BRING US HOME: Celebrating God's Love and Mercy

Title:      BRING US HOME: Celebrating God's Love and Mercy
MusicID:      128
Artist:      Paul Tate
ASIN:      *************
Number of Discs:      1
Track Listings:      14
Language:      English
Price:      110,00 R
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

Paul Tate weaves songs of hope, joy, and promise with songs of soulful supplication.

This liturgical music is suitable for reflective listening or prayerful participation. From beginning to end, Bring Us Home flawlessly illustrates our transcendence from the shadow of darkness into holy, redeeming light.


1. Return To The Lord
2. Remember You Are Dust
3. Be Glad And Rejoice
4. Bring Us Home
5. If You Love Me
6. Misericordia, Senor / Be Merciful, O Lord
7. Let Us Worship The Lord
8. Magnificat
9. Open Our Eyes, O Lord, We Pray
10. Rest Now In Me
11. You Are Strong, You Are Holy
12. With The Lord There Is Mercy
13. Be With Me, Lord
14. Anima Christi

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