Scripture Footnotes: The World of Jesus

George Martin

This new assembly of articles is as informative as ever.

Bridging solid biblical scholarship and rich spiritual nourishment, this collection illumines the shadows in the world of Jesus to help readers better understand his message.

2017    144 pages    R259.50



TheGodWhoActsInHistory The God Who Acts in History: The Significance of Sinai

Craig S. Bartholomew

Craig Bartholomew explores how the early church understood divine action, looks at the philosophers who derided the idea, and finally shows that the reasons for doubting the historicity of Sinai are not persuasive.

The God Who Acts in History provides compelling reasons for affirming that God has acted and continues to act in history.

2020    265 pages    R595.00




Jesus, King of Strangers: What the Bible Really Says about Immigration

Mark W. Hamilton

Nationalistic tribalism is on the rise around the world. How we treat strangers (foreigners, immigrants, migrants) is a promi­nent political, economic, and religious issue.

Drawing on his personal experiences and expertise as a biblical scholar, Mark Hamilton argues that Scripture describes God’s people as strangers who are called to show grace and hospitality to others.

2019    184 pages   R395.00



PaulASndTheLanguageOfFaithPaul and the Language of Faith

Nijay K. Gupta

A dynamic reading of Paul’s faith language, outlining its subtle nuances as belief, trust, and faithfulness.

Faith language permeates the letters of Paul. Yet, its exact meaning is not always clear. Many today, reflecting centuries of interpretation, consider belief in Jesus to be a passive act.

In this important book, Nijay Gupta challenges common assumptions in the interpretation of Paul and calls for a re-examination of Paul’s faith language. Gupta argues that Paul’s faith language resonates with a Jewish understanding of covenant involving goodwill, trust, and expectation.

Paul’s understanding of faith involves the transformation of one’s perception of God and the world through Christ, relational dependence on Christ, as well as active loyalty to Christ.

2020    240 pages    R695.00





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