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TheCriesOfJesusFromTheCrossThe Cries of Jesus from the Cross
Archbishop Fulton J.  Sheen

For the first time ever, Archbishop Fulton Sheen's complete writings and reflections on Christ’s last words have been compiled into this one book. Sheen shows how the seven words are, in fact, a full catechism on the spiritual life. From them, you’ll learn the secrets to living the Beatitudes, ways to avoid the deadly vices of anger, envy, lust, and pride, and how to cultivate the heavenly virtues of fortitude, prudence, justice, and charity.
2018    400 pages    R375.00 
DoorInTheWallsOfTheWorldDoors in the Walls of the World: Signs of Transcendence in the Human Story
Peter Krett

Kreeft helps us to find the doors in the walls of the world. Drawing on history, physical science, psychology, religion, philosophy, literature, and art, he invites us to welcome what lies on the other side so that we can begin living the life of Heaven in the here and now.
2018    127 pages    R230.00
BuildingTheBenedictOptionBuilding the Benedict Option: A Guide to Gathering Two or Three Together in His Name
Leah Libresco

A combination spiritual memoir and practical handbook for Christians who want to build communities of prayer, socialisation, and evangelisation in the places where they live and work.
2018   163 pages    R249.00
SeasonsOfGraceSeasons of Grace: A Spiritual Companion to the Liturgical Year
Walter Kasper
This work guides readers with spiritual reflections through the liturgical year. Kasper shares rich insights on Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and ordinary time meant to enrich each day.
2018    210 pages    R425.00
GiveLoveAndReceiveTheKingdomGive Love and Receive the Kingdom: Essential People and Themes of English Spirituality
Benedicta Ward SLG
From the spirituality of Cuthbert, to Bede and the Psalter, Anselm the monastic scholar, and the depths of Julian of Norwich, from twelfth century hermits, through medieval pilgrimage, and by illuminating seventeenth century preachers, this volume is Benedicta Ward’s magnum opus. With a title drawn from the writings of St. Anselm, this book is designed to both inspire and educate.
2018    208 pages    R485.00  HC
BeyondSunday Beyond Sunday: Becoming a 24/7 Catholic
Teresa Tomeo

Radio host Teresa Tomeo gets real about what it takes to live as a Catholic every day of the week. With personal stories and research, this book offers practical tips for seekers in any stage of faith.
2018    128 pages    R269.50
 IsGodInMyTopTen Is God in My Top Ten? Meditations for a Deeper Life in Christ
Jerome Kodell, OSB

Fr. Kodell shares the fruit of a life of prayer as he helps you sort through your priorities. His reflections touch on a variety of topics—the keys to prayer, how to pray in suffering, the tremendous gift of the word of God, meditations on the reality of Lord's love and mercy for you, and practical tips to keep God first in your life. These reflections will help you change from a person overcome by the busyness of life to a person of peace.
2018    136 pages    R259.50
ReclaimRegretReclaim Regret: Healing Comes as God Walks With Us
Sr. Kathryn Hermes, DSP

Reflecting on the life you've lived so far might be an exercise wrought with guilt, frustration, disappointment, and regret. When these feelings hinder your spiritual strength and closeness to God, you might feel stuck in all areas of life. This book can lead you along the path of reshaping those regrets in the context of your life story. Real-world examples, powerful meditations, and Sr. Kathryn's own experiences can transform that feeling of midlife stagnation into spiritual liberation. This guide uses narrative, sacred scripture, and prayer to explore the journey of emerging from shame and disappointment from life choices. Learn about God's four promises to you that will help you forgive yourself, encounter God's love and healing, and embrace spiritual freedom.
2018    115 pages    R230.00


