WindowaIntoChristWindows into Christ

Since the 1100s, Catholic faithful have travelled to Chartres to pray and meditate through and with the beauty of its windows-and you can, too, as you add your own jewel tones of light and colour to the myriad designs of Windows into Christ.

The images take you on a journey from Jesus' birth to the resurrection, and as you colour in each image, you'll find yourself moving gently into reflection on the Scripture passage, and into prayer and closeness with Christ.

2016      96 pages    R245.00



 JesusSpeaksToYouJesus Speaks to You

Anytime is a good time to slow down and make a space in one's life for prayer and meditation. One way that many Christians have found to be helpful is through an activity that focuses both the mind and heart: colouring.

Our Lord Jesus Christ's words and life story are complemented by thin-line drawings in this adult Catholic colouring book.
It gives space to colour, write, reflect on the life and words of Jesus, and pray with a heart filled with gratitude.

2016     48 pages    R235.00

OurLadysGardenOur Lady’s Garden

Have you ever wished you could be creative, but didn't know where to begin? How about learning how to slow down and practice mindfulness and prayer?

This beautiful adult Catholic colouring book with 39 thin-line drawings from illustrator Veruschka Guerra allows you to colour, write, reflect on the words of Our Lady, and pray the world's most beloved and famous Marian devotions.

2016     48 pages    R235.00


 WordsOfFaithAndCd1Words of Faith through Colour and Sound

Adults of all ages everywhere who feel stressed and unfocused are quieting their minds and souls by putting away the smart phones and tablets and picking up pencils, markers and crayons to color. At home, in waiting rooms, in churches, on road trips - coloring books for adults are becoming more and more popular.

These coloring books for adults from Paraclete are not only a simple path to making something beautiful, it has a spiritual element as well. For any religious or spiritual seeker, coloring these 30 patterns, each paired with an uplifting Word of Faith and simple verse, will relax the mind and bless the heart.

CD: Psalms of Thankfulness and Praise with booklet of meditations

2016    64 pages    R455.00 


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