobalCatholicismGlobal Catholicism: Profiles and Polarities

Thomas P. Rausch

Examines and analyzes the emerging patterns and trends surrounding Pope Francis' controversial call for a "synodal" church, for Catholics to be missionary disciples, and for a Church that goes to the peripheries.

By surveying Catholic churches around the world, the author anticipates an emerging Church that is more polycentric than European, one that is less privileged and has a more inclusive governance with an expanded ministry, and one that emphasizes dialogue with

2021   256 pages    R565.00


ReclaimingVaticanIIReclaiming Vatican II: What It (Really) Said, What It Means, and How It Calls Us to Renew the Church

Fr. Blake Britton

Fr. Blake discovered the truth and beauty of the council while he was in seminary and he has witnessed firsthand the power of its teachings in the life of his own parish.

In this book Britton presses beyond the political narrative foisted upon the post-conciliar Church and contends that Vatican II was neither conservative nor liberal, but something much more beautiful and challenging.

2021    224 pages    R345.00


ForA MissionaryReformOfTheChurchFor Missionary Reform of the Church

Faggioli Massimo

Thirty essays presented at a symposium that deal with reform of the church and reforms in the church, according to the vision of Pope Francis.

With the publication of these essays, it is hoped that the reflections of the participants will reach a wider audience and inspire others to think about issues related to ecclesial renewal and make their own contributions to the dialogue.

2017    712 pages    R1005.00








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