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Your Guide to Planning a Catholic Funeral
Lonne Murphy

YourGuideToPlanningA CatholicFuneral
2019   32 pages   R110.00

God Is in the Ordinary  


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SYCAMORE: The Catholic Faith Explained
Fr Stephen Wang

2021   312 pages   R425.00

Catholic Bible Chronicles
Amy Welborn, Michael Lavoy
Michael Lavoy (Illustrator)

2021   320 pages   R525.00

One Less God Than You: How to Answer the Slogans, Clichès, and Fallacies that Atheists Use to Challenge Your Faith
John DeRosa

OneLessGodThanYou2020  176 pages   R285.00



Catholic Movie Review
Catholic Movie Review

 SpotlightAfrica sheds light on the social, political and economic happenings in Southern Africa. It offers analysis and commentary – informed by Catholic Social Teaching and Christian ethics – on the things that matter to Africans.

God Conquers Our Evil with Good


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