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SacredTimeSacred Time: Embracing an Intentional Way of Life

Christine Valters Paintner

2021   160 pages    R299.50

Guides us as we move beyond our own lives and embrace a world that urges us toward rest, reflection, and growth. Paintner, abbess of the online Abbey of the Arts, shows us how by becoming in tune with the ...

StBenedictsRuleSt. Benedict's Rule: An Inclusive Translation and Daily Commentary

Judith Sutera

2021    214 pages    R295.00

This translation is true to the original text but provides an alternative for individuals and groups who prefer such a version over the masculine language of the original as it ...

HowToPrayHow to Pray: A Practical Guide to the Spiritual Life

David Torkington

2021    168 pages    R249.50

Offers everyday guidance for entering more deeply into prayer, whether you are a beginner or looking to go deeper in your prayer life. The forty chapters can be read as a devotional, for meditation, or ...

TheWordIsVeryNearToYouThe Word Is Very Near You

Wilfrid Stinissen

2020   150 pages    R255.00

Fr. Stinissen shows how the Bible reveals to us our true life with God - a life of joy, beauty and love. A book for all who wish to experience the living Word of God. He says that Bible reading and prayer belong inseparably together, and both are ...

TheDeclineAndFallOfSacredScriptureThe Decline and Fall of Sacred Scripture: How the Bible Became a Secular Book

Scott Hahn & Benjamin Wiker

2021    296 pages   R545.00

The authors trace the various malformations of Scripture scholarship that have led to a loss of trust in the inspired Word of God. From the Reformation to the ...

WhyAllPeopleSufferWhy All People Suffer: How a Loving God Uses Suffering to Perfect Us

Paul Chaloux

27-4-2021   304 pages   R425.00

Dr. Chaloux demonstrates that suffering is not retribution from an angry, vengeful God but the saving action of a loving God who directs us away from evil and toward ...

PrayersOfTheFaithfulPrayers of the Faithful

Rinaldo Ronzani, MCCJ

2020    439 pages    R555.00

The main characteristic of these new compositions of the prayers of the faithful is their link with the Word of God that is proclaimed each Sunday, thus leading us to transform the Word of God into communal prayer.

ReweavingTheMinistriesReweaving the Ministries: The Emmaus Paradigm

Gilbert Ostdiek OFM

2021    152 pages    R375.00

The author invites those engaged in ministry and those preparing for it to think of their own ministry as part of a larger pastoral tapestry. He also extends the Emmaus paradigm to pastoral leaders who have the ...

TheContagiousCatholicThe Contagious Catholic: The Art of Practical Evangelization

Marcel LeJeune

2020    200 pages    R295.00

Following Christ's own strategy and drawing from years of evangelization experience, Marcel LeJeune diagnoses the common problems that Catholics face when it comes to sharing the Faith. He offers ...


UnderstandingDivineMercyUnderstanding Divine Mercy

Fr Chris Alar

2021   153 pages    R350.00

Written in highly conversational and energetic style, this book will deepen your love for God and help you understand why Jesus Called Divine Mercy "mankind's last hope of salvation."


Kevin Hall

2021   163 pages    R250.00

A collection of spiritual practices within mystical prayer that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and in some way cultivate a sense of awareness of the divine presence, intersecting with the material reality.


ThePowerOfForgivenessThe Power of Forgiveness

Patrice MacArthur

2019    64 pages    R110.00

Includes reflections on the topic of forgiveness, inspirational stories of saints, simple prayers, and questions to help you meditate and pray. By opening ourselves to forgiving others, we participate in God's mercy and begin the ...


ModelOfFaithModel of Faith: Reflecting on the Litany of Saint Joseph

Leonard J. DeLorenzo

1-3-2021   112 pages   R189.50

The Litany of Saint Joseph is a powerful prayer that leads us to consider the many ways in which Joseph faithfully carried out the will of God. As the litany guides us in proclaiming the wonders of Saint ...

GiveUpWorryForGoodGive Up Worry for Good!: 8 Weeks to Hopeful Living and Lasting Peace

Gary Zimak

2021    224 pages    R279.50

Drawing from scripture, Zimak challenges you to walk with the Holy Spirit and to share what you’ve discovered with others—even as you continue to work on your own to ...


JesusTheWayTheTruthAndTheLifeJesus: The Way, the Truth, and the Life

Marcellino D'Ambrosio

2020    200 pages    R359.50

This study shows how Jesus, the Incarnate God, is both fully divine and fully human-his intimacy with the Father, his revelation of the heart of the Father, and his extraordinary influence on his disciples, his ...


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