PASSION Contemporary Writers on the Story of Calvary

Title:      PASSION Contemporary Writers on the Story of Calvary
BookID:      12548
Authors:      Editor: Oliver Larry Yarbrough
ISBN-10(13):      *************
Publication date:      2015
Number of pages:      168
Language:      English
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Five writers wrestle with these Gospel narratives in new ways that draw readers more closely into the texts. In her reflection on Luke, Stephanie Saldaña, living in Jerusalem, takes us to the sites of Holy Week, meditating both on the gospel and her experiences as a writer in a city torn by sectarian strife.

Julia Alvarez begins with her memories of the Stations of the Cross as a young girl in the Dominican Republic and then reflects on how reading the Gospel of Mark makes her look more carefully at the stories behind the traditional Stations of the Cross.

John Elder contrasts the tension in Matthew’s story with the vision of Jesus he learned from his family. Jay Parini reflects on the ways he has read the fourth gospel at different stages of his life. Finally, Elizabeth Cook wrestles with the challenge of adapting the story of Calvary for the twenty-first century. 


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