20190602 resizedIn June 2019 the sisters organised a cultural encounter in their Conference Hall of Johannesburg on the mission of the laity today to respond to the movement in the Church to restore the role of the laity in the Church. The topic of the encounter was: “From the Sidelines to the Centre” Resurrecting the Apostolate of the Laity in the service of Church and World

The speaker, Dr Nontando Hadebe, with great ability gave an historical excursus starting from the early Church to underline how the laity, men and women, had an important role in the formation of the Church. Through the centuries their role has gradually faded out depriving the Church of their indispensable role.

Today it is of primary importance to involve the laity and allow them to live their role in the Church so that their spiritual life, the gifts received from God may be put at the service of the Church and the people of God and consequently create unity and involvement of every one to build up a better world. A Vatican document was sufficiently quoted: Apostolicam Actuositatem where we read: “God's plan for the world is that men should work together to renew and constantly improve the temporary order”.

The participation and dialogue of the participants demonstrated the appreciation for the input received.

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