TheFragilityOfOrderThe Fragility of Order: Catholic Reflections on Turbulent Times

George Weigel

The author brings thirty-five years of experience to bear in analysing the turbulence that characterises world politics, American public life, and the Catholic Church in the early twenty-first century.

In these essays, Weigel reads such events as the First World War, the collapse of Communism, and the Obama and Trump presidencies through a distinctive cultural and moral lens, even as he offers new insights into Pope Francis and his challenging pontificate.

Throughout, two of Weigel's key convictions—that ideas have consequences for good and ill, and that the deepest currents of history flow through culture—illuminate political and economic life, and the life of the Church, in ways not often appreciated or understood. Many of the chapters in this book are unique in their application of philosophical and theological perspectives to the issues of history and politics, enabling the reader to see current events in a deeper way.

2018    223 pages    R375.00 HC

TheCatholicEthicistInTheLocalChurchThe Catholic Ethicist in the Local Church: Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church

Antonio Autiero & Laurenti Magesa

The first half of this work examines the connections between ecclesiology and moral theology.

The second half is more practical, treating different themes surrounding concrete life in the local communities: the figure and the role of theological ethicists, their relationship with the community and the local authorities, their academic and ecclesial configuration, and more.

Contributors also consider the emergence of local conflicts, as well as strategies for their solutions.

2018    336 pages    R765.00


 ChoosingPeaceChoosing Peace: The Catholic Church Returns to Gospel Nonviolence

Marie Dennis

Drawn from the conference and presented here are contributions by many of the participants, including Lisa Sowle Cahill, Terrence J. Rynne, John Dear, Ken Butigan, Rose Marie Berger, and Maria J. Stephan, among others. 

Together they advance the conversation about the practice of nonviolence in a violent world, Jesus and nonviolence, traditional Catholic teaching on nonviolence, and reflections on the future of Catholic teaching. The book concludes with Pope Francis’s historic Message for World Peace Day in 2017.

2018    272 pages    R395.00


ChristiansMuslimsAndMaryChristians, Muslims, and Mary: A History

Rita George-Tvrtković

This book focuses on history, and the use (sometimes polemical, sometimes irenic) of Mary as either a bridge or barrier between Islam and Christianity. It is NOT a comparative theology of Mary in both traditions; rather it focuses on how Mary has functioned within the Christian theology of Islam over time (and to a lesser degree, in the Islamic theology of Christianity).

The book begins with a comparison of biblical and Qur'anic accounts of Mary. The author walks readers through these texts, with some attention given to extra-scriptural sources (hadith, Christian tradition). Subsequent chapters highlight key texts/theologians from various time periods (mostly Christians, but some Muslims) who discuss Mary in light of the other, ending with a consideration of Nostra Aetate's theology of Islam.

2018    254 pages    R515.00



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