Not Forgotten: Elegies For, and Reminiscences of, a Diverse Cast of Characters, Most of Them Admirable

George Weigel

Fills out the autobiographical portrait that George Weigel began painting in Lessons in Hope: My Unexpected Life with Saint John Paul II, while offering a view of some of the men and women who have shaped the turbulent history of our times.

The 60 lives that he writes about are a wide diversity of unique characters and personalities, including Albert Einstein, William F. Buckley, Flannery O'Connor, Franz Jägerstätter, John Paul II, Jackie Robinson, Charles Krauthammer, Sophie Scholl, Henry Hyde, James Schall, S.J., Dietrich Von Hildebrand, Charles Colson, Fr Richard J. Neuhaus and many more.

2021    221 pages    R325.00


 PrisonJournalPrison Journal, Volume 1

George Cardinal Pell & George Weigel

Led off to jail in handcuffs, following his sentencing on March 13, 2019, the 78-year-old Australian prelate began what was meant to be six years in jail for "historical sexual assault offenses". Cardinal Pell endured more than thirteen months in solitary confinement, before the Australian High Court voted 7-0 to overturn his original convictions. His victory over injustice was not just personal, but one for the entire Catholic Church.

Bearing no ill will toward his accusers, judges, prison workers, journalists, and those harbouring and expressing hatred for him, the cardinal used his time in prison as a kind of "extended retreat".  He filled notebook pages with his spiritual insights, prison experiences, and personal reflections on current events both inside and outside the Church, as well as moving prayers.

2020    348 pages    R365.00

30DaysWithMarriedSaints30 Days with Married Saints: A Catholic Couples Devotional

Kent Lasnoski & Caitlin Lasnoski

Will help you to pray with a variety of holy married men and women of the Church from well-known couples like Mary and Joseph to lesser-known couples like Luigi and Maria Beltrame Quattrocchi.

Each day contains portraits of heroically virtuous married saints as well as prayers, reflections, questions, and practical suggestions to enrich your marriage and inspire you and your spouse on your journey of sanctity.

2021    256 pages    R335.00


StJosephAndHisWorldSt. Joseph and His World

Mike Aquilina

This book provides an imaginative entry into one of the most important lives in all of history - a life too often obscured by later legends.

2020   144 pages    R255.00






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