DisarmingBeautyDISARMING BEAUTY: Essays on Faith, Truth, and Freedom

Julián Carrón

Is the English translation of a collection of essays by one of the principal Catholic leaders and intellectuals in the world today. Adapted from talks given by Fr. Carrón, these essays have been thoroughly reworked by the author to offer an organic presentation of a decade-long journey. They present the content of his elaboration of the gospel message in light of the tradition of Fr. Giussani, the teachings of the popes, and the urgent needs of contemporary people.

Carrón offers a broad diagnosis of challenges in society and then introduces their implications in contexts such as families, schools, workplaces, and political communities. In a dialogue with his listeners, he inspires and encourages them to lay out a new path for the Catholic Church and the world. Throughout his essays, Carrón addresses the most pressing questions facing theologians today.

2017    304 pages    R535.00 HC




Rafael Luciani

Pope Francis has offered a bold challenge to an “economy that kills,” identifying in particu­lar a form of globalization that turns people into disposable consumers and increases the widening gap between the rich and poor.

In do­ing so, he has drawn not only from the social teaching of the Latin American Church, but also in a particular way from a school of the­ology that arose in Argentina called “Theology of the People.” A type of liberation theology, it emphasizes respect for the culture and popular religious expressions of the poor.

2017    224 pages    R385.00



INCARNATIONS: A New Evolutionary Threshold

Diarmuid O'Murchu

O'Murchu expands the Christian idea of Incarnation to reveal a universal embodiment of Spirit. He shows how all forms of embodiment – from bacteria to the stars, from our children to strangers – evidence a God who loves bodies, and chooses the corporeal form in every initiative of co-creation.

2017    248 pages    R355.00

 TheImageOfTheUnseenGodTHE IMAGE OF THE UNSEEN GOD: Catholicity, Science, and Our Evolving Understanding of God

Thomas E. Hosinski

Fr. Hosinski surveys our evolving understandings of God, casting light on our knowledge of the universe as revealed in physics, cosmology, and biology, particularly the theory of evolution.

Here is a holistic understanding of God compatible with the implications of contemporary science that, remarkably, advances an understanding that is harmonious with the implications of Jesus’ own life and teachings.

2017    224 pages    R375.00



THE JOURNEY OF RECONCILIATION: Groaning for a New Creation in Africa

Emmanuel Katongole

What does it mean for Christians in Africa to receive the gift and invitation of reconciliation in the midst of the realities of war, poverty, and violence? Here, the author outlines a theological vision of reconciliation as God’s journey with creation—both gift and mission. He then explores the ecclesiological dimension of reconciliation and provides different portraits on why and how the church matters for reconciliation in Africa. Finally, he

draws on stories of peace activists in Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda to illuminate the spiritual and practical disciplines that sustain those who labour for reconciliation.

2017   216 pages    R495.00



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