Learning to Pray: A Guide for Everyone

Title:      Learning to Pray: A Guide for Everyone
BookID:      13816
Authors:      James Martin, SJ
ISBN-10(13):      978-0062643230
Publication date:      2021
Number of pages:      400
Language:      English
Price:      595,00
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

Explains what prayer is, what to expect from praying, how to do it, and how it can transform us when we make it a regular practice in our lives.

A guide walking beside us as we navigate our unique spiritual paths, Martin lays out the different styles and traditions of prayer throughout Christian history and invites us to experiment and discover which works best to feed our soul and build intimacy with our Creator.

Father Martin makes clear there is not one secret formula for praying. But like any relationship, each person can discover the best style for building an intimate relationship with God, regardless of religion or denomination. Prayer, he teaches us, is open and accessible to anyone willing to open their heart.

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