Pope to consecrated widows: Live a life of simplicity, humilty

Pope Francis meets with participants attending an international conference for consecrated widows, inviting them to use their experiences to help the young and the poor, and to live a life of humility and simplicity.
In his prepared words to the women gathered, Pope Francis, underlined how "widowhood is a particularly difficult experience”, adding that some pour their energies into their children and grandchildren.

The Pope said that with their consecration, the widows showed that it was possible, with the support of members of the Church, to live a life of service by exercising their family, professional and social responsibilities.


Holy See encourages culture of peace, encounter, compassion

Archbishop Bernadito Auza, the Holy See’s Permanent Observer to the United Nations in New York, addressed a high-level forum on the culture of peace on September 6.

Today’s vicious circle of violence, extremist ideologies, rights violations and the destruction of the environment can be countered only by protecting  human dignity and fostering a culture of peace and encounter and compassion.

Archbishop Bernadito Auza, the Holy See’s Apostolic Nuncio and Permanent Observer to the United Nations in New York made the remark at a high-level forum on the culture of peace on Wednesday, September 6.

With today’s armed conflict between and within states, terrorism and extremist ideologies, human rights violations and humanitarian abuses, as well as the devastation of the environment, the archbishop recalled the warning of Pope Francis that we are descending into a “world war fought piecemeal”.  “This vicious cycle of violence” he said, “can only be broken by promoting and protecting the dignity of every human life, which must be defended and fostered to flourish within a culture of peace and through a culture of encounter animated by a sincere attitude of mutual respect and dialogue that is concretely manifested in mutual empathy and solidarity. “


Pope to Parents: Work together with schools

Pope Francis in the Paul VI hall on September 8 greets members of the Italian Parents Association which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

The Italian Parents Association works to support parents in their commitment to family and education according to the principles of Christian ethics.

Praising the Association’s work with reference to the education of children at school, Pope Francis noted the alliance between families and the school system. But he also highlighted that at times this partnership is talked about as being under threat, such as, the family not appreciating the work of teachers, and schools feeling the invasive influence of parents.

To change this situation, the Pope said, “someone must take the first step”, so that trust can be nurtured.

He stressed that without schools and teachers, parents ran the risk of being alone in their “educational activity and being less able to face the new educational challenges that come from contemporary culture, from society, from mass media, from new technologies.”

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