ForA MissionaryReformOfTheChurchFor Missionary Reform of the Church

Faggioli Massimo

Thirty essays presented at a symposium that deal with reform of the church and reforms in the church, according to the vision of Pope Francis.

With the publication of these essays, it is hoped that the reflections of the participants will reach a wider audience and inspire others to think about issues related to ecclesial renewal and make their own contributions to the dialogue.

2017    712 pages    R1005.00



 AllThingsForAllPeopleAll Things to All People: A Catholic Church for the Twenty-First Centuryy

Louis DeThomasis  

Throughout the Old Testament, God gave and repeated his promise to one day gather the nations into his kingdom and bring them together as one people. Jesus boldly announced that the time had come when God’s promises would be fulfilled, and that his people should gather and make disciples of all nations.

But that does not come without challenges. The more diverse a group is, the more difficult lasting unity will be. Paul understood this well, as a significant portion of his letters deal with gathering the nations and teaching the churches how to navigate cultural conflicts within the body, culminating in his example and call to be all things to all people.

That is the task of the diverse church that has taken seriously the call to gather the nations.

2016    290 pages    R271.50



Canon Law Themes for Today

Sahayaraj Lourdusamy

"There is also a philosophy behind the canons. Canon Law is based on Roman Law but has itself in turn influenced many other legal systems.

The dignity of the human person, the inviolability of life, respect for the rights of the individuals, responsibility of the common good are all reflected in the canons and these values with different implications and demands are delicately balanced."

2019    R125.00




Conciliar Octet: Conciliar Octet: A Concise Commentary on the Eight Key Texts of the Second Vatican Council

Aidan Nichols

Nichols describes the Council as a gathering where the Conciliar minority – guarded, prudent, and concerned for explicit continuity at all points with the preceding tradition – played a beneficial role in steadying the Conciliar majority, enthused as the latter was by the movements of biblical, patristic and liturgical 'return to the sources' and a desire to reach out to the world of the (then) present-day in generosity of heart.

The texts that emerged from this often impassioned debate remain susceptible to a reading of a classically Christian kind.

2019    150 pages    R310.00






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