JacintaJACINTA: The Flower of Fatima

Written shortly after the apparitions, the account here relies on the memory of eyewitnesses and on the words of Lucia herself, who had been interviewed for this book. This is a moving account of the life of the youngest saint of Fatima.

Jacinta, newly canonized in March 2017, is unique among the seers of Fatima in her childlike enthusiasm to fulfil Mary’s request, that they love God and offer reparation for sin. From then, Jacinta’s life was consumed by an atoning love which made sacrifices of the biggest and the smallest things she experienced. Despite much persecution and suffering at the hands of both strangers and family, this little girl overcame her fears and attachments and became a saint, offering her life for love of Jesus and Mary.

2017     218 pages    R290.00  HC


LouisAndZelieMartinLOUIS AND ZELIE MARTIN: Sainthood at a Glance

Rev. Olivier Ruffray Odile and Sylvain Delye

Louis and Zelie Martin, in the heart of a disordered nineteenth century, knew how to make progress as a couple towards sanctity in their family life and in their social and professional commitments.

This journey invites us to better discover their history, to take the time to pray and to actively reflect on the different aspects of our own Christian life.

2017    120 pages    R195.00



MiracleInMotionMIRACLES ON MOTIONS: Living a Purposeful Life

Antonio Martinez Jr., SJ, with David Warden

Miracle in Motion is Father TJ's last will and testament to the kids he helped pluck out of the barrios of Houston and put on a path to success they never imagined was possible through education. It is a memoir that teaches by revealing his own failures, disappointments, and struggle to find purpose in his life.

Father TJ informs the kids and their parents what hard work can accomplish, but also teaches the elite—the CEOs of large corporations, and the investment bankers, lawyers and accountants who serve them—the value of opening the doors to a better life for all, especially the forgotten smart kids of the ghetto.

2017     130 pages    R295.00 


FourWomenDoctorsOfTheChurchFOUR WOMEN DOCTORS OF THE CHURCH: Hildegard of Bingen, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Ávila, Thérèse of Lisieux

Mary T. Malone

Our women have been recognized by the Vatican as Doctors of the Church and thus form a part of the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. Here, theologian Mary T. Malone explores the stories of these visionaries, introducing us to the wisdom of Hildegard of Bingen; the compassion of Catherine of Siena; the writings of Teresa of Ávila; and finally, the heartfelt “Little Way” of the much-loved Thérèse of Lisieux.

This work brings to life the trials and triumphs of these inspiring women, whose bravery and intellectual prowess opened the door for new discussions on the role of women in the Church.

2015    128 pages    R229.50



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