Talitha Kum: Break the cycle of trafficking with “Care”

Talitha Kum, the global anti-trafficking network of Consecrated Life Against Trafficking in Persons, launches a new campaign focused on a care-centered model to break the cycle of human trafficking.

Between 20 and 40 million people are estimated to be trapped in modern slavery today. As Talitha Kum members never tire of telling us, we live side-by-side with many victims who are exploited for labour, for prostitution, for the profitable organ trade.

Pope Francis has repeatedly denounced human trafficking as a scourge and a crime against humanity. Pope Francis: An economy without human trafficking is an economy of care.

It is a trade that is hard to eradicate because it earns global profits that exceed over 150 billion US dollars a year for traffickers and it goes largely undetected. Thus, says the network of consecrated persons that work to raise awareness, save victims and provide healing for survivors, extra “care” is needed to break the cycle.

Launching its new CareAgainstTrafficking campaign on Thursday, the organization explained the initiative aims to show the world how “care” can make the difference “along every step of the journey to combat human trafficking: care for those at risk, care for victims, and care for survivors.”

Pope appeals for constructive collaboration in post-apartheid South Africa

Pope Francis on Sunday appealed to South African politicians, faction leaders and all those involved in recent violence to engage in constructive collaboration for peace.

“Unfortunately, in this past week we have received news of episodes of violence that are aggravating the situation of so many of our brothers and sisters in South Africa,” he said speaking during the Angelus in St. Peter’s Square.

Over 200 people have been killed in the country where unrest, fueled by poverty and inequality erupted, triggered by the anger of some, over the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma.

The unrest swiftly degenerated into looting which has destroyed hundreds of businesses. The police have arrested over 2,500 people suspected to be involved in inciting violence. South Africans hard-hit by poverty, inequality and pandemic

“Together with the bishops of the country I direct my heartfelt appeal to all those with responsibility who are involved, that they may work for peace and collaborate with the authorities to provide assistance to those in need,” he said.

Meanwhile the nation is battling a surge in Covid-19 infections with almost 16,500 new infections on Thursday, the highest number of new cases of any African country, according to the WHO. The recent violence has interrupted Covid-19 containment efforts and vaccination rollouts and experts are predicting a rise in cases following the unrest.

Pope prays for just and fraternal society in Cuba

Pope Francis called on Sunday for peace and dialogue in Cuba after unprecedented, nationwide protests rocked the communist-run country.

Speaking after the Angelus prayer in the Vatican, in his first appearance since being discharged from Hospital after surgery on Wednesday, the Pope said “I am also close to the dear people of Cuba in these difficult times, in particular to those families suffering the most."

Last week, Cuba erupted in some of the worst unrest seen in the country in decades, with protesters in dozens of locations calling for “freedom”.

On Saturday, pro-government forces, including both President Miguel Díaz-Canel and his 90-year-old predecessor, Raúl Castro, took to the streets in Havana with rallies of supporters to uphold government. The President accused the US trade embargo on the island nation for poverty and social injustice.

The Pope said he is praying that “the Lord might help the nation construct a society that is more and more just and fraternal through peace, dialogue and solidarity.” “I urge all Cubans to entrust themselves to the maternal protection of the Virgin Mary of Charity of Cobre. She will accompany them on this journey,” he said.

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