OurMotherEarthOur Mother Earth: A Christian Reading of the Challenge of the Environment

Pope Francis

Pope Francis develops a "theology of ecology" in a profoundly spiritual discourse. This final chapter offers thoughts on how a Christian vision of care for the earth goes well beyond a secular vision of ecology.

"This means that it is for humanity's capacity for communion to condition the state of creation. … It is therefore humanity's destiny to determine the destiny of the universe."

2020    120 pages    R395.00



 OnFraternityAndSocialFriendshipFratelli Tutti: On Fraternity and Social Friendship

Pope Francis

Pope Francis’s prophetic new encyclical speaks directly into the lives of men and women today! This greatly welcomed encyclical is a beautiful reflection on humanity’s path forward to a deeply desired peace.

Pope Francis addresses his renewed call to universal fraternity “to all people of good will, regardless of their religious convictions.”

2020    140 pages    R115.00



PrayerTheBreathOfNewLifePrayer: The Breath of New Life  

Pope Francis

Pope Francis teaches that prayer is the "heartbeat of the Church" and our "yes" to an encounter with God While we are not always conscious of our breath, we can never stop breathing, because this is the source of our physical life.

In the same way, prayer is the source — the very breath — of our spiritual life. Each time we pray, we encounter God and come to share more fully in his life.

2020    144.pages     R345.00



LetUsDreamLet Us Dream: The Path to a Better Future

Pope Francis & Austen Ivereigh

In this book, written in collaboration with his biographer, Austen Ivereigh, the spiritual leader explains why we must—and how we can—make the world safer, fairer, and healthier for all people now.

2020    160 pages     R425.00

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