The Gospel for the Person Who Has Everything

Title:      The Gospel for the Person Who Has Everything
BookID:      13714
Authors:      Will Willimon and Lillian Daniel
ISBN-10(13):      978-1640605404
Publication date:      2020
Number of pages:      128
Language:      English
Price:      395,00 R
Rating:      0 
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Secure, content, competent, reasonably happy and fulfilled, such persons of strength go their own way without any apparent discomfort at having missed the benefits of the Christian faith. . . .

What do you say to the person who says, through his or her neglect of the faith, "Thanks, but I don’t need it"? —from the book Bishop William Willimon brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to life for the person who has everything – happy, fulfilled human beings, who don’t feel the same level of need expressed by the downcast, the outcast, the brokenhearted, and the miserable. Willimon says that the church’s message to the wretched and sad must not exclude the strong and the joyous.

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