How Not to Read the Bible: An Authentic Catholic Approach to Scripture for Today

Scott Lewis, SJ

Biblical scholar Scott Lewis wants to help Christians approach the Bible with a (renewed) confidence to explore for themselves the richness of what scripture might tell them. Too often, as the title suggests, scriptures are approached incorrectly, whether interpreted literally or taken out of context.

Lewis wants to guide readers on approaches to reading the Bible in world where too simple and too glib answers and approaches abound. At the same time, he wants to show the reader why reading the Bible is still important today, perhaps more than in the recent past.

2019   160 pages    R355.00



What Does the Bible Say About Old Age?

Ronald D. Witherup

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about growing old? This book deals directly with this timeless question that affects most human beings, especially in modern times.

The Bible affirms the positive value of aging. Surprisingly, the biblical perspective goes far beyond the simple affirmation that gray hair brings wisdom.

Its viewpoint is more complex, with an amazing number of biblical stories that touch the theme of old age and all that comes with it.

2019   134 pages    R395.00

 WaterAndSpiritWater and Spirit: Meditations on Saint John's Gospel 1:19 to 5:47

Adrienne Von Speyr

Following up her book, THE WORD: A Meditation on the Prologue of St. John's Gospel, this beautiful work by the mystic Adrienne von Speyr continues these meditations to the end of chapter five. Von Speyr reflects deeply on the text, taking it sentence by sentence, but this precise adherence to the words is developed into a much broader picture.

The meditations are confluent with the scenes and themes of the Gospel itself, and perhaps the most characteristic note of her meditations is determined by the author's use of the whole imagery of St. John to convey his thought.

In these meditations the imagery of St. John is everywhere seen as leading into eternal life, and that life as beginning here and now.

2019    305 pages    R325.00


BibleInA YearBible in a Year: Your Daily Encounter with God

Dr. Tim Gray, Dr Mark Giszczak, Dr. J. Morris, Dr. Elizabeth Klein, Dr. John Sehorn, Dr. Scott Powell, Deborah Holiday

You can read through the entire Bible in a single year! Three daily readings, one each from the Old Testament, Wisdom Literature and the New Testament, keep you engaged as you make your way through the Bible.

In addition, each of the daily readings is followed by a short reflection that will lead you to prayer and help plant God’s Word deep in your heart.

Each daily reflection is intended to open up the Scriptures and facilitate a deeper meditation that leads to an encounter with God through his Word.

2018    1344 pages    R639.50



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