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Beautiful Story of the Bible

Maite Roche

Here are all the most important stories of the Bible, Old and New Testaments, with very expressive and gorgeous pictures, sure to delight young children from 3 years old and up.

The Old Testament stories include Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah, David & Goliath, Moses and more.

The New Testament stories include the whole story of the life and miracles of Jesus, and the lives of the Apostles and early Church, all presented in a wonderful way that shows Go d’s great love for mankind.

120 pages    R197.50


BibleStoriesForBtaveGirlsBible Stories for Brave Girls

Melissa Alex

With animated and lively illustrations, this Bible story book offers an exciting way for young people to study the brave women of the Bible. Get a glimpse of crucial points in the lives of inspiring women such as Ruth, Esther and Mary.

Children are introduced to each character in a simple and straightforward manner, and additional, good-to-know historical facts set the scene for each story. This faith inspiring Bible story book for tweens is accessible and easy to understand for young girls and boys who want to grow their faith.

2018     R195.00




The Big Book of Bible Questions

Sally Ann Wright

Four simple questions are asked for each of sixty different Bible persons or events. These simple questions, drawn from the lives of all the main characters of the Bible, and covering all the main events, will delight, challenge, and amuse.

All the best-loved stories are here, brought to life by the Italian artist Paola Bertolini Grudina's lively illustrations.

2019    64 pages    R195.00


Colouring Books


  • 01 - Coloured book for children
  • 02 - Coloured book for children
  • 03 - Coloured book for children
  • 04 - Coloured book for children
  • 05 - Childrens and God Creation
  • 06 - Coloured book for children
  • 07 - Bible Stories
  • 08 - TinyTops





The Virtue of Effort
Vinyet Montaner, Alex Cabrera

2020  32 pages   R145.00



The Virtue of Patience
Vinyet Montaner, Alex Cabrera

2020  32 pages   R145.00


The Virtue of Prudence
Alex Cabrera and Vinyet Montaner

2020   32 pages   R145.00


The Virtue of Listening
Alex Cabrera and Vinyet Montaner

2020   32 pages   R145.00


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