TheChurchAndTheMiddleAgesThe Church and the Middle Ages (1000–1378): Cathedrals, Crusades, and the Papacy in Exile (Reclaiming Catholic History)

Steve Weidenkopf

Weidenkopf highlights some of our greatest saints—Francis, Dominic, Anselm, Aquinas, and Catherine of Siena—and dispels nine commonly accepted misconceptions about the era, which was an exciting period of enduring faith, reform, cultural achievement, as well as defeat and division.

With accounts of pivotal events and inspiring stories of the people who shaped the Church during the eleventh through fourteenth centuries, Weidenkopf provides a picture of an era where critics used events such as the Crusades and the relocation of the papacy to France to undermine the Church.

The period also provided the hallmarks of Christian civilization—universities, cathedrals, castles, and various religious orders.

2020    192 pages    R325.00


DeadlyIndifferenceDeadly Indifference: How the Church Lost Her Mission, and How We Can Reclaim It

Eric Sammons

In captivating detail, Sammons explores why the New Evangelization was destined to fail and explains how the decision to de-emphasize the Church’s exclusive role in the process of salvation inevitably led to mass abandonment of the sacraments.

He identifies how certain teachings were ignored or toned down―leading to their sudden collapse―and how progressives elevated ecumenism over evangelization and supplanted proclamation of the Gospel with “dialogue.”

Deadly Indifference is both a vital examination of the current crisis facing the Church and a blueprint for how to overcome it. Let’s recover what was lost and return the Church to its unique rank as the light in a darkened world.

2021    304 pages    R425.00


Church and State Relation

Church and State Relations

Jordan Nyenyembe

"This work by Dr Nyenyembe on the relations between the Church and the State is as informative as it is relevant today".

It moves to both the correlation between these two basic institutions and to encourage closer collaboration between them by debunking some popular myths and misconceptions.

The author was inspired after noting a shortage of reference materials on the subject from an African perspective.

This book is written from the Catholic Church tradition of the Church, and is nourished with information from other Churches.

2021    216 pages    R215.00







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