A ConciseTheologyOfTheNewTestament

A Concise Theology of the New Testament

Frank Matera, SJ

A nontechnical overview of New Testament theology that summarizes the diverse theologies in the writings of the New Testament, identifies its overall theological vision, and explains the contribution that New Testament theology can make to the life of the Church and the contribution that the life of the Church can make to it.

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A CrisisInCulture

A Crisis in Culture

Fr. George Rutler

Fr. George Rutler shows how the West's cultural assault against Christianity is finally reaching its inevitable conclusion: the self-destruction of our culture and society.

Fr. Rutler sees the past thirty years as a moral cold war between Christians and those for whom personal behavior is of lesser concern than one’s good intentions. He explains how relativism and its consequent dictatorship of feeling spun civilization on its head by denying the relevance and the very existence of God.

Indeed, it seeped into the remotest corners of society and, over time, led our entire culture into a full-on rebellion against our Creator. The good news is that Fr. Rutler believes we can emerge from the rubble of civilization, but first there must be a battle between those who are inspired by God and those who are haunted by Him.

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HenryDeLubacHenri de Lubac and the Shaping of Modern Theology: A Reader

David Grumett

Henri de Lubac diagnosed the pathologies of modern materialist ideologies and presented a Christian alternative. Within the Church he was a witness of his times. He brought patristic and medieval texts to bear on doctrinal questions. In the 1950s, he experienced internal exile within the Church, forbidden to publish theological writings.

After de Lubac's rehabilitation, however, Pope John XXIII asked him to serve as a consultant for the Second Vatican Council. In 1983 Pope John Paul II named him a cardinal. De Lubac's theological writings are voluminous and wide-ranging, and this is the first time his most important texts have been combined into a single book. Annotated and arranged by theme, these passages address God, Christian faith, the Church, grace and nature, Scripture, the Eucharist, Buddhism, and the renewal of theology.

4.2.2020   404 pages    R449.50


AnIntroductionToChristianEthicsAn Introduction to Christian Ethics: A New Testament Perspective

Alberto de Mingo Kaminouchi PhD

Introduces the reader to Christian ethics by examining the New Testament through the three key concepts of Aristotle’s ethics: happiness, virtue, and love. In turn, the three affirmations orient this reflection through the Gospel.

First, when the triune God appears on the horizon, it becomes easier to understand that existence has a purpose: namely, participating with the entire human family in this project of happiness called the Kingdom of God.

Second, happiness is not something outside of us; it consists in the practice of the virtues that bring about a personal transformation. Third, the project of the Kingdom leads us to live in love with others.

10.20.2020    216 pages    R469.50



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Prayer is a mystery

PrayerIsA Mystery

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