A new feature film on St. Polycarp, a 2nd century Bishop of Smyrna who was a disciple of John the Apostle, and considered a Church Father.

A young slave girl, Anna, is rescued by Christians in Smyrna and befriended by their aged bishop, Polycarp. From him she learns about Christ and the Catholic faith.

When the Roman proconsul demands that all citizens worship Caesar to show their allegiance to Rome, Polycarp and the Christians must find the courage to stand for their faith against the growing threat of persecution. Anna is forced to come to grips with the truth about Christ and choose whom she is willing to live, and die, for.

2015    93 minutes    R295.00



The Insanity of God

Would you follow Jesus, even when it doesn't make sense? That's the question that is asked of Nik and Ruth Ripken as, out of the pain of losing their only son, they choose to follow Christ into the darkest, most dangerous places on the planet. To the very heart of the persecuted Church.

There they see suffering, pain, and near-hopelessness. They visit Somalia, one of the most troubled Nations on the Planet, and are left wondering if the Gospel can ever prevail there. They see conflicts in the Middle-East, despair in parts of Africa, and are left with the profound doubt of wondering if Christianity is even possible in these neglected nations. How can faith survive in such circumstances? It seems impossible. But, through their story, the lives of believers from across the globe prove them wrong.

Tales of perseverance, of flourishing faith, and of resilience for Christ prove the Ripken's doubts to wholly wrong, time after time. They discover a God that will never make sense. The film is based on the best-selling book The Insanity of God.

2017    90 minutes    R150.00

JosepfAndMaryJoseph & Mary

A biblical drama that follows Elijah, a devout Rabbi, during a time of unrest when King Herod the Great's slaughter of innocents claims the lives of two boys Elijah had sworn to protect. Consequently, he makes it his life's mission to avenge their deaths according to the laws of the land. Complications ensue when Elijah spends time with Joseph, Mary and their young Son, who challenges the very beliefs that fuel Elijah's quest for retribution. He begins to question the true identity of this young boy.

Could Jesus possibly be the Son of God? Was Elijah bearing witness to a two thousand year old prophecy? When the time comes to face his life-long enemy, Elijah finds himself warring within, whether or not to kill or to turn the other cheek and choose forgiveness. Joseph and Mary is a story of inspiration and hope, of mercy versus revenge, in the years before Jesus became the Man that ultimately changed the course of humanity forever.

2017    83 minutes    R135.00



Exploring the differences

Since 1997 Religion Today has been the foremost international and itinerant film festival dedicated to Cinema and Religions for a culture of peace and dialogue between faiths, cultures, peoples and individuals. Exploring the differences.


The Media Canticle

May you be praised, Lord God for the printed word, bread for our minds, light for our lives.

We give thanks for the talents and dedication of all who serve the truth in love and for all whose technical skills make possible the production of books, newspapers, magazines and reviews.

We celebrate, Lord, 
the marvel of television which brings into the heart of our homes the joys and the pain of all human living. Music, drama and laughter are shared in ways undreamed of in the past.

May you be praised, Lord God for the radio which soars on the wings of the wind and provides for each nation an immadiate channel of News, views and entertainment.

We celebrate, Lord,
the writers, artists, directors and all those whose gifts light up both theatre and cinema and provide audiences with heightened awareness of their human condition.

We celebrate the wonder of digital communications manifesting a new iconography that can link people around the globe in solidarity of faith, hope and love.

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