Abba Isn't Daddy and Other Biblical Surprises: What Catholics Really Need to Know about Scripture Study

William L. Burton, O.F.M.

Burton, a renowned scripture, introduces you to basic principles of scripture study and aids in your exploration of intriguing questions about the life of Jesus.

In part 1, Burton examines the history of the Bible, tools for scripture study, and the importance of archaeological, cultural, and linguistic discoveries for understanding the Bible. He also offers a fascinating explanation of how the geography of Israel played a crucial role in the Bible’s content and development.

In part 2, Burton addresses interesting questions related to the origin and meaning of topics in the New Testament.

2019    192 pages     R295.00


A BasicGuideToOldTestament

A Basic Guide to the Old Testament

Jean-Louis Ska

A simple tool for a first reading of the Bible that answers the first questions that are posed by the reader who has little familiarity with the Bible and helps with the critical reading of the Bible, i.e., to maintain the right distance to avoid the problems that arise when the text is taken literally.

2019    140 pages    R335.00



Mary of Magdala: Revisiting the Sources

Marinella Perroni and Cristina Simonelli

Two scholars each approach the role of Mary Magdalene from the vantage point of their academic disciplines.

In part I, New Testament scholar Marinella Perroni analyzes the places of Mary Magdalene in the Gospels and debunks the modern understanding of the twelve apostles by pointing out that the women who followed Jesus were part of a discipleship of equals.

In part II, Cristina Simonelli examines the evidence in postscriptural and patristic writings.

2019    192 pages    R495.00



Jesus and His Enemies: Narrative Conflict in the Four Gospels

Robert Beck

The message expressed in each of the four gospels is conveyed not just through Jesus’ teachings or particular stories but through the overall narrative itself—particularly through the introduction and resolution of conflict. The evangelists show Christians how they are to act in situations of conflict without abandoning the demands of love.

As Robert Beck reflects, “This is the real test of the command to love one another, which finds its most exacting demand when we are in firm opposition.” The Gospels have much to say about this, though the answers are found in a place we seldom look: in the qualities of dramatic narrative itself. Jesus and His Enemies offers a contribution to biblical teaching on violence, ethics, and the Christian pursuit of peace.

2018    240 pages    R499.50




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