WhoDoYouSayThatI AMWho Do You Say That I Am?: Exploring the Question of Christ

Richard Gribble

The author’s latest book looks at some basic questions of Christology, mainly asking who Jesus is: how he has been understood through the centuries by the Christian faithful, how he has been seen in Scripture, and how the Church has traditionally understood the nature of Jesus’ person and ministry. The focus of this book is on the spiritual life of the reader, both at the individual and the group level.

On one hand, the book is designed for the individual spiritual seeker. On the other hand, the book is also meant to be used by groups, and to this end, group discussion questions are offered at the end of each chapter.

The book, while providing a solid Christological overview, is an ideal companion for those on the journey, particular those in RCIA groups, adult education classes, and parish/diocesan renewal groups.

2020    168 pages     R360.00


BeyondProfessionBeyond Profession: The Next Future of Theological Education (Theological Education between the Times) 

Daniel Aleshire

Offers a brief account of how theological education has changed in the past and how it might change going forward. He begins by reflecting on his own experience with theological education and then turns to reviewing its history, dating back to the seventeenth century.

Amid this historical survey, he uncovers an older model of the field that he believes must become dominant once again and explores educational practices that this model would require.

The future of theological education described here would return seminaries to their original role as places where a “deep, identity as Christian human beings” is fostered within emerging Christian leaders.

2021    176 pages     R399.50


RealPhilosophyForRealPeopeReal Philosophy for Real People: Tools for Truthful Living

Robert McTeigue

In the midst of a culture permeated by philosophies that seek to redefine the universally available meaning of what it is to be human, Fr. Robert says it is more important than ever to be equipped with reliable philosophical tools that help us to see clearly the implications of our stated moral claims; that enable us to detect moral and logical error; and that keep us grounded in the love of truth.

You will find such tools in these pages that explore what it means to be human with metaphysical, anthropological, and ethical dimensions. It is a refutation of philosophies which prize love of theory over love of truth.

2020     300 pages     R320.00


FreedomAndTrinityFreedom and Trinity

Fogliaccio Nicola

Approaching the Trinity from the point of view of human freedom is basically a matter of relevance.

If one imagines that the Trinity resides somewhere up there, high above the clouds, it will be seen as something remote and inscrutable, actually so remote as to become irrelevant.

If on the contrary, the divine mercy mystery is thought of as vitally connected with human freedom, it becomes the closest thing to us, and the most relevant.

2020   104 pages    R265.00




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