WoAmI Lord 2Who Am I, Lord? Finding Your Identity in Christ

Joe Heschmeyer

The author tackles the question of identity by asking two even more important questions: Who is Jesus? Who does he say you are? Only when we understand who Christ really is can he show us who we are.

Our identity in Christ opens us to the promises he has made us and leads us to the freedom to be who we were created to be.

6-7-2020   192 pages    R345.00




JesusOfNazarethJesus of Nazareth: Archaeologists Retracing the Footsteps of Christ

Michael Hessemann

Hesemann is tracking down the profound mystery of the Incarnation by which God became man, striving to deepen our understanding of the historical Jesus of Nazareth and the world in which he lived.

He visited all the places where Jesus lived and worked: Bethlehem, Nazareth, Capernaum, and Jerusalem.

7-5-2021    322 pages    R395.00



ThomasAquinasThomas Aquinas: A Historical, Theological, and Environmental Portrait

Donald S. Prudlo

Using the most recent scholarship on the thirteenth century, on the Dominican order, and on sainthood, this biography will embed Thomas in the lived context of his time and place.

It will approach Thomas as an imperial aristocrat, as a poor mendicant, as a promising student, and as a religious. While Thomas's brilliance will be clear, it will be contrasted by the massive upheaval brought both by his mendicancy and his adherence to Aristotle in the medieval University. T

his biography will focus on Thomas the man and not chiefly on his intellectual achievements.

2-6-2020    416 pages    R695.00



FreedomAndTrinityFreedom and Trinity

Fogliaccio Nicola

Approaching the Trinity from the point of view of human freedom is basically a matter of relevance.

If one imagines that the Trinity resides somewhere up there, high above the clouds, it will be seen as something remote and inscrutable, actually so remote as to become irrelevant.

If on the contrary, the divine mercy mystery is thought of as vitally connected with human freedom, it becomes the closest thing to us, and the most relevant.

2020   104 pages    R265.00




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