Reformed Sacramentality

Title:      Reformed Sacramentality
BookID:      12850
Authors:      Graham R. Hughes
ISBN-10(13):      978-0-8146-6354-7
Publication date:      2018
Number of pages:      264
Language:      English
Price:      579,50 R
Rating:      0 
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Reformed Sacramentality

Graham R. Hughes

The late Graham Hughes discusses the role of physicality in worship. He contends that to counter the Reformed tradition's vulnerability to a cultural colonization by secular modernity, Reformed theology needs to amplify its appreciation for God's omnipresence in creation with a re-appropriation of the condensed symbols of faith. Hughes's argument builds on a historical analysis of the Reformed tradition's rejection of material sacramentality and its ecclesial and cultural consequences. Hughes advocates for a rediscovery of material sacramentality both as a lever against modern solipsism and as an iconic reminder of God's radical otherness.

2017    264 pages    R265.00


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