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The Seed Who Was Afraid to Be Planted

Anthony DeStefano

introduces children to a tiny seed content to remain in his safe, cozy drawer with the other seeds. Suddenly, a day comes when the gardener who lives in the mansion takes the seed from his drawer and plants him in the ground. Faced with his biggest fear, the seed undergoes a miraculous experience that changes his life forever.

Beautifully illustrated and written in simple but delightful verse, The Seed who was Afraid to be Planted reminds us all that no matter how small or scared we may be, God has great plans for us—plans even more wonderful than we can imagine.

2019    32 pages    R295.00


BookOfEverydayPrayersBook of Everyday Prayers

Catherine Odell, Margaret Savitskas

Through this delightful collection of prayers for kids, children learn how easy it is to pray every day. Loyola Kids Book of Everyday Prayers by Catherine Odell and Margaret Savitskas is thematically divided into nine chapters, offering prayers for all occasions and seasons of the year.

From the Hail Mary to the Breastplate of St. Patrick to a little boy’s prayer for his new baby sister, these prayers for kids will help children grow in their faith.

Ages 8-12



LivingSparksOfGodLiving Sparks of God: Stories of Saints for Young Catholics to Colour 

Maria Lavoy

Here are fourteen lively two-minute stories to introduce young Catholics to some of the Church’s most beloved saints.

Each story is accompanied by two colouring pages: a gorgeously detailed portrait of the saint, and a scene of the saint in action.     

2019     32 pages    R145.00



Colouring Books


  • 01 - Coloured book for children
  • 02 - Coloured book for children
  • 03 - Coloured book for children
  • 04 - Coloured book for children
  • 05 - Childrens and God Creation
  • 06 - Coloured book for children
  • 07 - Bible Stories
  • 08 - TinyTops





My Year With the Saints for Kids
Peter Celano
2029   160 pages   R285.00



Children and God’s Creation  Colouring Book
Charles Odira

43 pages    R45.00


John Bosco: Chiampion for Youth
Barbara Yoffie

32 pages   R115.00


Saint Francis and the Animals: A Mother Bird’s Story
Phil Gallery

2018     32 pages      R359.50

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