A DiscerningChurchA Discerning Church: Pope Francis, Lonergan, and a Theological Method for the Future

Gerard Whelan, SJ

Presents a theological model for these changing times. It examines the thought of Bernard Lonergan, as outlined in his Method in Theology, and offers an assessment of the significance of Pope Francis and the church since the Second Vatican Council.

It then explores major insights and issues such as ecclesial reform, globalization, and sexuality, that will impact the future of the church, a church that is at its most effective in promoting the values of the reign of God.

2020    232 pages    R529.50


TelhardDeChardinAndMoralityTeilhard de Chardin on Morality: Living in an Evolving World

Louis M. Savary

Teilhard de Chardin presents a morality from an evolutionary perspective, in which humanity is growing in intellectual, emotional, and ethical maturity.

He sees humanity's role as helping God in the divine project of transforming the world.

2019    200 pages    R449.50





 CommonGoodCommon Good, Uncommon Questions: Topics in Moral Theology: Revised Updated

Editors: TImothy Backous, OSB and WIlliam C. Graham

Places the Catholic Church's guidance into contemporary context by considering stories, poems, and articles to challenge preconceptions, asking what contribution the Church can make to moral debate.

2019    287 pages    R585.00




PopeFrancisAndHisCristics Pope Francis and His Critics: Historical and Theological Perspectives

James J. Bacik

Pope Francis and His Critics offers a broad assessment of Francis and his pontificate, keeping in mind important criticisms mounted by his detractors. An opening chapter summarizes a representative sampling of five-year evaluations of the Francis papacy.

Subsequent chapters take up the views of the first Latin American pope as well as his critics on specific topics: gender issues, work and business, consumerism, caring for the poor, liturgy, communion for divorced and remarried, and clergy sex abuse.

A distinctive feature of the book is a careful analysis of the recent book, To Change the Church, by Ross Douthat, which has received much attention in the religious and secular world.

2019    136 pages    R275.00





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