Breathed into Wholeness: Catholicity and Life in the Spirit: Catholicity in an Evolving Universe

Mary Frohlich

“Catholicity” is a concept that aims to encompass this entire dynamic of whole-making and diversifying.

The theological reference of this term has primarily been to the ecclesial community. In this book, the author explores its application to our spiritual lives, that is, how each of us strives to construct a life that bears both the integrity of ultimate wholeness and the dynamism of real-life change, pluralism, and differentiation.

2019     256 pages     R495.00


RealPhilosophyForRealPeopeReal Philosophy for Real People: Tools for Truthful Living

Robert McTeigue

In the midst of a culture permeated by philosophies that seek to redefine the universally available meaning of what it is to be human, Fr. Robert says it is more important than ever to be equipped with reliable philosophical tools that help us to see clearly the implications of our stated moral claims; that enable us to detect moral and logical error; and that keep us grounded in the love of truth.

You will find such tools in these pages that explore what it means to be human with metaphysical, anthropological, and ethical dimensions. It is a refutation of philosophies which prize love of theory over love of truth.

2020     300 pages     R320.00



The Theologian's Enterprise: A Very Short Introduction

Aidan Nichols

In this brief guide, Fr. Aidan Nichols seeks to explain the approach to Catholic theology which he has worked out in the course of nearly forty years of publishing books and articles in the service of the Church.

He looks at the nature of theology, at its status as a science that is also a wisdom, at its intrinsic principles and methods, its sources, its sub-divisions, and, not least, the qualities which the  theologian must make his own if theology is to be authentically Christian and Catholic and assist rather than hinder the Church's mission.

The Theologian's Enterprise offers counsel to those setting out in the study of their faith, perhaps for the first time, with solid advice on the habits of mind theology requires. The text seeks to combine profundity with brevity.

2020    103 pages     R265.00


EcoTheologyEcotheology: A Christian Conversation

Kiara Jorgenson, Alan G. Padgett

How should Christians respond to the climate crisis and widespread pollution of earth’s shared commons, water and air? How might Christian communities think about human responsibility to other living creatures?

The ecumenical conversations in Ecotheology represent the diverse viewpoints of contributors’ theological and practical commitments, exploring creation care through a variety of frameworks, including natural science, biblical studies, systematic theology, and Christian ethics.

2020    240 pages    R 575.00




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