GodsMercyAwaitsUsGod's Mercy Awaits You: Find Healing after Abortion 

Patricia Marie Barnette RGS

Many women who experience post-abortion trauma and guilt feel doomed to suffer in silence. In this book, experienced pro-life counselor Sr. Patricia Marie accompanies women on a journey out of the darkness of shame and regret and into the light of God's forgiveness and mercy.

If you or someone you know is living in pain caused by an abortion, this book is  a resource to begin the process of healing.

2020    144 pages    R220.00




Prayerfully Waiting: A Catholic Grandmother's Prayer Journal 

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle

These prayers are blessings that can powerfully nurture and help shape a grandchild’s conscience and future life! It is so important to recognize the great gift and role grandparents have in praying for grandchildren in utero.

This grandmother’s prayer journal offers a delightful and unparalleled opportunity to not merely sit back and wait for the wondrous arrival, but instead, to use the time wisely by prayerfully waiting for your grandchild throughout what can be a meaningful and powerful nine-month novena of prayer.

2020    128 pages    R375.00


RenewingCatholicFamilyLifejpgRenewing Catholic Family Life: Experts Explore New Directions in Family Spirituality and Family Ministry

Gregory K. Popcak PhD

Readers will discover not only the challenges facing faithful families, but practical, empirically-based responses to those challenges, including the outline of the Liturgy of Domestic Church Life, a new model of family spirituality that allows families to bring Jesus home and experience the faith as the source of warmth in their homes.

2020    488 pages     R595.00




JoinedByGraceJoined by Grace: A Catholic Prayer Book for Engaged and Newly Married Couples

John Bosio, Teri Bosio

Introduces engaged and newly married couples to the rich traditions of Catholic prayer: how Catholics pray, texts of our most commonly used prayers, and a primer on devotions.

A book for beginners and those who want to know more about Catholic prayer life. The book offers guidance about the ways to pray, background information on prayers and devotions, and simple how-to-instructions.

Family members and friends, as well as pastors, mentor couples, and others working in marriage ministries will find this a perfect gift for engaged and newly married couples.

2017    160 pages    R150.00





Lectio Divina in ppt

 Be the Jesus Presence


The Warmth of God's Mercy


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