FaithAndPoliticsFaith and Politics: Selected Writing
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Pope Francis, in his foreword, states that one of the major themes in the thought of Joseph Ratzinger is the relationship between faith and politics: "His first-hand experience of Nazi totalitarianism led him even as a young student to reflect on the limits of obedience to the state for the sake of the liberty of obeying God.” In support of this, he quotes from one of Ratzinger's texts presented in this volume: "The state is not the whole of human existence and does not encompass all human hope." Ratzinger explored various aspects of this subject in books, speeches, and homilies throughout his career and most recently as Pope Benedict XVI.
2018    265 pages    R275.00 
ChristianMarriedLoveChristian Married Love
Raymond Dennehy

Presents five essays by well-known theologians and writers who give powerful witness to the truths about love, sex, and marriage illuminated by Humanae Vitae, the prophetic encyclical by Pope Paul VI. The pieces by Hans Urs von Balthasar, Louis Bouyer, and Malcom Muggeridge were delivered at a symposium on Humanae Vitae held in 1978 at the University of San Francisco. In this year of the fiftieth anniversary of Humanae Vitae, Ignatius Press is pleased to re-release this entire collection, masterfully introduced by Raymond Dennehy.
2018    132 pages    R230.00
BeyondOriginalSinBeyond Original Sin: Recovering Humanity's Creative Urge
Diarmuid O'Murchu

The wisdom of paleontology—the study of human origins—is creating a revolution that is likely to shake many inherited Christian beliefs, including the doctrine of Original Sin. The long-held belief in a fundamental flaw finds little support in our ancient human story because we consistently encounter a species with an enormous capacity for exploration, innovation, and creativity. Although this book does not set out to dispense with the notion of Original Sin it makes a compelling case for a different starting point: our fundamental goodness rather than our flawed sinful condition. Just as the Book of Genesis declares all to be good in the eyes of God, why not begin with our human foundational creative urge as the basis for faith and spirituality?
2018    216 pages    R355.00
TwoWingsTwo Wings: Integrating Faith and Reason
Douglas Kries, Brian Clayton

The authors explain how believing and reasoning are two human activities that may be integrated to form a complete view of human existence. They take their title from the opening of John Paul II's encyclical Fides et Ratio, which speaks of the human spirit rising on the two wings of faith and reason to stretch toward the truth that is available to all. In the first part of the book, the authors offer a basic encounter with traditional arguments for and against God's existence. They grapple with doubts arising from the question of evil and the discoveries of contemporary natural science. The final chapters take up questions from ethics and politics that impact the way individuals and communities choose to structure their lives.
2018    283 pages    R295.00
EarthEthicsEarth Ethics: A Case Method Approach
James Martin-Schramm, Daniel Spencer, Laura Stivers

Introduces new topics in environmental ethics, including hydraulic fracturing, greenhouse gases, food consumption, and resource stewardship, and revisits traditional topics in environmental ethics, while expanding beyond a Christian hermeneutic. Employing a tried-and-true method first used at Harvard Business School, the authors present material both old and new in a clear fashion. In addition, the structure of the book allows teachers (both high school and university) to separate out discrete issues for study and discussion.
2015    320 pages    R585.00
EvangelizingParishEvangelizing Parish
Francis Cardinal Arinze

Shows how the local Catholic parish has tremendous potential to evangelise its surrounding community. Francis Cardinal Arinze reveals the important roles of both priests and laity in spreading the Gospel within the parish and beyond. This work can help priests to realise the many possibilities they have to be strong spiritual leaders and to inspire their parishioners to become committed and effective evangelists.
2018    149 pages    R265.00



TransformingMissionTransforming Mission
David Boschs

This book is widely recognised as an historic and magisterial contribution to the study of mission. Examining the entire sweep of Christian tradition, the author shows how five paradigms have historically encapsulated the Christian understanding of mission and then outlines the characteristics of an emerging ""postmodern"" paradigm linking the transcendent and imminent dimensions of salvation. In this new anniversary edition, Darrel Guder and Martin Reppenhagen explore the impact of Boschs work and the unfolding application of his seminal vision.
2018 7th print 630 pages R 545.00
A NewWayToBeChurch

