1 December, 2019: First Sunday of Advent



Prima domenica di Avvento 2019



Words of the Holy Father

Our final goal is the encounter with the Risen Lord. I would like to ask how many of you think about this. “There will be a day in which I meet the Lord face to face”. And this is our goal: the encounter.
We do not await a time or a place, but we are going to encounter a person: Jesus. Neither is it about knowing “how” these things will happen, but instead “how” we have to act today, in awaiting these things. The triumph of Jesus at the end of time will be the triumph of the Cross, the demonstration that the sacrifice of oneself for love of neighbour, in imitation of Christ, is the only victorious power, the only stable point in the midst of the upheavals and tragedies of the world. (ANGELUS, 15 November 2015)


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