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HomeIsWhereMyHeartLivesHome Is where My Heart Lives

Heidi Howarth;   illustrated by Daniel Howarth

Little Robot was sleeping for a very long time. When he was found and awoken from his slumber, he found himself in a different time and a place he could not remember—a lush and beautiful green forest.

Terrible danger threatens the forest and all of its inhabitants, and only he has the skills to save them. These creatures need him but are also afraid of him. How can you find a place where you can belong when you are the only one of your kind? You look to the kindness of others.

You may not only find some new friends, but also a chance for a new beginning and even a new family.

2018    36 pages    R185.00

GodMadeWonderfulMeGod Made Wonderful Me

Genny Monchamp

Who made your fingers and your nose? Why, God, of course — because he loves wonderful you!

A read-and-do book with bright illustrations and lively text that encourages little ones to discover what wonderful creations they are! A special "mirror" page reflects God's love — for each and every one of us!

Ages 1 – 3



MyTimeWithGodMy Time with God

31 Bedtime Stories and Prayers

Cecille Fodor; Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali

One story for each day in a month. Divided between stories from the Old and New Testament, My Time with God is packed with thirty-one retold Bible stories, along with prayers to accompany each story, and is certain to be a hit with the age group.

This board book has a unique handle attached to the book, which makes it fun and inviting for children.

2018        R199.50



Colouring Books


  • 01 - Coloured book for children
  • 02 - Coloured book for children
  • 03 - Coloured book for children
  • 04 - Coloured book for children
  • 05 - Coloured book for children
  • 06 - Coloured book for children
  • 07 - The Beatitudes
  • 08 - God'sRulesForMe





My Year with the Saints for Kids
Peter Celano

2019    160 pages    R285.00



Saintly Rhymes for Modern Times 
Meghan Bausch

2018    32 pages    R297.50


Angel Stories from the Bible
Charlotte Grossetête

2017   48 pages   R259.50


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