A New Way to Be Church: Parish Renewal from the Outside In
Jack Jezreel

The book is leavened by Jezreel's reflections on scripture and his own personal experience of family, parish ministry, service, and work for social justice. He ends the book with a practi­cal guide for implementing these principles in your own parish.
2018    177 pages    R299.50

TheCompassionConnectionThe Compassion Connection: Recovering Our Original Oneness
Catherine T. Nerney

The author, a Sister of St. Joseph, guides the reader on a journey toward compassion for our fellow human beings, emphasising our connectedness rather than our perceived differences. This book invites the Church to tear down walls of fear, certainty, and privilege, and to surrender to God’s compassionate heart as it beats in our broken world. This is a resource for social activists, parish groups, and spiritual seekers looking for new ways to appreciate and deepen their faith.
2018    232 pages    R365.00
A StrangerAndYouWelcomedMeA Stranger and YouWelcomed Me: A Call to Mercy and Solidarity with Migrants and Refugees
Pope Francis
Editor: Robert Ellsberg

In this collection of his writings and sermons, Pope Francis frequently reminds us that Jesus and his parents were refugees in Egypt. He calls on everyone to understand the root causes of the mass movement of people, and to act with compassion and solidarity in response to their sufferings, remembering Jesus’ words: “What you have done to the least of my brothers, you have done to me.”
2018    144 pages    R269.50
InterculturalLivingIntercultural Living
Stanislaus and Ueffing, SVD

For Fathers Stanislaus and Ueffingo the present and the future of the Church are intercultural living and mission. This collection of essays explores the problems, difficulties, and complexities of interculturality, as well as the significance, new orientations, innovative actions, and future visions of intercultural living. With essays by missiologists, this is an important contribution to the fields of missiology, ecclesiology, and pastoral care.
2018    288 pages    R595.00
DivineRenovationApprenticeDivine Renovation Apprentice: Learning to Lead a Disciple-Making Parish
Fr. Simon Lobo, CC

Transforming a parish is challenging, demanding, and sometimes messy work. Fr. Simon Lobo breaks open his experience as an associate pastor working on the renewal of St. Benedict Parish in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the birthplace of Divine Renovation. With honesty, humility, and great clarity, he offers his personal reflections on the actual process of renovation with wisdom critical to anyone who wants to see their parish experience new life. This book contains insights on how to Change Culture, Build a Game Plan, and Develop Leaders for lasting parish change.
2018    208 pages    R289.50
PriesthoodInReligiousLifePriesthood in Religious Life: Searching for New Ways Forward
  Stephen Bevans and Robin Ryan
The first book in English on priesthood in religious life to be published in twenty years. Its fourteen contributors search for new ways forward in the understanding of the distinct identity and ministry of religious men—committed to community, the prophetic lifestyle of vows or promises, and the particular charisms of their congregations—who have also answered the call to priesthood. Essays in this collection include reflections from a bishop, from the perspective of a lay theologian, from an expert in the social sciences, and on Pope Francis' teachings on priesthood. Included as well are essays that are rooted in particular cultural traditions, in spirituality, and in canon law.
2018    232 pages    R469.50


ConfirmedInTheJoyOfTheSpiritConfirmed in the Joy of the Spirit: A Confirmation Journal for Teens Inspired by Saintly Heroes
Tony Pichler and Paula Rieder

Here are nineteen saints and holy people whose stories will capture the imagination of confirmation candidates. With questions to promote reflection and journaling, each story also invites candidates to discover ways they can act on the gifts of the Holy Spirit they will receive at confirmation.
2018    92 pages    R145.00
DiscernmentInChristianInitiationDiscernment in Christian Initiation
Donna Steffen;SC

