19 March 2023:  Fourth Sunday of Lent: Anno A

At the centre of the Gospel this Fourth Sunday of Lent we find Jesus and a man blind
from birth (cf. Jn 9:1-41). Christ restores his sight and performs this miracle with a type
of symbolic ritual: first, He mixes dirt with saliva and spreads it on the blind man’s eyes;
then, He orders him to go and wash in the pool of Siloam.
The man goes, washes, and regains his sight.
He was blind from birth. With this miracle, Jesus manifests himself, and He manifests
himself to us as the Light of the World. The man blind from birth represents each one of us,
who was created to know God; but due to sin has become blind; we are in need of a new light;
we are all in need of a new light: that of faith, which Jesus has given us.
Indeed,mthat blind man in the Gospel, by regaining his sight, is opened
to the mystery of Christ.
 (Pope Francis: Angelus, 26 March 2017)

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