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ImA SaintInTheMakingI'm a Saint in the Making

Lisa M. Hendey (Author), Katie Broussard (Illustrator)

God has a special mission for each of us! With engaging prose and delightful illustrations, I'm a Saint in the Making reminds children of their unique call from God to live with mission and love.

By recounting the highlights of the stories of both well-known and newer saints (including John Paul II, Mary MacKillop, Augustus Tolton, Teresa of Calcutta, Juan Diego and Chiara Badano) in relatable lessons, the book helps readers learn that there is no one single way to live a life of sanctity. I'm a Saint in the Making offers simple suggestions for ways children can offer acts of prayer, service, and love.

Resources for parents, teachers, and caregivers at the end of book provide support for adults as they seek to encourage and accompany their young saints in the making.

10.6.2020      32 pages      R335.00




60 Saints for Kids

Compiled by  Michelle Mathias & Caroline Duia, FSP

60 Saints for Kids focuses on the lives miracles and martyrdom of some of the Saints. In today's world it is so necessary to come to know about and be influenced by such  devoted followers of Jesus, who have spent their entire lives serving Jesus and have even given up their lives for Him and His message of Love for humankind.

In this book one will journey through different parts of the world along with sixty saints. These short stories highlight some historic facts as well as great things that happened in their time. The colourful pictures, which give life to the book will give the reader a special experience.

2020    152 pages    R130.00



Little Prayers for Little Ones

Jablonski Patricia Edward

Introduces children to the five types of prayer outlined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (blessing and adoration, petition, intercession, thanksgiving, and praise) and teaches children to integrate prayer and life by invoking God in and through their everyday experiences.

This book will help children know they are loved by God while encouraging them to love him in return. It's for adults, too: while it encourages adults to teach the children in their lives how to pray.

This sturdy board book with charming illustrations is sure to become a family favourite. It will become your child's first devotional and will provide a solid foundation for catechesis.

2019   24 pages   R225.00

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Page a Day  Children's Bible
384 pages   R347.50



My Paraclete Bible Story Box


The Saints Are Watching Over Me
Joe Klinker
  Illustrator: Manuel Corsi

2019    16 pages   R199.50


Love God, Love Me, Love You
Joe Klinker 
llustrator: Manuel Corsi

2019    16 pages    R199.50

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