PowerInWeaknessPower in Weakness: Paul's Transformed Vision for Ministry  Timothy G. Gombis

What would it mean for pastors today to take seriously Paul’s exhortation in 1 Corinthians 11:1 to “imitate me as I imitate Christ” and lead their congregations in this way?

Instead of drawing leadership principles and practices from the worlds of business, education, and politics—which tend to orient churches around institutional power and image maintenance—Gombis follows Paul in resisting the influence of the “present evil age” by making cruciformity the operating principle of the church.

Gombis guides the reader through practices and patterns that can lead a congregation past a focus on individual salvation, toward becoming instead a site of resurrection power on earth.

2021    151 pages     R549.50


 AnointedAndSentAnointed and Sent: Reflections of Gratitude and Praise for the Priesthood

Pope Francis

This series of reflections on the meaning and ministry of the priesthood is based on the Pope’s Holy Thursday Chrism Mass homilies delivered from March 2013 to the present.

In addition, it includes the Pope’s letter to priests on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the death of St. John Vianney, patron saint of priests.

2020    45 pages    R225.00



TeachingsForAnUnbelievingWorldTeachings for an Unbelieving World: Newly Discovered Reflections on Paul’s Sermon at the Areopagus

John Paul II

A meditation on Acts 17 where Paul speaks to the cultural elite of Athens after he observed an altar of an unknown god in the city. Quoting from both the Bible and the documents of Vatican II, John Paul II draws wisdom from the apostle’s mission to bring the truth of the Gospel to a culture of sophistication and disbelief, one not unlike our own.

The future pope reveals Paul’s memorable encounter as an enduring framework to boldly present the core truths of Catholic faith to those living under Poland’s communist regime. In so doing, JPII demonstrates how relevant Paul’s words are today and equips us to meet the challenges of proclaiming the faith.

2020    160 pages    R345.00


WomenIconsOfChristWomen: Icons of Christ

Phyllis Zagano

Women: Icons of Christ traces the history of ministry by women, especially those ordained as deacons.

The author demonstrates how women were removed from leadership, prevented from using their voices, and eliminated from official ministries in the life of the Church. And she refutes arguments against restoring women to the ordained diaconate.

2020    172 pages    R270.00



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