Assists initiation ministers with guiding people to listen to what God is doing in their lives and where God is leading them. The resource also aids initiation ministers as they help catechised and uncatechised baptised Christians seeking to be received into the Church to discern God's movement in their lives. A chapter focused on children provide initiation ministers with an understanding of how to discern the reasons for initiation with the parents and child. This volume is a reference for sponsors and other guides who journey with RCIA candidates. The book serves to improve the listening skills of guides and helps them ask the right questions at the right time.
2018    144 pages    R255.00


TheAbolitionOfWomanThe Abolition of Woman: How Radical Feminism Is Betraying Women
Fiorella Nash
For the majority on both sides of the abortion debate, the idea of a pro-life feminist is the ultimate contradiction in terms. Abortion has become so central to feminist thinking that women who affirm their belief in both women's empowerment and the inalienable right to life can find themselves viewed with suspicion and hostility from both sides. Yet the author of this book is indeed a pro-life feminist, and her analysis of contemporary issues can provide the basis for common ground between those defending human rights.
2018    234 pages    R259.50


CalmInChaosCalm in Chaos: Catholic Wisdom for Anxious Times
Fr. George Rutler

In these essays Fr. Rutler addresses our current causes of anxiety and our reasons for hope. His writings on the issues of our day are infused with the confidence that God grants us his peace and no earthly circumstance can take it away. Fr. Rutler comments on the confusion in the Church and the chaos in Western societies, which are not without precedent but are on a uniquely global scale. An underlying theme is his dismay at the lack of historical perspective.
2018    232 pages    R265.00
TheGreatDiscoveryThe Great Discovery: Our Journey to the Catholic Church
Ulf Ekman, Birgitta Ekman

The Ekmans tell the amazing, inspirational story of their road to Rome, from their own intense opposition to Catholicism to meeting with Pope Francis. The result is an instant classic of Christian autobiography.
2018    280 pages    R265.00
SaintOscarRomeroSaint Oscar Romero: Pastor, Prophet, Martyr
Kerry Walters

This new biography by Kerry Walters offers an inspiring look at St. Óscar’s life, starting in childhood and then tracing his evolution from a conscientious priest to a heroic prophet and—finally—a martyr, gunned down in 1980 while celebrating mass. The “revolution of Christ’s love” that so moved St. Oscar is as relevant to our own lives as it was to an El Salvador torn by civil unrest: motivated by the power of love instead of arms; seeking not the overthrow but the conversion of society; and asserting that all people are equally beloved by God and equally deserving of the world’s resources.
2018    192 pages    R247.50
TotalConsecrationThroughTheMysteriesOfTheRosaryTotal Consecration through the Mysteries of the Rosary
Fr. Ed Broom, OMV

Fr. Broom has developed this  do-it-yourself retreat that culminates in the consecration to Jesus through Mary by focusing on the Mysteries of the Rosary and the Seven Sorrows of Mary – and all it takes is a few moments each day! For years Fr. Ed Broom has transformed lives by leading this retreat. Now that retreat is available in book form for those who cannot attend one of Father’s retreats in person. Here you’ll find the entire retreat program to bring you closer to Our Lady and to Our Lord: Scripture readings keyed to each Rosary decade, Fr. Broom’s meditations on each Mystery, daily prayers, and practical steps to help you gain the most from each meditation as you draw daily closer to your retreat’s culmination in the fifth week: your own Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary.
2018    240 pages    R339.50
MarianVenerationMarian Veneration Firm Foundations
Francis Cardinal Arinze

Cardinal Arinze wrote this book for both those devoted to the Blessed Mother and those who do not yet know or understand her. Based on the Scriptures, the teachings of the Church, and the sacred liturgy, the cardinal provides a solid foundation for Marian veneration.
2017    128 pages    R237.50
MaryMotherOfApostlesMary Mather of Apostles: How to Live Marian Devotion to Proclaim Christ
Giuseppe  Forlai

Helps readers understand Mary's place in their spiritual lives. It offers new insights for those wishing to deepen their spirituality and devotion or consecration to Mary. It outlines the nature of the Christian apostle in the spirit of Mary.
2018    115 pages    R195.00

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