GroundedInHeavenGrounded in Heaven: Recentering Christian Hope and Life on God

Michael Allen

Eschatology and ethics are joined at the hip, says Michael Allen, and both need theocentric reorientation. In this book he retrieves the traditional concept of the beatific vision and seeks to bring Christ back into the heart of our theology and our lives on earth.

Responding to the earthly-mindedness of much recent theology, Allen places his focus on God and the heavenly future while also appreciating ways in which the Reformed tradition provides a unique angle on broadly catholic concerns. Reaching back to classical ethics as well as its reformation by Calvin and other Reformed theologians, this book offers a Protestant account of the ascetical calling to be heavenly-minded and to deny one’s self.

2018  186 pages   R349.50


John C. Mcdowell &Scott A. Kirkland

Surveys key themes and aspects of Christian hope by tracing eschatological ideas as they have developed from Scripture throughout the history of theology.

The authors present a series of lenses on understanding eschatological statements, or the content of Christian hope. They have structured their book thematically into five chapters—four exploring apocalyptic, existential, political, and Christological themes, followed by an extensive annotated bibliography. Within each chapter, they take a history-of-ideas approach, locating the various perspectives in their historical contexts. Concise and accessible, this book is ideal for introductory undergraduate courses in eschatology.

2018  165 pages  R459.50


FaithAndPoliticsFaith and Politics: Selected Writing

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Pope Francis, in his foreword, states that one of the major themes in the thought of Joseph Ratzinger is the relationship between faith and politics: "His firsthand experience of Nazi totalitarianism led him even as a young student to reflect on the limits of obedience to the state for the sake of the liberty of obeying God."

In support of this, he quotes from one of Ratzinger's texts presented in this volume: "The state is not the whole of human existence and does not encompass all human hope." Ratzinger explored various aspects of this subject in books, speeches, and homilies throughout his career and most recently as Pope Benedict XVI. This is the only book that collates all of his most significant works on political themes inside one volume.

2018    265 pages    R275.00


ChristianMarriedLoveChristian Married Love

Raymond Dennehy

Presents five insightful essays by well-known theologians and writers who give powerful witness to the truths about love, sex, and marriage illuminated by Humanae Vitae, the prophetic encyclical by Pope Paul VI.

The pieces by Hans Urs von Balthasar, Louis Bouyer, and Malcom Muggeridge were delivered at a symposium on Humanae Vitae held in 1978 at the University of San Francisco. In this year of the fiftieth anniversary of Humanae Vitae, Ignatius Press is pleased to re-release this entire collection, masterfully introduced by Raymond Dennehy.

2018    132 pages    R230.00



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