TheMysteryOfTheRosaryThe Mysteries of the Rosary

Daniel Mitsui

Experience spiritual calm with the first adult colouring book to focus on the Rosary as you colour and reflect on the traditional Catholic prayer.

Renowned artist Daniel Mitsui provides exquisitely detailed illustrations of the Glorious, Joyful, and Sorrowful Mysteries, suitable for meditative colouring and for reflecting on the lives of Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

2016    64 pages    R145.00

 GardenOfEdenGARDEN OF EDEN: Beautiful Bible scenes to colour and inspire

In the Garden of Eden Colouring Book, you will find beautiful biblical scenes for colouring, relaxation, and delight. This book, with eighty-four pages, is an invitation to use all the creative potential that God has given you to create and to escape from the stressful activities of everyday life.

Unleash your imagination, relieve your stress, reflect on biblical messages and see how good it feels.

2016    80 pages    R185.00

ChristianLabyrinthsCHRISTIAN LABYRINTHS: A Celtic Colouring Book

Daniel Mitsui

Color your way through intricately detailed labyrinths to discover the spiritual richness within. As you color, you will reveal prayers and verses hidden in the Celtic patterns.

Acclaimed artist Daniel Mitsui draws on such medieval manuscripts as the Book of Kells to create thirty original coloring pages that will help you contemplate your faith and grow closer to Christ.

2017    64 pages    R168.00

ScriptureIlluminatedSCRIPTURE ILLUMINATES: A Colouring Book for Prayer and Meditation

Remond-Dalyac, Emmanuelle 

In addition to the coloring pages, you'll find an introduction to manuscript illumination, as well as an explanation of the practice of lectio divina, a traditional practice of scriptural reading, meditation, and prayer intended to promote communion with God and to increase the knowledge of God's word.

When you illuminate this book, you'll be taking a mainstream practice with spiritual overtones and making it more explicitly prayerful as you move from general mindfulness into meditation in a Christian sense. As you color, the power of the words-combined with the act of focusing on them-will allow you to reflect, pray, and feel at one with God.

2017    80 pages    R245.00


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