TheHandmaid of the LordHandmaid of the Lord

Mrio VIincent

The author, while delving into Mary in the Mystery of the Church, probes in a very comprehensive manner the four dogmas related to Mariology, namely: Mary as Mother of God, her Perpetual Virginity (before, during and after the birth of Jesus), her Immaculate Conception, and her Assumption into heaven.

This book is an excellent reference text for undergraduate students in seminaries and Colleges.

2021   168 pages    R215.00


BeholdingBeautyBeholding Beauty: Mary and the Song of Songs

Gregory Cleveland OMV

Fr Gregory shows how the image of the Bride in the Song of Songs can help you to understand and grow in relationship with Mary the Mother of God.

As you read about Mary’s mystical union with the Holy Trinity, you will also learn more about the beauty of your own call to grow in union with God!

2020    288 pages    R355.00




AnnunciationAnnunciation: A Call to Faith in a Broken World  

Sally Read

Sally Read converted from atheism to Catholicism when her daughter, Flo, was only four years old, but it did not take long for the child to become aware that many friends and relatives did not share her mother's newfound faith.

This consciousness of "two worlds" led to a great many doubts in Flo, and some rebellion. Two nights before her First Communion she suddenly questioned whether she should receive the Eucharist.

Sensing the precarious nature of faith in an overwhelmingly secular world, Read began writing down the reasons for holding on to both God and Church. Taking the Annunciation as her template, she explored common experiences of the spiritual life as she meditated on each part of the story recorded in the Gospel of Luke.

Drawing on Scripture, the saints, and the lives of people, Read shows how God is with us —even in suffering.

2019    144 pages    R289.50


AveMaria Ave Maria: The Mystery of a Most Beloved Prayer

Pope Francis

This important new work by Pope Francis provides an enlightening new vision of the importance of women in the Church and the world, seen through the lens of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

2019    159 pages    R395.00






God Is Always Present


saint of the day

Virgin, Mother, Queen
Robert L. Fastiggi & Michael O\'Neill

2019    192pages    R325.00

Marian Consecration
with Aquinas
Matt Fradd

MarianConsecrationWithAquinas2020   80 page   R230.00

      Lourdes Sanctuary


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