African Theology in the 21st Century

Editors: Elias Omondi Opongo, SJ and Paul Béré, SJ 

A tribute to Rev. Professor Laurenti Magesa who has contributed to development of African Theology. Professor Magesa retired from active teaching at Hekima University College in May 2021, at the age of 75, but his legacy as a luminary and intuitive theologian remains.

The collection of articles in this book contributes to the debates, conversations, analyses, evaluation, and conceptualisation of the African Theology from different contextual aspirations and challenges by a wide array of African scholars.

The articles constitute a ‘baraza’, a Swahili word for a conversation to address an issue, and form part of Prof. Magesa's "Endless Quest" to make the Church in Africa truly African.

2021    446 pages    R230.00


 WhyAllPeopleSufferWhy All People Suffer: How a Loving God Uses Suffering to Perfect Us

Paul Chaloux

Dr. Chaloux adjunct professor of theology at the Catholic University of America demonstrates that suffering is not retribution from an angry, vengeful God but the saving action of a loving God who directs us away from evil and toward eternal joy in Heaven.

Educated in his own school of suffering, Dr. Chaloux explains the four tasks of suffering that are essential in the economy of salvation and why, if suffering were to be abolished, no one would be saved.

Using well-known stories from Scripture and the lives of the saints, he explains numerous other aspects of God’s use of evil and suffering in His plan for our salvation.

2021   304 pages   R425.00


 JesusOfNazarethJesus of Nazareth: Archaeologists Retracing the Footsteps of Christ

Michael Hessemann

Hesemann is tracking down the profound mystery of the Incarnation by which God became man, striving to deepen our understanding of the historical Jesus of Nazareth and the world in which he lived.

He visited all the places where Jesus lived and worked: Bethlehem, Nazareth, Capernaum, and Jerusalem.

2021    322 pages    R395.00



ShiftingGroundOfDoingTheologyShifting Ground of Doing Theology

Emmanuel W., & Dr. Marco

A theological book which presents a theological argument for the imperative of location or perspective in developing contextual theological method in Africa.

2017    224 pages    R239.50






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