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A Secret for Increasing Joy in Life

Pope Francis School of Life

To Grow in Self-Esteem



Spirituality for a New Era

Author:John DMello, PhD

Offers a new understanding of spirituality based on the Sunday readings. Whenever I have picked up a commentary on the Sunday gospels, I have found it gives me one of those “spiritualized” and “traditional” interpretations which I find difficult to apply to the communities I am working with.

This book offers fresh insights and reflections, relevant to life and pertinent to those involved with communities.
2017    182 pages     R55.00

Reflections on God's Sustaining Word Along life's journey

Author: Br Francis de Sales Wagner, OSB

You are not alone. This is the promise of God’s Word. God is prepared to meet us in the midst of life’s struggles, journey with us, and lead us through the wilderness. It is essentially the same message of hope and transformation declared by all the prophets, and ultimately fulfilled in Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh.

This manifestation of God’s love for us is the whole point of Scripture. Written by Benedictine monk Br Francis Wagner, the reflections presented in this book retell this story.

2017    294 pages    R80.00

The Oxigen of Christian Prayer

Author: Jim McManus C.Ss.R.

Seeks to assure readers that, no matter what their situation in life may be, they have a gift of prayer which is expressed not only in formal prayers that they may have learned as children, but also in the prayer of their hearts: that inner personal dialogue with God that they often quite unexpectedly (or unexpectedly?) find themselves engaging in during the day.

2017    174 pages    R249.50

God’s Ultimate Gift

Author: Jim McManus C.Ss.R.

Enables us to absorb more gratefully the amazing good news that “God’s mercy is from age to age” (Luke 1: 50). Step by step, we will be guided along the road of divine mercy, receiving afresh Jesus’ revelation of the Father’s mercy, in the parable of the Prodigal Son, and hearing again St Paul’s personal testimony of how he received God’s mercy.

We experience that very same mercy as we confidently open our hearts to worship God our Father in our daily prayers and as we celebrate the sacraments of the Church.

2016    152 pages    R199.50

Unleashing God's Word in Your Life

Author: Melissa Overmyer

A beautiful prayer and Scripture journal experience that combines video-based online teaching with written reflection in order to gently coach you through an exploration of the truths of Scripture.

Even if you’re learning about the Bible for the very first time, artist, veteran Scripture teacher and founder of Something Greater Ministries Melissa Overmyer will show you how to achieve your full, God-given potential.

2017    160 pages    R210.00