These colourful books are a delightful companion for young children discovering their loving friends in heaven and the story of their faith. The beautiful illustrations and the simplicity of the language lead children to a closer relationship with God.

BibleStoriesForLittleOnesBible Stories for Little Ones

This collection of twenty Bible stories is drawn from both the Old and New Testaments. Introducing children to God's Word in a simple and hands-on way, this board book offers a unique Baptismal or baby shower gift for the special child in your life. Each story is told through short narrative sentences and dialogue.

Accompanying each story are interactive elements that keep little ones actively engaged in their reading experience, encourage reading comprehension, and reinforce basic cognitive skills. Children are invited to part the sea like Moses, count the people in Bethlehem, find stones for David's slingshot, say "Hosanna" aloud, distinguish fish of different sizes and colours, and identify God's creations. A comforting, faith-filled message often concludes activities, reminding children of God's love.

2014     42 pages     R241.50   HC


PageADayChildrensBible Page-A-Day Children’s Bible

Rhona Davies

This beautifully illustrated Catholic Bible for children ages 8-10 is the perfect companion to daily prayers in the family or at school. Each page provides age-appropriate stories accompanied by full-colour pictures that make the Scripture stories come alive.

Every day your can read a new story from the Hebrew Bible or the New Testament that will expand their faith and understanding of what it means to be Christian, while a special additional focus on the Eucharist and Our Lady will expand their faith and understanding of what it means to be Catholic.

This presentation of Bible stories will help a child develop the habit of daily Scripture reading. A foundational tool to increase children's familiarity with the Church's scriptural undergirding, Page-a-Day Children's Bible will also deepen their love for the Word of God.

2016    384 pages    R313.00


TheBeautifulStoryOfTheBibleThe Beautiful Story of the Bible

Maïte Roche

Beautifully illustrated children’s Bible.

Every child will treasure Maïte Roche’s wonderful retelling of the history of Salvation, from Genesis to Revelation, in this illustrated children’s Bible.

129 pages    R418.50




Colouring Books


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  • 05 - Coloured book for children
  • 06 - Coloured book for children
  • 07 - The Beatitudes
  • 08 - God'sRulesForMe




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Pamela Love
2017   200 pages   R189.50

Runway Rich Girl
Kim Hee-ju

2017    200 pages      R210.00


Song-i Yoon
2014    205 pages    R210.00

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