A BiblicalWalkThroughThe MassA Biblical Walk Through the Mass: Understanding What We Say and Do in the Liturgy

Edward Sri

We encounter God in the most intimate way possible as we hear Him speak to us in the Liturgy of the Word and as we receive him Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Holy Eucharist.

The words, the gestures, and the rituals of the Mass are rich in meaning. Everything we say and do in the Liturgy is steeped in biblical language.

This book explores the extraordinary biblical roots of the Liturgy and reveals what it all means and why it all matters. This tour of the Mass will renew your faith and deepen your love for the Holy Eucharist.

2021    198 pages    R345.00



Your Child's Baptism: Revised Edition

Paul Turner

Fr. Paul Turner helps parents understand what they need to know about their child's Baptism. He invites them into the mystery of this first sacrament in the life of a Christian, explaining its theology, symbolism, and the ritual itself.

He provides pastoral answers to many technical questions parents might have about such matters as when and where Baptism should take place, arrangements when a parent is not Catholic, and the requirements for godparents.

2018    48 pages    R130.00



The Seven Gifts of the Spirit of the Liturgy: Centennial Perspectives on Romano Guardini's Landmark Work

Editor: Christopher Carstens

In the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, the Second Vatican Council wrote that liturgical reform and renewal must accord with what they called the spirit of the liturgy; But what did they mean by this spirit; In the decades prior to the Council, the Popes spoke of this same spirit.

But the most solid source of this term rests upon a book published in 1918, The Spirit of the Liturgy by Roman Guardini.

2021    160 pages    R299.50



  EternalRestInTheLordEternal Rest in the Lord: Preparing the Liturgy of the Word at Catholic Funerals

Paul H. Colloton OSFS, Mary G. Fox, Corinna Laughlin

Designed to simplify the process and provide hope for salvation, this book guides families through each of the possible Scripture readings that may be selected for a Catholic funeral Mass.

This resource will help grieving families find comfort in God's love and mercy during this difficult time of loss.

2020    196 pages    R95.00







Lectio Divina

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Your Guide to Planning a Catholic Funeral
Lonne Murphy

YourGuideToPlanningA CatholicFuneral
2019   32 pages   R110.00

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