TheDeclineAndFallOfSacredScriptureThe Decline and Fall of Sacred Scripture: How the Bible Became a Secular Book

Scott Hahn & Benjamin Wiker

The authors trace the various malformations of Scripture scholarship that have led to a loss of trust in the inspired Word of God.

From the Reformation to the Enlightenment and beyond, Hahn and Wiker sketch the revolutions and radical figures that led to the emergence of the historical-critical method and the ill effects that are still being felt today.

2021    296 pages    R545.00




Discovering Revelation: Content, Interpretation, Reception

David A. deSilva

Addresses the interpretation and reception-history of Revelation in this compact, up-to-date, and student-friendly introduction to the book of Revelation, focusing on its structure, content, theological concerns, key interpretive debates, and historical reception.

2021    240 pages    R495.00





The Word Is Very Near You

Wilfrid Stinissen

Fr. Stinissen shows how the Bible reveals to us our true life with God - a life of joy, beauty and love. A book for all who wish to experience the living Word of God.

He says that Bible reading and prayer belong inseparably together, and both are indispensable for anyone who wishes to live in close communion with God.

2020    150 pages    R255.00



TIntroductionToTheGospelOfMattheweach Me, Lord, Your Way - Ordinary Time Weeks 10-21

Richard Baawobr, M, Afr

The weeks of Ordinary Time form a very important part of the liturgical Year. During this time we are given the opportunity to deepen our understanding of the Mystery of Christ and to live it in our daily life.

We are invited to live the basic dimensions of our Christian life, namely: faith, hope and charity.

Meditating on the Word of God is a prayer that helps build us up as children of God by uniting us deep down in our hearts.

2020    104 pages    R115.00


WomenInTheBibleWomen in the Bible  Vol. 2

Giovanni Tonucci

Explores many women in the New Testament with particular attention to Mary, the mother of Jesus, in whom we find the perfect synthesis of every aspect of the feminine nature.

2017    168 pages    R210.00






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