Faith Culture And Mission

Faith, Culture and Mission: Anthropological Insights

S.M. Michael, SVD

Faith, Culture & Mission are intimately interlinked. Faith always requires a culture to express itself. Mission is the urge to communicate the truth of one's faith even in challenging situations. Therefore, understanding the inter-relationship between faith, culture and mission is of fundamental theological significance.

This  book, the result of many years of scientific research and reflection on the relationship between Christian faith and its mission, will help social scientists, theologians and others in their effort to develop a humane, transformed and enriched society.

2021    400 pages   R165.00


A DeaconPrays

A Deacon Prays: Prayers and Devotions for Liturgy and Life

Deacon Greg Kandra

A practical, daily companion that speaks to deacons as no other book has because it comes from Kandra, creator of The Deacon’s Bench blog and one of the most popular voices and enthusiastic advocates of the diaconate in the Church today.

Kandra left a successful career as a television news writer and producer to become a Catholic deacon after the September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center. Covering the devastating story set Kandra on a spiritual quest that led to his ordination in 2007. He serves a parish in the Diocese of Brooklyn. Kandra has written prayers to greatly strengthen a deacon’s spiritual life and richly enhance his ministry. There are prayers

2021   160 pages    R285.00


PriestlyFatherhoodPriestly Fatherhood

Fr. Jacques Philippe

This book will not only be of interest to priests, but will also help all those who are called to exercise a certain paternity in the Church or in society: fathers of families, spiritual fathers, educators, and leaders.

2021   162 pages    R255.00




IsItWrongToQuestionGodInPrayerIs It Wrong to Question God in Prayer?: For the Suffering Christian

Skhosana Thulani Joel

This book seeks to deal with this sensitive issue and to help suffering Christians who are angry and disappointed with God and to know how to deal with their predicament.

2021    184 pages    R200.00





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