The Spiritual Paradox of Addiction

Title:      The Spiritual Paradox of Addiction
BookID:      12926
Authors:      Fr Joseph H. Pereira & Ashok Bedi
ISBN-10(13):      978-81-7108-900-0
Publisher:      St Paul Publications India
Publication date:      2017
Number of pages:      200
Language:      English
Price:      88,00 R
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In the shared clinical and pastoral experience of the co-authors, addicts are highly spiritual individuals who lack the faith apparatus to make a connection with their spiritual drive. They regress to a non-ordinary spiritual experience via the addiction of their choice: be it alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling, pornography, internet or addictive relationships.

Our experience has shown that when their faith deficit is restored, it has a salutary impact on their recovery, sobriety and healing. This book explores the process of faith restoration from clinical and pastoral experience as well as from the perspectives of Jungian psychology.


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