StFrancisAndPopeFrancisST FRANCIS AND POPE FRANCIS: Prayer, Poverty and Joy in Jesus

Alan Schreck

The author considers the times and message of both St. Francis of Assisi and Pope Francis and invites you to experience the same freedom and joy that they have found in Jesus.

St. Francis and Pope Francis bring together themes that are central to the mission of both these men: Conversion - Prayer - Poverty - Church - Mission – Joy. Two men separated by 800 years. One vision. As Pope Francis said, on a visit to Assisi: "I seem to hear the voice of St Francis repeating: "The Gospel, the Gospel!"

2014   176 pages    R226.50.00



NewBeginningNewHope NEW BEGINNING, NEW HOPE: Words of Pope Francis --Holy Week through Pentecost

Pope Francis

Pope Francis' homilies and audiences from Holy Week through Pentecost reflect his joy, compassion, and love for all people, which has captivated the world.

The Pope's grace-filled perspective during this most hopeful season of the Church year will inspire and encourage you. But no matter what the season, this book will engage your spirit and help you live your Catholic faith, share the Good News, and make your own profound difference in the world.

2014     112 pages    R227.00



 LeadingLikeFrancisLEADING LIKE FRANCIS: Building God’s House

Carl Koch

Introduces the reader to the foundational principles of servant-leadership and how they are clearly manifested in the life of St. Francis of Assisi.

This book clarifies the ten characteristics of servant-leaders as seen in Francis and in Pope Francis.

2014    126 pages    R277.50





Chris Lowney

Drawing on interviews with people who knew him as Father Jorge Bergoglio, SJ, Lowney challenges assumptions about what it takes to be a great leader. In so doing, he reveals the
“other-centred” leadership style of a man whose passion is to be with people rather than set apart. Lowney offers a stirring vision of leadership to which we can all aspire in our communities, churches, companies, and families.

2013    200 pages     R239.50



EmbracingTheWayOfJesus EMBRACING THE WAY OF JESUS: Reflections from Pope Francis on Living Our Faith

Pope Francis

A beautifully collection of excerpts from the homilies and writings of Pope Francis, all centring on Christianity as a way of life.

Through the Pope’s meditations on Scripture, we pause to consider essential aspects of discipleship such as The Way of the Cross, The Way of Prayer, The Way of Children, The Way of the Poor, and more.

The book even offers a rare opportunity to see more clearly the path of discipleship through the lens of the Old Testament.

2017   112 page   R227.00

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for Catholic priests

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