OnLoveOn Love: Selected Writings

Joseph Ratzinger

The Pope Emeritus has decided to make available this collection of his homilies, most previously unpublished, in which he addresses the theme, which from the beginning he has celebrated, pondered, and witnessed to more than any other: Love.

He beautifully states: Christianity is a journey; it is not a theory, a sum total of doctrine; Christianity is life, it is a vital impetus that carries us toward true life . . . Christianity is therefore the inversion of the normal direction of our existence. Human life, according to its natural tendency, is a journey toward death. But then, what is life? When can someone say: I have found life? Where do we find it? Love is life. Love is synthesis; death is dissolution. Someone who has found love can say: I have found life.

2021    163 pages    R295.00


GreenTheologyGreen Theology: An Eco-Feminist and Ecumenical Perspective

Trees von Montfoort, Trees van Montfoort

Is an urgent Christian theological reconsideration of the relationship between God, creation, nature, and human beings. The author demonstrates that ecological theology is not a sub-discipline of theology but a rediscovery of theology, focused not only on God and people, but all of creation.

Drawing on the perspectives of eco-theologians from around the world, this is a book that redefines the scope of theology for a world in urgent need of answers.

2022    368 pages    R410.00





Theology and Ecology in Dialogue: The Wisdom of Laudato Si'

Dermot Lane

Builds bridges between theology and ecology. It challenges theology to re-imagine who we are, who the Spirit is, who Christ is, where creation is going, and what is the role of liturgy in society―all in the glare of the climate crisis.

Up to now climate change was left to scientists, politicians, and activists. It is now time for religion to enter the debate. Climate change is not just one more problem to be addressed; it is the challenge facing humanity in the 21st century. This text will be of interest to activists, policymakers, educators, priests, and theologians.

2021    176 pages    R485.00




Light in Darkness: An Exploration into God

Kelly, Anthony J. CSsR

Re-centers theology in God as the focus of the enormous efforts of research in current scholarship.

It addresses the way the topic of God is treated—or not treated—in both cultural and religious circles, and even its comparative absence in church communications.

2021    292 pages    R739.50






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