BeingCatholicBeing Catholic

Suzie Andres

Focuses on those doctrines, customs, traditions, and practices which have been, for centuries, at the very heart of Catholic faith and practice.

2020    224 pages    R495.00






WeGrowInFaithWe Grow in Faith

Clark Connie

Based on a popular prayer practice by St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Examen is a way to reflect on God’s presence in your day and a powerful tool to encourage your spiritual GROWTH: God Begin by placing yourself in God s presence. Review Revisit your day with God s help. Here you ll find some basic questions to help you look back at your day and seek peace.

Observe Look at your reactions and how you felt about the events of day. What can I learn? Ask the Holy Spirit to show you one event from your day. Tomorrow Pray for help to grow and experience an even better tomorrow. Heart and Soul Jot down anything that is in your heart or on your mind.

2020     24 pages     R55.00

WeGrowInLoveWe Grow in Love

Carlson Constance

The little booklet is all about how you can grow in friendship with God. Talking to God each and every day helps your friendship GROW: God is with you as you read a short prayer that will help you connect with God.

Review your day and think about where you saw or felt God. Observe how you felt at different times during your day. What did I learn as I encountered God today? Based on a prayer called the Examen a popular practice from St. Ignatius of Loyola taking time to talk to God each day is an amazing way to grow in faith, love, and friendship!

2020     24 pages     R55.00





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