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Becket Wants to Be a Priest  

Authors: Matt Regitz, Stephanie Regitz   -  Paul Latino (Illustrator)

Becket Wants to Be a Priest follows the regular little boy Becket as he realizes he wants to be a priest when he grows up.

The grown-ups in his life, from his parents to the local parish priest, are charmed by his decision, and do all they can to deepen and celebrate his conviction, with Christmas presents and an invitation to an ordination mass.

Perfect for vocation directors and parents of children who may be considering joining the priesthood one day.

2020    24 pages     R235.00


JosephGuardianOfTheHolyFamilyJoseph, Guardian of the Holy Family

Marlyn Evangelina Monge FSP  Illustrated by Mary Rojas

This beautiful board book Joseph: Guardian of the Holy Family provides a memorable way for toddlers to become familiar with Saint Joseph and his role in the earthly life of Jesus.

Features & Benefits:
- ideal as a birth or baptismal gift
- entertaining for children ages 1--5
- durable board book
- perfect for reading aloud

1-8- 2019   14 pages    R220.00


BookofBibleStoriesBook of Bible Stories: 60 Scripture Stories Every Catholic Child Should Know

Amy Welborn

his beautifully illustrated collection of Bible stories for kids and their families is uniquely arranged according to where the stories fall in the liturgical year and when they are proclaimed at Mass.

Divided into five sections—Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter Season, and Ordinary Time—each section is subdivided into Old and New Testament stories.

2017    200 pages    R300.00


Colouring Books


  • 01 - Coloured book for children
  • 02 - Coloured book for children
  • 03 - Coloured book for children
  • 04 - Coloured book for children
  • 05 - Childrens and God Creation
  • 06 - Coloured book for children
  • 07 - Bible Stories
  • 08 - TinyTops





The Virtue of Effort
Vinyet Montaner, Alex Cabrera

2020  32 pages   R145.00



The Virtue of Patience
Vinyet Montaner, Alex Cabrera

2020  32 pages   R145.00


The Virtue of Prudence
Alex Cabrera and Vinyet Montaner

2020   32 pages   R145.00


The Virtue of Listening
Alex Cabrera and Vinyet Montaner

2020   32 pages   R145.00


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