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TheWisdomYearsThe Wisdom Years: Prayers and Practices for Finding Joy in Life's Second Half

Lorene Duquin

2021    64 pages    R225.00

The author offers a spiritual boost for anyone experiencing the aging process. A wonderful way to begin or end each day, each section offers a reflection to ponder, a short ...

TheBeatitudesjpgThe Beatitudes: Road to Happiness

Bishop Rodrigo Mejia SJ

2020     119 pages    159.50    

His book, The Beatitudes, finds its inspiration and explanation in the words of Pope Francis:
“Jesus himself offers a “manual” for this strategy of peace-making in the Sermon on the Mount. The eight ...

MadeByGodMadeForGodMade by God, Made for God: Catholic Morality Explained

Matthew K. Minerd

2021       R499.50

Catholics will find a fresh approach to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. Steeped in Scripture and Catholic tradition, this book reveals the beauty of Catholic morality in a relatable way. Often, ...

A LifeTimeOfLove A Lifetime of Love: A Game Plan for Marriage and Family Life

Lou Holtz

2022    128 pages    R279.50

Holtz offers couples young and old practical advice on marriage and parenting gleaned from his fifty-nine-year marriage. He shares stories from he and Beth’s life away from the football field that reveal the ...

TheStrangestWayThe Strangest Way: Walking the Christian Path

Robert Barron

2021     R555.00

Is an instructive guide through the reality of what it means to be a Christian. Bishop Barron not only lays out his famous three paths to holiness—finding the centre, knowing you’re a sinner, and ...

TheFlameOfLoveThe Flame of Love: The Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann

Elizabeth Kindelmann

2020    142 pages    R187.50

The devotion of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was given to the Church for the specific purpose of blinding Satan so that he loses his influence over our ...

JesusSpeaksToFaustinaAndYouJesus Speaks to Faustina and You

Susan Tassone

2020    448 pages    R325.00

Each meditation features Jesus words to Faustina, to which Tassone has added a short original reflection and a prayer to help you hear and live by Jesus words as if they had been spoken directly to you. From ...

BrickByBrickBrick by Brick: Building a Strong Family That Won't Lose Their Faith in a Secular Culture

The Regnier Family

2020    224 pages    R225.00

Catholic parents who fear that their teens and adult children may leave the Faith will welcome Brick by Brick, the encouraging story of André and Angèle Regnier, whose five ...

TheRosaryWithBishopBarronThe Rosary with Bishop Barron

Robert Barron

2021    128 pages    R225.00

Join one of the world’s leading Catholic evangelists, Bishop Robert Barron, in exploring the meditative depth, rhythmic beauty, and spiritual power of this ancient prayer. Informative, intuitive, and ...

Featured Titles

EternalRestInTheLordEternal Rest in the Lord: Preparing the Liturgy of the Word at Catholic Funerals

Paul H. Colloton OSFS, Mary G. Fox, Corinna Laughlin

2019    196 pages    R95.00

Designed to simplify the process and provide hope for salvation, this book guides families through each of the possible Scripture readings that ...

YourChildsBaptismYour Child's Baptism: Revised Edition

Paul Turner

2018    48 pages    R130.00

Fr. Paul Turner helps parents understand what they need to know about their child's Baptism. He invites them into the mystery of this first sacrament in the life of a Christian, explaining its theology, ...

GuideForCelebratingChristianInitiationWithChildrenGuide for Celebrating Christian Initiation with Children

Rita Burns Senseman, Victoria M. Tufano,Paul Turner

2016    160 pages    R230.00

Helps parishes prepare and celebrate the rites of the Christian initiation process in ways that are appropriate to children. It also describes how to ...


GuideForCelebratingHolyWeekGuide for Celebrating Holy Week and the Triduum

Corinna Laughlin, Kristopher

2017    229 pages    R235.00

Provides a detailed overview of the rubrics surrounding the various liturgies, rites, and devotions of this time and addresses concerns surrounding multicultural communities, evangelization, ...

AnIntroductionToTheRCIAAn Introduction to the RCIA: The Vision of Christian Initiation

Ron Lewinski

2017    112 pages     R169.50

Serves as a basic primer for those involved with Christian Initiation ministry. This resource provides an overview of the four stages of initiation and their accompanying rituals ...

ThePivotalPlayersThe Pivotal Players

Robert Barron

2020    280 pages    R675.00

The author draws readers into the life and work of twelve Pivotal Players—from great saints such as St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas to literary masters such as G.K. Chesterton and Flannery O’Connor—who personally ...

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