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A Secret for Increasing Joy in Life

Pope Francis School of Life

To Grow in Self-Esteem




How Prayer Can Help You Find the Missing Peace in Your Life

Author: Becky Eldredge

Eldredge interprets principles of Ignatian spirituality in a fresh way to equip us with prayer tools that are practical within the relentless realities of our daily routines.

She shows us how we can bring our relationship with God to life by becoming what St. Ignatius called “contemplatives in action.”

2017    132 pages    R195.00


An Ecumenical Path toward a Worldly Spirituality

Author: Michael P. Plekon

Pastor, teacher, and theologian Michael Plekon introduces us to several persons of faith from both the Western and Eastern Church traditions to illumine God's presence in everyday living: the world as sacrament. In this discovery of liturgy and life entwined, Plekon shows how these lives, and our own lives, are texts about looking for and following God in everyday existence.

2017    272 pages    R425.00


The Story You Thought You Knew

Author:  Deacon Keith Strohm

Deacon Keith Strohm invites you not just to read about Jesus, but to have a transformative encounter with him. This isn't a book of theology, or an abstract story with little impact on your real life.

It is the story that can transform you if you're open to it. In these pages, you will discover who you truly are and what you were created for.

You will meet Jesus as our living and present Saviour and friend.

2017    176 pages    R255.00


Wisdom for the Next Stage of Life

Author: Christine M. Fletcher

Is based on the idea that no one can retire from being a Christian; we are to love God and our neighbour throughout our life. And it recognizes that aging presents us with change, loss, and death, as well as new growth and opportunities for deep gladness and peace.

The Christian vocation is valid when we are healthy and strong and when we are weak and sick.

2017    152 pages    R285.00