To celebrate the release of the new document of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, entitled New Wine in New Wineskins: The Consecrated Life and Its Ongoing Challenges since Vatican II, the FSPs of Johannesburg organized an encounter guided by Sr. Judith Coyle, head of the Faculty of Theology at St. Augustine University.

Sr. Judith presented the new document with great competence, sketching out what religious institutes have accomplished from Vatican II up to today in various spheres of the consecrated life.

Her conference touched on the community as a formative environment, the culture of ongoing formation, an evaluation of the experience of community life, human relations, the service of authority as an exercise of discernment, and poverty as a genuine communion of goods.

As she said, now it is time for the religious life to gather the fruits of its efforts to put new wine in new wineskins.

The Model of What it Means
to Love


God Is Always Present


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