DeepIncarnationDeep Incarnation: God’s Redemptive Suffering with Creatures

Denis Edwards

Based on the Duffy Lectures, a yearly lecture series at Boston College, this book explores the theme of “Deep Incarnation” as a way of making connections between incarnation and the whole of creation, including the costs built into our evolutionary world.

The key question of “Deep Incarnation,” for Edwards, is: “What relationship is there between the wider natural world, the world of galaxies and stars, mountains and seas, bacteria, plants and animals, and the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ?”

To approach this theme, Edwards draws upon the work of Niels Gregersen (the “father of Deep Incarnation”), Elizabeth Johnson, and others. He then engages with Irenaeus, Athanius, and Karl Rahner as three great witnesses to a deep view of incarnation, and concludes with his own constructive approach to the book’s theme.

2019    160 pages    R369.50


ChristianTheologyInA PluralisticWorldChristian Theology in the Pluralistic World: A Global Introduction

Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen

Providing a new and unique way of doing theology in our pluralistic world, Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen presents historic Christian doctrines in relation to the natural sciences and four other living faiths—Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

This book covers all systematic topics along with a host of current issues such as violence, colonialism, inclusivity, sociopolitical liberation, environmental care, and more.

Christian Theology in the Pluralistic World is the ideal text for exploring a theological vision at once rooted in the Christian tradition and constructive in its engagement with the complexities of our global, pluralistic world.

2019    656 pages    R1165.00

DiscoveringPopeFrancisDiscovering Pope Francis: The Roots of Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s Thinking

Editors: Brian Y Lee, Thomas L Knoebel

This collection of essays was born of a landmark international symposium designed to promote theological understanding by contextualizing the thought of Pope Francis—from his understanding of history to his theology of mission—within important theological conversations rarely heard in the US Catholic Church.

Its contributors demonstrate decisively that Pope Francis's magisterium is the fruit of a profound and distinctive, yet deeply Catholic, intellectual engagement with the theological and ecclesial traditions of the Church.

2019    272 pages    R569.50

TheBlackChristThe Black Christ   -  25th anniversary Edition

Kelly Brown Douglas

The author offers a portrait of who Jesus is for the Black community. She identifies the Black Christ not strictly in terms of race or theological constructs. The “Blackness” of Christ has more to do with commitment to Black freedom than appearance.

Beginning with the early testimonies of the enslaved, through the writings and thought of religious and literary figures, voices from the Civil Rights and Black Power era, through the contemporary work of Black and Womanist theologians, Douglas presents a living tradition that speaks powerfully to the message of our day: Black Lives Matter. In a new introduction, she offers an account of the questions that motivated her work, and an overview of where those questions have since led her.

2019    176 pages    R365.00


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