Pope Francis: Be effective Apostles rooted in the Word of God

Greeting members of Catholic Action France, Pope Francis recalled their tradition of coming to meet the Pope going back to the time of Pope Pius XI.
The Association has chosen “Apostles today” as its theme for this pilgrimage to Rome, and with this in mind, Pope Francis reflected on the “call to be effective apostles today.”

The Pope noted that when the disciples walk with Jesus “they begin by recalling the events they have experienced; then they recognise the presence of God in those events; finally, they act by returning to Jerusalem to announce the resurrection of Christ.”

Pope Francis then focused his attention on, what he called, three stages: See, judge, act.

“Seeing,” said the Pope, is the first basic stage, which consists of “stopping to observe the events that make up our lives, what constitutes our history, our family, cultural, and Christian roots.” Stressing the importance of memory, Pope Francis dwelt on his encyclical “Fratelli tutti” which he said, “begins with a look at the sometimes worrying situation in our world. It may seem a little pessimistic, but it is necessary in order to move forward.”

Focusing his attention on the second stage, to judge or discern, the Pope said that this “is the moment in which we allow ourselves to be questioned and challenged.” “The key to this stage is the reference to Sacred Scripture. It is a matter of accepting that one's life is subjected to the scrutiny of the Word of God,” he explained.

Speaking of the third stage: acting, the Pope described how the Gospel teaches that action should always have God's initiative. “Our role is therefore to support and encourage God's action in hearts, adapting to the reality that is constantly evolving,” he said.

Pope Francis: ‘Economy must serve people and planet, not profits’

The Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development hosted an online conference on Wednesday, in conjunction with the Vatican Covid-19 Commission and Deloitte, a multinational professional services network.

Entitled “Preparing the Future: Building a sustainable, inclusive, regenerative economy”, the event brought together leaders in the areas of business, finance, development economics, and academia.

Participants discussed the ways societies are being changed by the pandemic, and offered new economic models that give more value to nature, people, and society, according to a press release.
Science, Gospel, Solidarity

Pope Francis took part in Wednesday’s virtual event with a message sent to participants. He repeated his insistence that “we will not emerge from this crisis the same”, and pointed to the role the Vatican Covid-19 Commission has in preparing that future.

He said the Commission draws on “the best available science, with the realism of the Gospel, and in solidarity with the marginalized.” “Unfortunately, two years now from the start of the pandemic, we must admit that we have missed many opportunities to change our approach. We are perpetrating new injustices and inequalities.”

The Pope highlighted the challenges of equitable vaccine distribution, the rise in poverty, and the arms trade, and the threats facing the environment.

Achbishop Gallagher in South Sudan laying the ground for a papal visit

From 21 to 23 December, the Secretary for Relations with States was in Juba, to meet South Sudanese political and religious authorities and collaborators of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

There is no perfect time for any such visit, but it is not excluded that Pope Francis will visit South Sudan next year. This is a wish expressed several times by the Pope himself and that receives "strong support" so that it can be organized by the authorities.

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