IntroducingTheologicalMethodIntroducing Theological Method: A Survey of Contemporary Theologians and Approaches

Mary M. Veeneman

This introduction surveys contemporary theological methodology by presenting leading thinkers of the 20th and 21st centuries as models.

The book presents the strengths and weaknesses in each of the major options. Rather than favoring one specific position, it helps students of theology think critically so they can understand and develop their own theological method.

2018    202 pages    R165.00


A SacredLookA Sacred Look: Becoming Cultural Mystics – Theology of Popular Culture

Nancy Usselmann, FSP

How should a follower of Christ engage the popular media culture? By becoming a mystic! Sr. Nancy challenges Christians today to delve deep into the rich theological tradition of the church as the root and foundation for recognizing the beauty of God present in all that is truly human.

The artists of popular culture sometimes unwittingly seek transcendence while grappling with some of humanity’s most profound existential longings. The cultural mystics of today point out those needs of humanity in the culture’s artefacts in order to enter into dialogue with those who seek something beyond what this world satisfies.

The anthropological-sacramental-incarnational paradigm presented gives us this ability to take a sacred look of the culture and offer the joy of the Gospel, Christ who is the answer of all humanity’s yearnings!

2019    178.pages    R375.00

A ChristologyOReligionsA Christology of Religions

Gerald O’Collins

Gerald O’Collins adopts the person and saving work of Christ as the master key for organizing themes commonly treated by theologies of religion. But he does so through the lens of Christology to examine important themes that these theologies typically ignore:  the relevance of the theology of the cross for thinking about “the others”; the impact of Christ’s priesthood on all men and women of all places and times; the efficacy of prayer for “the others” inspired by love; and the nature of faith available for these “others.”

This “Christology of religions,” can help break the current stalemate widely affecting the theology of religions, and breathe new life into thinking about religious “others."

2018   192 pages    R589.50

 TheTenGreenCommandmentsThe Ten Green Commandments of Laudato Sí

Joshtrom Kureethadam

Fr. Joshtrom, one of the church's top experts on the document, provides a thoughtful, passionate, and highly accessible commentary on its key ideas and themes.

Faithfully attentive to the outline of the six chapters of the encyclical, Fr. Joshtrom has also insightfully arranged the book according to the see-judge-act methodology that is increasingly used in spirituality, moral theology, and the social sciences.

2019   240 pages  R445.00


VirtueAndTheologcalEthicsVirtue and Theological Ethics: Toward a Renewed Ethical Method

Todd A. Salzman, Michael G. Lawler

Salzman and Lawler draw upon founda­tional insights from virtue and theologi­cal ethics to propose a Catholic ethical methodological schema for the twenty-first century.

Discussing topics such as natural law, conscience, and human dignity, the authors show how their new method may be used to treat issues of human sexuality in light of Cath­olic social teaching.

2018    248 pages    R475.00



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